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  1. What are the prices of the specialty restaurants? If you get the package for 3 dinners how does it work with a la carte dining venues?
  2. what is the difference in the cabins? Are the extra sleepers uppers or does a sofa sleep 1 vs 2 people?
  3. is there a size difference or just the deck? The BA I am looking at is on deck 13, the BC on deck 10 both angled cabins mid ship.
  4. would love to know how it looks post storm
  5. would love to snorkel and find a nice beach, which is a better choice?
  6. Firepath, there are some great coffee plantations in Hawaii you might enjoy visiting
  7. Thanks I see it would be an extra $600 for this "promo"
  8. 4 offers for wifi, $50 shore excursion credit, Beverage package and Dining. but I assume gratuities are not included, what is the final cost for this package on a 7 day cruise?
  9. I have been on a ship delayed 2 days back in port due to a hurricane. We enjoyed calm seas off the coast of Cuba with a bunch of others, however the food became a little bit dicey as the chefs had to get creative with what scraps they had. It was also over Labor Day weekend.
  10. this stuff is way over my head but on my recent HArmony cruise the internet was slow. I thought internet on Royal princess in So America was faster.
  11. they told me they start raking at 3:30 in the morning, I think that was a joke but the beach was Clean with a Capital C
  12. yes but I found it somewhat disappointing
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