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  1. I know there are a bunch of back to back cruisers on Crown right now, how crowded have the shows been? what time do we need to show up to get a seat?
  2. How does this work and what's your favorite?
  3. please post if you get any info regarding itinerary changes and generator updates.
  4. If I prepay for internet have I given up the 250 minutes as Elite?
  5. does it even look like they are working to fix the propulsion issue? Do they have to order a part of some kind?
  6. what exactly is the revised itinerary for Feb 25?
  7. earthquake map here: http://quakes.globalincidentmap.com/ lots of after shocks
  8. https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/earthquakes/2020/01/28/19h10/magnitude7-Jamaica-Cayman-Islands-quake.html Regal heading for Falmouth
  9. the "transfers" are usually a large tour bus and it doesn't leave until its mostly filled. It wont even be there at 5am.
  10. I am elite but this is being offered pre cruise. I don't imagine it would be any cheaper than $7 a day, need feedback
  11. If we use the Elite minutes is the internet as fast as Medallion net or the old fashioned slow kind?
  12. what is the difference between the wine cards when they are offered?
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