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  1. I've always thought the S in SWAG was Statistical. That's what us engineers do when we don't really know something.
  2. Yup. Mavic Air 2. Great little drone that can shoot 4K/60 and 48 MP stills. Love the Spotlight mode that will follow you around and keep you centered in the shot.
  3. Thanks. Fly the drone in front of the house and then push the helix quick shot button. I wish I could fly that manually but I don't have that type of skill level.
  4. Impressive. Looks like that thing will eat whatever bush you put in front of it.
  5. We spent the last week visiting my wife's family in NE Pennsylvania. I brought my drone for fun and to get some videos of the beautiful landscape. My wife's sister/husband live on top of a hill with great views in all directions: DJI_0079.MP4 We stopped at Gettysburg for a couple of days on the way home. DW had been there many years ago as part of a school trip but I had never been. They have a very nice visitor center and tours of the various battle locations...part of the US National Park Service. I'm not typically into military history but it's a pretty moving experience to read/hear about some of stories from the 3 days of battle.
  6. I've seen this before and thought that the cyrillic characters were just nonsense letters/words. For kicks, I posted "χoρoshό я чувствую себя немного странно и я думаю, что вытащил ослиные уши" into Google Translate and the translation is "I feel a little strange and I think I pulled out donkey ears". 😁
  7. Definitely practice with the drone before you go. They are fairly easy fly, especially with the intelligent flight modes. They aren't fully intuitive (at least for me) so when you need to react on instinct, you needs those hours of practice. I accidentally flew into a patio chair because I didn't react properly. Fortunately, I only damaged a couple of the props.
  8. Guilty. It's where I often check my email. I don't mind having my phone on a ship. I use it for everything. I've switched to a front pocket minimalist wallet that has my driver's license, a couple of credit cards (for stores without Apple Pay) and a few dollars for emergencies. I rarely take it out of my pocket.
  9. The Mein Schiff ship ballet is a cool idea. Hoping that they got good video from a helicopter. I know that Royal has done the 3 sisters photoshoot but I don't recall if they did any choreographed movement.
  10. I use LR for my iPhone a lot, since I always have my phone with me. I shoot in RAW on my phone and can do almost all of the same adjustments right on my phone. I usually start by clicking the Auto button and then tweak from there. Photos go to my Adobe cloud account and auto sync to my PC for any editing that I want to do with a larger screen/Wacom tablet. I need to graduate to creating presets as I make a lot of similar changes.
  11. The video turned out great. I like the first person view. I'm not a fan of GoPro's fisheye look with it's normal setting. I usually switch to narrow mode but I think I'd want to be as wide as possible in a place like Alaska. I prefer using a DJI Osmo Mobile (I might need to upgrade to the new OM4!) but it's definitely easier to strap on a GoPro and forget it. Hard to hold a gimbal in one hand and shoot photos with the other. I also like the shutter sound and photo inlay idea. Definitely going to borrow that one. I ended up choosing Premiere also. I tried Corel and Filmora but wanted a fewer high end capabilities that they couldn't handle (speed ramping, I think, was one of them). I don't use Premiere often enough, and definitely don't take full advantage of its capabilities, so it feels like I'm wasting money with the monthly subscription. I was already paying for the Adobe photography plan (LR & PS) so I just upped to the full creative cloud. If you're looking for a good source of Premiere knowledge, try Premiere Gal's YouTube Channel.
  12. I would agree with having an honest discussion and letting others know that they will need to pay for their own incidental expenses. If you're worried about family drama that might cause, you could deliver the same message but with a slightly different approach. Explain it like you're giving them instructions on how to set up their charging privileges. Tell them that they don't need to pay for anything related to the cruise fare, gratuities, internet, or specialty dining as these are all paid in advance (subtle reminder that you paid the big expenses). For other onboard charges like drinks, spa, bingo, etc., follow these steps to link their credit card to their account. The cruise line will automatically charge their CC at the end of the cruise for any additional charges during the week. You could even include example costs for things. The focus is not on who pays but rather how the paying happens (their credit card, not yours).
  13. At least I didn't say that Italian restaurants and Mexican restaurants were basically the same.
  14. I'll meet you anytime you want in our Italian restaurant. Thanks for this thread John. Nice to read a cruise report, even if it's a couple of years old. @Bailey & Sophie - I've flown Delta Business Class to many cities around the world and always had access to a lounge. As John said, they usually use a partner lounge and sometimes you need a separate paper pass (not your boarding pass) to get into the lounge. The lounge pass should be offered to you when checking in without needing to ask but I've found that's not always the case and you may need to ask for it. In some cases, the lounge isn't worth the effort. I've not been to Sydney (yet) but it looks like they use the Virgin Australia Lounge.
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