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  1. We will be using our platinum dinner voucher for this as well, but paying for the boys 46.80 each. We liked it on the Dawn not sure about the Gem as we didn't bother last April as our grandson (his favorite place) wasn't with us. Hope the salad bar is close to the Dawn and I will be happy :). Not a huge meat eater but do like the pineapple as well :). Guys said the meats were OK but nothing special in 2018 so we shall see what they think on the Gem in June.
  2. We have the credit as well but only $50.00 for the cabin. Only 1 port Bermuda not sure if that makes a difference.
  3. Odd we had the dining package for family members (6 of them) on the Dawn a few years back. We were celebrating our Aunt's 88th birthday. She was told (and embarrassed by our waiter) no she couldn't have both soup and salad unless she paid for it. I did call him over and sternly informed him I would cover any overages at the table. Not something we would forget and have always asked up front going forward. We will ask in June if we change to get the package for the 3 boys, still hedging on that for now. We do get the platinum dinners but not huge eaters so never an issue. App, main, desert, and done. Thanks for the information.
  4. That's great thank you for all the information posted here. Have a great day.
  5. Hello will the June 2020 come out in April? Thanks
  6. Hello Folk's, Wonder if we will have the lounge chairs in June on the Gem? We had them in the aft suite last year and this trip have a 2 bedroom suite. I am seeing clips of these suites on you tube and they all have 2 chairs and a small table? With a 2 BR wouldn't they have at least 4 chairs? Is this standard now, I will need to request the loungers as my husband needs to elevate his legs when possible and what better way :). At least one lounger for him. Just need to know if I should ask prior to boarding as I do for the empty fridge, top sheet request and extra pillows. Thanks as always.
  7. You can sit and watch the dolphins at Dolphin Quest but you need a ticket to the National Museum (well worth it to visit here as well). We go every time we visit and though the Admiralty's House hasn't had many changes over the years we enjoy walking around and even just sitting on the porch looking out over the ocean, lovely spot for a few hours. Be sure to go to the glass works and watch them blow glass, they also have some very nice items for sale and the rum cake is there as well.
  8. I didn't even think to ask. Our grandson love sparkling cider. Thanks will ask in June.
  9. The bottle they give use at the start isn't to my taste so what I do is gather up all the ones I win in the casino with this and give them to anybody with a wine glass in the casino on the last night. Last trip I handed out 6 bottles and only 1 person said thanks but no thanks :).
  10. Thanks for posting this was debating paying the service charges up front next week at final payment. We never do this though we never remove it either so no refund worries, just though why not pay so less on the OB charges. At 18.00 pp this month think we will get this locked in, just in case. We like this auto service charge so I don't worry that I left someone out the last night of our cruise, so the only envelopes I need is if someone is extra special :).
  11. Thought the 30% off would be nice but even if we re-book we don't save. The fares must have gone up a lot because with the 30% off we would pay 69.00 per person more this past weekend than when we booked in Nov. :(. Oh well got the date and cabin we wanted so all is well.
  12. Last April on the Gem I didn't get the drink package (about140. tax & tip a little less). Added what I drank up at the end and it was under 100. so will not bother in June either. You need to decide what works for you, it's you vacation and cash :). Never have let the cruise line pick our cabin so not help sorry. I like certain areas of the ship and pay for these. Have a great trip either way.
  13. We went in 2018 the week before the volcano erupted. Loved time at each port will return again (was second time 1st. on Princess not enough time in port). Can't answer about the cabin as we had an aft cabin, as I love the aft cabins. We didn't do a suite this trip because they really didn't sell us on the double cost with so much time in port but loved what we had with this aft cabin. As for horror stories, we had no issue with the crew or ship. The crew we interacted with were always friendly, but not pushy. Had no cabin issues tolets ran fine and shower always had hot water. Enjoy your wonderful celebration don't worry Hawaii is beautiful you will have a great memory.
  14. We went with Princess and stayed in the Metropole on the grand canal. NCL should have something like that also.
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