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  1. So yes I need the other features * can’t get my back to comply I need a shower seat still what ever, if I don’t get that do I not shower for the cruise duration, I bring my manual wheelchair that I own, my husband is usually tripping over it eveN when collapsed, in a non handicapped room, we tried that on Carnival , it was a disaster, the cabin support stepped up helping us several times a day at their suggestion to put it in a closet of theirs so I had to call and get them whenever I wanted to use it, but they did help, and I usually do no cruise excursions b/c of my back injury. I def DEF in caps, do not want anyone pushing or touching me other than my family. I find that highly offensive. So besides, the getting run over, getting stared at, dirty looks, stepped on, food pates dropped on me, drinks spilled on me, pushed at big cruise events, crushed as I try to leave a big show event, and when I have to slightly elevate my leg w leg rests, my leg, which has shoes on and highly visible, my leg smashed (I was thinking of attaching a caution cone to my foot, not so LOL), I find other passengers to be less than kind. I do everything Incan not to be a problem, I go early early to events to not hold up a crowd and wait to the end for it to clear out before I leave. I guess I use about 50% of the cruise as I avoid crowds. To not make things difficult when in the wheelchair. Last Feb. while on the Indey by back was really bad , so I “parked” at a table by the pizza joint for the night and never left. So to hear that some passengers are using a handicapped room for LUXURY, really makes me go ballistic. I would love them to try to live my every day life in its “luxury “.Sorrry for the rant to those here who I know are not them.
  2. I would love it if the elevators could be figured out , that tends to be a problem, I close my wheelchair In elevators scooters can’t do that
  3. So, first sending positive wishes and prayers, second , expect unexpected crying events... I can’t Imagine losing him him, I have not lost hubby , but he is fighting st IV prostate ca, relatively fine right now, we did cruise last year our third cruise, and I cried all over, when he could not see, I am now a expert at hiding crying,. I even cried reading your post.......but , around everyone having fun, it was a mood brightener it is a great idea to go, don’t be hard in yourself.. for the clothing. I hate wet shirts /shirts from swimming long flowly maxi pull,over dresses are great and they squish for traveling I love the ones that have a little waist definitation or button all the way so I can unbutton and show a bit of leg, nothing as much fun as a flowly dress in sea breezes, and it dries fast , hate wet shorts lol
  4. So as a wheelchair , manual not scooter, user, you should see the looks I get I am a RN w a back injury , I can walk short distances , like the length of a ship dinning room at the buffet, but that’s it, can not walk to my room from any venue on the ship, can not stand for long periods, can not not even stand in the shower, can not even bend over to wash my feet without falling over, My wheelchair folds flat as all manual ones do, so I use it for all distances , for me a distance is anything longer than a 10 minute walk, lol , But, if my injury goes into spasm, I can’t move at all, if really bad, become bed bound. I do get a handicapped room ,because if I do get bad, ie; in spasm, I will need wheelchair inthe cabin to get to the bathroom. But to look at me in good days, I look fine, and yes ...I get nasty looks all the time when my back is good and I can push the wheelchair for distances and take sitting breaks until I can walk again. I would be very upset at those that use a scooter for continence or a bigger room. My life would be tons easier if I had not caught a falling patient 15 years ago. Since I don’t look handicapped, people make assumptions. I also , when in the wheelchair, get sat on, pushed, stepped on, yes people step on my feet, shoved, squished, you name it. Sorry about the rant here. As a other poster said, we have no idea what is going on with others. I am defiantly treated differently in the wheelchair and out of it.It is much better out of it. In conclusion, I must have a accessible room
  5. Family is going wild thank you all great list😍
  6. OMG I head no idea printing. and taking the list ... hilarious , poor bar tenders
  7. Another last q lol anyone got a list of mock tails ? All I could come up w are pina coladas and frozen margaritas 🍸
  8. Sorry to be confusing. They didn’t want to buy the drink package, no booze , the first day but add it in later. On the third day. Their logic is they will not fully use it those days , The would optimally love it on day 2, 3 ,4 but we know you can’t choose...They ended up purchasing it today for the duration, the excessive planning and watching prices was getting annoying and stressful , as others have put it the prices vary wildly w no logic and since this seems to be a good price. I appreciate the help beingc stressed is no fun , lol
  9. Perfect....my adopted kids are not trying to be difficult nor miserable, they really don’t have big bucks to spend, I am gifting them the cruise and they are trying to work it out, they are new house owners ( well new to them), new parents , that’s their baby in my posts and the cost of daycare so they can work is equivalent almost to one of their salaries, very sad, , hard to be middle class.. thank you again for your swift reply highly appreciated
  10. Last drink question I swear. A person can still purchase on the cruise you just pay full price for the remainder of the cruise, no discount, am I correct ? So for a 5 day cruise you buy the refreshments package no alcohol, you pay for 3 ,4 5 if you buy on day 3... half my family can drink they already purchased the full,package, the others no hard stuff but don’t want it the day we board. They wish to pick their days. I told them no picking lol all,or nothing from the day they purchase... just want to make sure I did not mislead them
  11. OMG. You made my day and their’s , my 2 “adopted “ sons never did anything w their family, kinda grew up at my house , not a good upbringing for them , terribly sad, they have NEVER been on a vacation, ever, It makes my heart hurt, the first time they went to a upscale restaurant was when I took them with my biological family...last year , it was like the scene with pretty woman where she said that is the fork I knew... anyway enough emotional grief...this is wonderful. Thank you again....
  12. And YES the baby in the photos is staying home..... 👍🐍Just like the other question, family going on Feb 13 Independence to Cozumel and back, so that is a closed loop cruise, 6 kids 26 - 28 getting off the boat renting RTV’s etc. (yes, I and hubby are staying ON the boat, LOL). Do we need passports... I hate to ask a similar question, but it would be lovely for the poor kids did not have spend the extra. $ , they will never use a passport again They all work so hard , and of course, have bills beyond belief, I am paying for their cruise, they are really good kids, I am blessed....Thank you friends....
  13. I’d give up , lol, I have searched anyone got a clue of price for like a Pina Colada no Rum.. yeah I don’t really drink but love those.......
  14. With this last post I am going to go work free, lol as I don’t trust AT &T they really did mess it up last year for my personal phone and I called 3 times they indicated one thing charged another and I had to argue into a Settlement w them, it was totally significantly a hassle this year I am going to make them email me rage agreement first before I use whatever I buy
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