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    flying to port with a scooter help please

    I’ve flown in and out of Copenhagen with my electric power chair. When I booked the flight I also booked in the chair so make sure your airline is notified you are bringing it. At check in the chair was tagged with a luggage tag. Copenhagen has excellent special assistance with a dedicated waiting area (I appreciate you may only be flying in and not out so might not use this) I used my chair right to the plane door where it was taken and put in the hold. Please don’t worry if your chair is not brought to the plane when you arrive, special assistance will be there waiting with a wheelchair and will take you to baggage claim where the chair will be. We had a great guy last time who helped with the luggage and then actually took it across the road to the hotel for us. Have a great trip
  2. DebbieMacG

    Good inside cabins on Reflection

    1112 is a good size, it has lots of room and two chairs instead of a sofa. We spent 21 nights in that cabin with no problems at all.
  3. DebbieMacG

    Reduced Mobility Passenger

    I booked my cruise for October last November. I’m a wheelchair user (I have a power chair) and need an accessible cabin. At the time of booking the only available accessible cabin was a sky suite, double my budget. I booked an inside cabin on the advice of celebrity in the hope that something would come up, but despite dozens and dozens of phone calls nothing has. I’ve now upgraded to a C2 cabin so at least I’ve got a view! I also asked if it was possible to be put on a waitlist for an accessible cabin and be notified if one came up, I made it clear I would take anything apart from the suite which my budget won’t run to. I was told that to be waitlisted for an accessible cabin I already had to be in an accessible cabin :o this makes no sense to me at all! My husband will have to help me into the cabin and then go back out fold the chair and bring it in. Just as well I’m 5ft and he’s 6ft 4 and very strong! This is an important holiday with my ten year old granddaughter, the only cruise that fit in her school holidays and I don’t want to miss it so I’ll manage somehow. I really hope all the accessible cabins are taken by those who really need them :(
  4. DebbieMacG

    Disabled - sometimes...

    Take with you what you need and use it when you need it, don’t worry about what other people think, just rejoice in the fact that you are having a good day! I too have a rare connective tissue disorder, I can on on a good day walk a very short distance, but standing for more than a few minutes is agony. My last cruise was on a large ship and I worked out that I could manage the distance from my cabin to the lift and then to the coffee bar (on a good day) but under- estimated the waiting time at the lifts! I had to sit on the stairs while hubbie went back to the cabin for the wheelchair! Lesson learned.
  5. DebbieMacG

    Power Wheelchair on RCL

    That depends on the powerchair, mine folds in seconds so although my husband has to carry it in the cabin I can manage. It weighs 50lbs and doesn’t need to be taken apart. We were on regal princess in June and I hadn’t been able to get an accessible balcony cabin. Obviously if the wheelchair user can’t transfer or walk a few steps or stand it’s a different story. For my cruise in October on Celebrity Silhouette I’ve also not been able to get an accessible cabin despite ringing every few days nothing has come up since booking last November. I didn’t have any problems at tables or in the theatre at all but did sometimes transfer to a chair so obviously that can make a difference. I found the staff very helpful when I was getting on and off the ship, as I went down the ramp one would be behind and one in front of me. I never had to request this, they just had people to do it. Most cruisers were very good in the corridors and lifts, although sometimes you can wait ages for one with enough space. I got many offers of help which was kind. Only on one occasion did a woman who wanted to get in the lift block my exit totally, her husband and son moved and told her to move and she didn’t. My husband asked her nicely to move and she didn’t. She moved pretty quick once I started to move my chair forward :D
  6. DebbieMacG

    Walking from La Rambla to the ship?

    We disembarked at the world trade centre in April, it’s close to the area around the Columbus monument and if you are happy to pull the cases then yes it’s doable. If however the ship docks over the bridge where the larger ships dock then it’s a long way.
  7. DebbieMacG

    Tallinn Shuttle Wheelchair Friendly?

    Apologies if this answer is now too late. If your powered chair will fold and go in the storage under the bus and you can manage the steps up then it’s ok but if not then no it’s not wheelchair accessible.
  8. DebbieMacG

    Southampton cruise port to Gatwick South

    Smiths for airports
  9. DebbieMacG

    Inside Cabin

    I would avoid 8048 it’s across from the butlers pantry. There is noise from there from early morning to late at night, loud talking, comings and goings right outside the cabin door, it made what was otherwise a fantastic cruise a nightmare.:(
  10. Thanks for a great live review 😀we boarded Regal princess today and it was great to read about your adventures on the lead up to our own holiday! We’re just about to sail away now (late as we were waiting for some passengers) muster is done, we’re unpacked, sanctuary is booked and we are about to enjoy a lovely relaxing 11 nights.
  11. DebbieMacG

    Very British question

    Twinnings on Quest two weeks ago :)
  12. Most other banks will take them although they don’t have to. You can post them to the Bank of England as well. It really depends on the notes and when they went out of circulation.
  13. You may still have to wait inline even with a pass as lots of people have passes but the line will be shorter, this won’t help if the car park is full which can be frustrating when people have booked in advance and can’t get in. It may be an option for a private tour or taxi to drop you outside the “grounds”if the car park is closed because it’s busy. I would try and get there before the tour buses do if you can. Yours is the only ship in that day and the English and Welsh schools won’t have broken up so it shouldn’t be too bad. There is public transport from Inverness to the castle every day, you need the fort William bus for that. Just checking, you are aware that Urqhuart castle is a ruin? It’s nicely located but is just ruins. If you want to see a castle that’s not in ruins let me know and I can give you suggestions.
  14. That’s a good option as well since that tour also includes a cruise with Jacobite cruises and means you get guaranteed entry to the castle. There’s also a company called Invergordon bus tours who do the same kind of thing, but I think they are cheaper.
  15. If you pick up a hire car in Inverness and drive along the A82 it will be minutes before you begin to see Highland scenery, infact be honest, you see mountains, cattle and more just coming from Invergordon. Urqhuart Castle is just outside the village of Drumnadrochit which is 14 miles from Inverness, a few minutes drive from Inverness will bring you to Loch end, the start of Loch Ness and on your left you will see the beautiful Loch. Don’t make the mistake a lot of car hire users do when leaving Inverness and use sat nav as this will take you over the mountains and you’ll miss half of the Loch, just follow the A82 signposts and brown tourist sign posts from Inverness. Arriving in Drumnadrochit about 15minutes later you will see the Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition on your right a huge Victorian building housing exhibition shops, hotel, cafe and a place where cruises depart from on the Loch Ness projects research boat. Keep on the A82 and in two miles you will reach Urqhuart castle. The castle can be very busy in summer and particularly on cruise days so you may not actually get in as parking is limited but it’s worth a visit. After leaving the castle you could continue on the A82 to Invermoriston, a further 10 miles, a pretty village with a fabulous waterfall under the bridge, six miles further and you’ve seen the whole Loch as you’ve reached Fort Augustus, where the Loch joins the Caledonian canal. To be honest with you though I wouldn’t hire a car. July is a very busy time and more so when cruise ships are in. If you get the train to Inverness you could walk a couple of streets to the bus station and get a Jacobite tour. Their sensation tour will give you transport, castle, cruise and the Loch Ness exhibition centre, with entry fees included. (normally £9 castle, £7.95 Exhibition, £14 cruise) They also have a Tour which is longer at 7 hours but that’s a bit long for your 6pm departure time. The passion tour leaves Inverness at 10.15am and is £35pp. You are also guaranteed to get entry to the castle. Booking the tour in advance is essential. Please let me know if you need more advice. I live at Loch Ness and am happy to help. Whatever you do you’ll have a wonderful day 😀