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  1. Oh boy. Just, yesterday, cancelled our 2 cabins on a July cruise to Canada. Final payment was approaching. I booked via an online travel company that begins with Ex. They told me typically 7-10 days but might take longer. Uh... but he did not say 60 days. Also, I forgot to cancel our 2 specialty dining for 4 people I booked. I suppose that auto cancels when cruise booking is cancelled and normally refunds fairly quickly (I guess that might take time too)????
  2. I have July 11th Canada cruise booked. Not to burst your bubble but Canada closed it's ports through July 1st. Hoping they don't extend that.
  3. Yeah, I know. I wanted the Rudi's thing but that is another night. We'd prefer to do the steakhouse earlier in the trip too. Last 2 cruises we did it at the end and were feeling too gross by the end to really enjoy it. Too gross from eating so much all week and trying to drink our moneys worth of the drink package, LOL. This time our drink package was another free perk for booking early with the online travel company we used. So we won't feel hard pressed to use it full tilt. I suppose we could switch once we get on board and have our Pinnacle date/time.
  4. We took autotrain once and had a roomette and it was unbearable. No sleep for us. Also, would think the germ factor would be the same as on an airplane. If not worse since you are captive in close quarters way longer than a flight. Plus you have to eat meals on there.
  5. Booked through online travel company. They sent me confirmation and it's not on it. I probably need to call them to ask.
  6. So this cruise is: Sat- embark Sun- port Mon- port Tue- port Wed- port- booked Rudi's Thur- seaday- ASSUME THIS IS GALA Fri- port- booked Italian place Sat- disembark I assume 2nd gala (and lobster) is that Thur- seaday near the end. And maybe Mon is 1st Gala, or Tue. I hope Sat or Sun or even Mon will be the night they assign us the steakhouse. I'd like Sat/embark day. But DH would rather not beause we will have to be sure to get luggage in time to dress nice.
  7. Thank you all. I will book the Italian place now for the last night as it is my birthday. And will book the one night at Rudi's. And will go with whatever night they book our Pinnacle but try to add our 2 DDs to the resie when we get on the ship. Another question...how do I find, on HAL site, what dining time I chose? I don't see it and cannot remember. Either traditional early or the anytime (if HAL has that).
  8. First time HAL cruiser here! Thanks in advance for any help!! 1) Can you tell me what nights will be gala? Specifically when lobster might be served. 2) Also, are the specialty venues tough to get reservations for once on the ship? And would we have to make them day 1 on the ship? Any we should make before we cruise? Cruise is in July. 3) Any not to miss nights in the MDR? Can I find the MDR menus online somewhere? 4) And why does Rudi's say it's one night only? 5) Also, we got a free dinner in Pinnacle through booking early via a certain online website (not sure I can name, not directly through HAL). E-mail states that they will place a card in our cabin with our reservation date and time. Any idea what day they might book us? And how easy is it to add 2 more guests?
  9. I booked Reflection 11 day for March 2021. Looks like a nice ship. Very excited!!!
  10. Same itin as I booked. What cabin did you have? We got one of the obstructed balconies on deck 6 and wonder how they are.
  11. Actually went ahead and booked the 3/2021 Reflection ABC cruise. Looks like a good one!
  12. Thanks for sharing. I just booked this ship last night for March 2021 (but ABC itin). We have not cruised Celebrity before but my mom swears by them. What cabin are you in? We booked 6199 and obstructed view balcony. It's above the art gallery and should be relatively quiet...I'm hoping. Can't wait to read more!
  13. Thanks everyone. Hoping they offer this cruise for Sept 2021.
  14. Nov/Dec isn't that far off so I can wait for then. Thanks!
  15. Never cruised Celebrity before but we are interested in the 10 day ABC cruise on Equinox. But are wanting Sept 2021. When will they release those itins? And will they def do that 10 day itin (ABC plus Key West and Grand Cayman) in Sept? Looking to switch out our NCL Hawaii for this cruise instead. See the 9 day ABC without Key West is more prevalent and we could do that one. So will there be either option definitely in Sept 2021?
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