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  1. And from what I've read (will see in person next month), there are umbrellas everywhere for free. Even if you want shade, there should be no problem finding it without paying.
  2. Reminds me of flying to somewhere in Germany several years ago where there was a line on the floor about 3 feet away from the baggage carousel. Everyone politely waited behind the line and everyone had a great view of all suitcases on the carousel. If you saw your case, you stepped forward to grab it, and then stepped back out of the way. No jostling for position and everyone easily found their luggage.
  3. I am definitely going to steal that phrase for my DW. šŸ˜
  4. A JS only has access to CK for dinner, if there is availability. I don't think a JS has access for other times of the day. See the host in CK to book dinner.
  5. Can't wait for this review. Loved your review last year and we're doing the Greek Isles next September. As I said in Rowse's review, you and Rowse are doing much of my research for me. šŸ˜„
  6. Our experience is that they are pretty strict with 18 year olds not being allowed in the teen club...even if she is only 18 years and 2 weeks old. That's tough age...too old for the teen club but too young to want to hang out with the (boring) adults.
  7. Great review so far. Loving your pictures. It seems like you have the perfect arrangement with your friends...enjoying time together AND time apart. We like to socialize but also like to do our own thing. We are on a nearly identical itinerary next September. Between your review, and what I'm anticipating is another great review from @singinalot, I will have a lot of planning research done!
  8. I did misinterpret. Thought you found it hilarious that he used a computer rather than just hand writing the name. Apologies.
  9. Nope. I do it also. Good that we can entertain you.
  10. Eh. I like mango and guava, just not in my beer. If I could get one of their Top Guns, that would be a different story. At least Royal is moving in the right direction and maybe the Funky Buddha partnership will grow. Seems like a no brainer to me for both parties.
  11. Royal doesn't seem to throw in things like free drinks or free tips as much as other lines, so I wouldn't wait for that. As others have said, book now and look for price drops. Note also that Royal sometimes offers sales (e.g. going going gone) that are only applicable for new bookings, i.e. you can't get the price as a reduction to an existing booking. You would need to cancel an existing booking and create a new booking to take advantage of these sales, hence Jimbo's comment about booking a refundable rate.
  12. Bill - Since you have several Hawaii cruises/stays under your belt, what's your favorite island? Favorite thing to do? Favorite restaurant? We've been to Maui 3 times and stayed at Kaanapali each time. We've spent a couple of days on Oahu, but nothing on the other islands. We're thinking of broadening our horizons on our next trip.
  13. I prefer the web site over the app but I don't think you'll find the kind of planning grid that you're looking for in either place. You'll see a list of all shows by day. You can filter the list by shows and times but it still takes some manual effort to pick the shows that you want, spread across days, coordinated with dinner times and without overlapping shows. Once you book a show, there's a calendar view of your selections that lays things out nicely.
  14. Andrew - I've been traveling internationally on business for the last 2 weeks and missed this completely (other than seeing your Chill Island scope pop up on my phone at some point). Just took me a couple of hours to read everything. Great review, as usual. I appreciate the time that you take to create your videos. You always find the right music. We're doing your exact itinerary on Symphony on Nov 9 in an L1 (1754). First time for us on deck 17 and greatly looking forward to it.
  15. Let me try to summarize. Two different lounges as noted above...the Suite Lounge and the Diamond Lounge. See John's post above for who has access to which. The SL is located on deck 17. Coastal Kitchen shares the same large space as the SL, with the SL on the port side and CK on the starboard side. The DL is supposed to be moving to deck 4.
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