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  1. I will say that I've seen, on more than one occasion, people in the water who haven't left the water for several rounds, if you catch my drift (I can neither confirm nor deny that I was one of them). They were spilling their drinks into the pool. Maybe this was a bigger problem than normal on a specific cruise and they kept drinks out of the pool just on that cruise??
  2. Thanks for posting this. Disappointing to learn. We walked to the Marriott Resort and it looked like a very nice place. Prime beach location and a large pool complex.
  3. In case you aren't aware, the Wikipedia page that Mom mentioned has all ships on one page, organized by class of ship and year built: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Caribbean_International You don't need to go to look up each ship separately to get some the basic facts.
  4. If your kids are old enough and you're OK with it, book a balcony and a promenade across the hall. We did this a couple of times with our kids and it worked out great. You get the 2 rooms/baths plus the ocean view for the parents. You would need to be willing to live without the connecting door and the ability easily move between rooms, but you can get another seapass that let's you get into the PR room whenever needed. Our kids loved feeling more grown up with their own room and it gave us some privacy.
  5. My wife used to be a hair dresser (25 years ago). Even then, she said that wash and dries were going out of style. Women of a certain age still liked to have it done, but not younger women. Maybe it's coming back??
  6. I've had drinks delivered to me while sitting and standing in the pool, probably on every Royal ship I've been on. Guessing, as Bob said, that it's a no glass rule. We have the same rule in our backyard.
  7. And you think that's a good thing? I spent days trying to get that song out of my head after I was last there. 😵
  8. There are worse places to be stuck. 😀 Blocking also works well.
  9. I forgot to mention Pannes in my reply. Had lunch there after our cruise and fully agree with RG306's recommendation. Huge sandwiches.
  10. We stayed at the AC Hotel by Marriott for 2 nights a couple of months ago before a cruise. It was a good choice. Nice hotel with a nice rooftop pool/bar area. LOTS of restaurant/bar options very close. The hotel recommended Cayo Caribe, about a 2 block walk from the hotel. Good place for dinner, although I enjoyed my Mofongo more in a restaurant in OSJ. We had breakfast at a place called La Brasserie, which is next to Cayo Caribe. Good Mallorca breakfast sandwich. We took an Uber from the hotel to OSJ. I think it was about $5. Very easy. You should also know that you will have privileges at the San Juan Marriott Resort. You can use their pool/beach if you want to make the 2 block walk in the opposite direction of the restaurant. There is a CVS, a Walgreens, and a Starbucks a short walk away as well, near the Marriott Resort. The CVS has food and alcohol in addition to typical pharmacy stuff. You'll be happy with the AC Hotel. We stayed at La Concha resort for a night after our cruise and would definitely recommend it over the AC Hotel, but it's a much more expensive option.
  11. Makes sense Chief. Looks like it's listing to starboard. The deck is out of the water on the port side but still submerged on the starboard side. Also out of the water forward and submerged aft. I was assuming that they could correct with ballast but I don't know enough about that ship (or any ship). The probably have not trimmed the ship yet in the video.
  12. Looks like the ship is listing a bit. Must be tough getting the cargo exactly centered/balanced.
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