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  1. Fantastic area, the pool was wonderful and really made a difference to my holiday. The spa staff put gold stars on our sea pass cards to show we were eligible and about half way through the cruise a notice was put up to say you had to pay for a pass if you wanted entry so I don’t know if people were trying to get in when they shouldn’t. We had the place to ourselves most of the time as we spent a lot of time on the ship on port days, it was a haven and the spa staff couldn’t have been more helpful.
  2. Yes sadly by the time the mess was sorted out the two accessible OV cabins had gone, I was told they hadn’t gone to people with a disability but I’m not sure if that is correct or not. We eventually got a refund for the upgrade charge.
  3. Thanks Bonnie, the team onboard were wonderful and couldn’t have been more helpful.Thanks also for your help before the cruise.
  4. We had noise in our cabin that seemed to be coming from one corner, we were told it was engine noise but it was louder than we’ve experienced before, the senior housekeeper admitted it was louder than usual. We thought it came from a server room that has been previously mentioned in a review of cabin 4035 but were told that was too far away. The problem was it was making the metal wall vibrate and thus the metal of the headboard and was making it impossible to sleep as the pillows then rested on the headboard. Hannah came up with this idea and the creation of a sound barrier totally solved the problem when sleeping. It’s basically lots of bolsters from the bed wrapped in sheets. We eventually got accustomed to the noise when just “in” the cabin.
  5. Slow but stable and as UKTog says it was sometimes better on sea days. The fact that the cruise was sold at one point with free WiFi may have impacted the speeds.
  6. We too had a great cruise. The food was outstanding and the best we’ve had in 20 cruises with various lines, service was also excellent in every aspect, in particular for me as a wheelchair user it was nice to have staff come and offer help in the buffet to carry a plate or reach something without having to ask, small things can make such a difference. I would agree on the shuttles in Rouen, I was told by guest relations that we had been “bumped” from our original location and should have been located next to the tall ships, it was however a big oversight by the ship not to provide a shuttle with two drop off points. There were also no taxis at Rouen, like there usually are at other ports, but to compensate for the lack of an accessible vehicle the ship stepped up and organised a taxi for us to go and see the cathedral with a return two hours later, we paid €80 for this and were reimbursed which I thought was good, I did really want to see the tall ships though so that part was a bit of a let down. We had issues in our cabin on the first day, a toilet seal very badly leaking, air con issue and a loud banging, also the heating pad that I’d put so much effort into getting permission for didn’t work (although it had worked in Barcelona) Rob and Heike dealt with everything, fixing the leak and the air con and providing a solution to the noise. The electricians looked at the heating pad and couldn’t work out why it came on but didn’t heat up and so Rob offered to try and find one and enquired at several different ports to no avail, the important thing is though he tried and went over and beyond what was expected as I never would have asked for that. Towards the end of the cruise the shower leaked into the wardrobe causing a terrible smell and damage to clothing, but again this was quickly fixed and we were compensated at Rob’s insistence without having to complain, great customer service. Issues can happen but it’s how they are dealt with that’s important. Some ports certainly presented a challenge to get off the ship but the assistance staff were wonderful and getting off at Greenwich was ok, by then I trusted those guys would do everything they could to help and it all went smoothly. Can’t wait for next time! 😀
  7. I emailed special assistance before the cruise about not being able to get in the main pool via the ladder steps (think maybe it was you or Phil who suggested this, so thanks) and so they agreed to organise me a pass to the sanctum in advance so I could use that pool, it was fantastic and I used it every day apart from when we were in London and it helped a lot. The spa staff couldn’t have been more helpful.
  8. We did it in October 18, weather in the ports was really good. There was a lot of movement when at sea most nights but we had several storms following us, the day after we were in Madeira the port was closed for bad weather. I have to say it’s the cruise where I felt the most movement overall but I put it down to the storms. We did the Bay just this week and the weather was lovely!
  9. Here are some more pictures showing the space in the cabin for a wheelchair or scooter, I’ve left the table in place so you get a better sense of perspective, the table is a generous size and goes up and down. The right hand side of the bed has a 110v socket and the left hand side a 220v socket. The pictures are shown with my uk adaptor in place. I’ve also posted a picture of the wardrobes.
  10. There’s actually room before that on the left towards the door as well, I’m leaving my wheelchair there but with your scooter being longer then yes you could move the table in front of the sofa and that would leave a big area. I’ll take some more pics for you later to show the size.
  11. Here are some images of 4034 on Journey, there are outlets at each side of the bed and at the desk. I missed an image of the wardrobes but will add this later today 😀 Neither the cabin door nor the bathroom door are automatic/push button
  12. They don’t look easy to get in and out of if you have any physical issues, I’ve been spending my time in the sanctuary area so haven’t tried them but I don’t think looking at them they would work for me either. You would need to be able to shuffle backwards and forwards to sit on them.
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