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  1. I think the point is you are guaranteed a lounger, whereas on Celebrity loungers in the solarium can be like hens teeth. We’ve booked a cabana for our first HAL cruise on 1st Dec because we could only get an inside accessible cabin, so the money we saved paid for a cabana and it will be our “balcony”
  2. I’ve done a few cruises in Europe in November and it’s usually better than it has been this past week or so. I don’t know about the TA itself but for Europe certainly.
  3. Thank you for your kindness, it means so much when people do help. On our last Regal Princess cruise our cabin was forward but we were allocated late seating in the dining room at the aft on deck six, the one that’s really difficult to get to, so we had to take the elevator down to 7 and walk/wheel across the ship to the next elevator and then take another elevator down, it was taking me about 45 minutes to get from the cabin to the dining room because we had to wait so long for those two lifts and in the end I changed to anytime dining that was in one of the dining rooms near the atrium. Our next cruise on Sky Princess on Sunday is anytime dining 😂I learnt my lesson!
  4. Yes you can, I just checked for a cruise I have which disembarks on 1st December and I can book a flight until the 12th January.
  5. They are most likely used so the staff can see the available seating.
  6. I use a wheelchair so have no choice, I wish I did as I can wait a long long time for there to be enough room in an elevator. I obviously don’t have any issue with anyone using elevators who can manage stairs, but sometimes when the 8th elevator has just closed it’s doors and I’m still waiting I do wish more would. The most annoying time for me it’s when it’s one deck or floor and the stairs are right there, I just want to run up them!
  7. Since I haven’t booked with them before that’s the whole point of my question. Thanks to you and everyone else for your replies, now I know it’s not something others receive there’s no need to worry.
  8. I’ve booked using EZ air for the first time for my flight in December from Miami to Inverness, the flight is business class with AA from Miami to Heathrow and a code share with BA from Heathrow to Inverness Scotland. I was able to select the seats on AA when I booked and I rang BA and got my seats assigned for free with them. I’m now 36 days from my flight, the flight was ticketed a while back and although I’ve had emails from HAL I’ve had nothing from AA, I can see my booking online on the AA website but haven’t received an email or anything from them, is this normal? I can’t check in online until 24 hours before the flight.
  9. Lithum Ion batteries are dry cell, zinc carbon batteries are also dry cell. Not to be rude but to be honest I think you are over complicating things, I personally have never had any cruise line look at a battery on my wheelchair, ever, the people who are interested are airlines who do pay attention to make sure they are safe for flying. I’ve flown many times with my chair and can assure you that Lithum ion is a type of dry cell battery. I need to know exactly what it is for the safety of the aircraft and it has to be stored in hand luggage above us and where the crew and pilot knows it’s location. I hope your wife enjoys using her scooter and you both have a lovely cruise.
  10. Lithium ion batteries are dry cell. I don’t use a scooter but do use a powered wheelchair with a 10ah Li ion battery, this is also known as a Dry cell.. I’ve never had a problem onboard but if flying the battery must not exceed 300w I’ve never had a problem charging it on a ship either and mine has a UK plug so needs an plug adapter, but will charge in US or European sockets. Hope this helps.
  11. Do you mean the digital clock on the bedside table? We’ve only sailed in an inside but always had a clock.
  12. Thanks for a great review again Norris, I’ve been a silent reader of them all, but they have been very much appreciated. We board the Sky Princess in a weeks time for our first TA and our first time in the U.S, then swap to our first HAL cruise to the Caribbean, another first! Should you ever find yourself at Loch Ness please look us up, we run an exhibition there 😀
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    You need to find the roll call for,your exact cruise. Somewhere in here. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/forum/443-celebrity-eclipse-roll-calls/
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