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  1. This may be a little off topic but here it goes. Kinda new to RCI. Can anyone tell me if RCI has something camparable to Carnival’s Bonvoyage program? If not familiar with it, it’s where you can order a 1L bottle of liquor that is delivered to your stateroom. Thanks.
  2. Long shot here. ...are there any hotels that offer a shuttle to both the airport and the cruise port? I know it’s a little distance from airport to cruise port and was looking for something maybe in the middle. Thanks for any input.
  3. Great ship. Sailed it twice now. YTD is the forward dining room by lobby bar. Cant think of name without looking.
  4. As long as I can get the diet orange cake I am all goood!! Haha.;)
  5. We have been on 13 carnival cruises and I have met and had regular contact with every room steward on each. We have even booked again based on the "relationship" with our room steward. That being said, as long as they do their job well I guess it wouldnt matter wether I met them or not although I kinda like to know who is in my living quarters with my personal belongings. Thats just me though. Cruise on!
  6. We are in Cozumel from 1pm-10pm. Does anyone know if they do the hop during these hours? Thanks
  7. I found the conflicting info interesting as well. When I read a post stating it was a queen I was ready to switch. I will know for sure in 32days. Thanks for all the info.
  8. I know. Trusting them on this one
  9. Had an aft wrap on starboard side on this itinerary and remember facing port in Key West. I can not remember Jamaica. As mentioned before, Cayman is tender. Great ship and staff when we went. Loved this cruise
  10. Well, Carnival tells me this is a king and not a queen. Guess I will find out in 33 days:).
  11. Thanks. May need to relocate. This will be #11 with Carnival and never been in a cabin with a queen bed. Read last night it was a queen. I better get Carnival on the horn. Thanks for the input. quote=Flutie03;39660559]Here you go! * Cabin 7416******* 8B*************185/75 sq ft Beds: queen bed******************************************** View: window and large balcony*******************************connecting balconies: 7422 Features: TV; telephone; 110 AC current; individual climate control; hair dryer; safe; 3-closets; shower; sofa and coffee table. Smoking permitted on balcony only (effective 12/01/11) Sent from my SPH-L710 using Forums mobile app
  12. Anyone know if this is a queen bed set up instead of king? Thanks
  13. I know i could research and find answer to my question but i will be lazy...what is the date of this ctn?
  14. Is there water in Crown Royal cause thats what I usually drink......:p
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