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  1. Great photographs! We are sailing on the Nieuw statendam in December and as it’s our first HAL cruise we are keen to see what’s in store for us, thankyou
  2. I would suggest that you don’t necessarily book the Edinburgh to Copenhagen part through EZ air because it’s really easy and cheap to book with Norwegian air on this route. I’ve done it many times. Compare pricing before you book 🙂 If you are staying in Edinburgh and budget allows then please consider staying at Prestonfield House (hotel) I can guarantee you won’t regret it. Enjoy Scotland 😀
  3. You can buy it online in your cruise planner, thanks to the thread I bought two, great deal! 🙂 It is a soda card, so only for soda. People saying it’s only available in advance and not onboard is the same thing?!
  4. Thank you Ann for both of your great reviews, the photos were fabulous. It was obvious that you were trying to remain positive even when negative things happened, particularly with the shore excursions stuff, as a new cruiser to Azamara it’s very clear to see even with just two cruises that the folk on board do an amazing job but are let down by shore side time and time again. Loyalty should be rewarded and they shouldn’t be diminishing what is offered to their most loyal guests to favour new cruisers, why not attract both?
  5. This is worrying, I’m flying with AA on a 777-300w from Miami to Heathrow and specifically picked this flight and plane because of the lie flat seats and cabin layout. The only other option was with AA in a 777-200 and BA on the old 747 that is great in the bubble but not in the main cabin, you’ve also got to step over each other to move when the seats are flat, same as the 777-200 I’m disabled so couldn’t go in the bubble and can’t step over folk so spent a long time researching AA different aircraft, settling on the 777-300w. If I don’t get a lie flat seat I wouldn’t be able to travel that distance comfortably. All the reviews show a very nice product on this plane and it reviews much better than the BA aging 747’s that are to be phased out.
  6. HAL take bookings for their sanctuary in advance over the phone, they give you a choice of cabana location and take payment for it. For a 14 night cruise I was given the option of booking 7 or 14 nights. It was just over $21 each for the full day. ($599 full 14 night cruise for 2) I guess Princess could do this even if you couldn’t book online.
  7. Interesting that the new deck plan is from 3rd May 2020, I’m on a cruise on Silhouette starting 1st May!
  8. Exactly my thoughts, I have a medical condition that is so much less painful if I can do some exercise in water every day, I can’t get into a pool with a ladder. I’m gutted at the thought that all the pools have ladders. I know on Regal the retreat pool had gradual steps. Hard to compare with majestic as that was very different. Edit: I’ve emailed the access office to ask
  9. They shouldn’t do that to be honest. It’s in the paperwork you agree to and sign when you bring one on board.
  10. Wow your accessible cabin looks great, thanks for the pics, I was unable to get an accessible for my cruise on Silhouette last October and have failed again for next year. I use a power wheelchair which is the width of the door, literally, there’s then no where to store it or manoeuvre it in the cabin and no where to sit in the shower. I’ve got four other cruises booked with four other lines, all accessible cabins but never seem to be able to get one with Celebrity!
  11. Yes I agree it’s very clear, just might be a shock for some not doing online checking till the last minute.
  12. I just booked an alcove online for my May cruise, over 7 months away, I could have booked port or sea day. It’s in the planner under the section for speciality dining.
  13. I booked a retreat cabana for 14 nights on my December 19 cruise and have paid $599 in advance for it. It won’t be going on my account.
  14. I have travelled on Cunard and princess and have NEVER had a hold of $60 a day, it’s never been more than $200 total on any cruise I’ve ever taken on any line and I know because I can see amounts pending on my credit card. Only when I’ve purchased over that amount would I see another hold. As I said it’s not an issue for me but I wonder what happens to people who find out at online check in after final payment that a hold amount of $1680 is needed for a 14 night cruise. Some people can’t get extra money on cards, in the UK you don’t get temp increases as someone suggested, what if someone doesn’t have that cash and saved hard to afford the holiday in the first place.
  15. I would email customer services when you are home and explain the situation. They should have been able to see on the system that you didn’t use one of the accounts and it’s an obvious error.
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