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  1. Were the cabanas first come, first served? I know you previously said that you could not request a specific cabana in advance but I'm wondering if they were all pre-assigned. I'd hate to spend that money and be staring at the back side of another cabana.
  2. Thanks. I also shoot RAW with LR and have considered creating a few presets but have been too lazy to do so. There are a few things that I do on almost all photos (clarity, vibrance, sharpness, etc.). For my keepers, I do like to individually tweak the exposure settings, play with saturation on individual colors, and maybe use some filters/adjustment brushes. You obvious have your work flow well tuned!
  3. OP...this really sucks. I'd hate to be in your situation with my family, young children or not. IF Royal had known sufficiently in advance, they absolutely should have contacted you. We've seen in several situations, that Royal could improve in how well they communicate. My guess (purely a guess) is that they did not have sufficient advanced knowledge to contact you before you left for Sydney. Either way...still sucks. Royal is a major corporation and like all major corporations, they need to put rules in place for many situations. Like it or not, lawyers are absolutely part of the equation...ensuring CYA for the company. That is often (not always) good for the shareholders of the company, to which corporate management has a fiduciary responsibility. Rules often involve drawing a line. You can easily argue that one inch to the left of the line is no different than one inch to the right of the line. If Royal tries to make that line flexible to allow for individual situations, they open themselves to legal issues AND they open themselves to people abusing the rules (see emotional support animals, 1 vs. 2 drink packages in a room, refunds after final, etc.). Could Royal have done something different/better in this situation? Who knows. Again, either way, still sucks for the OP.
  4. OK...photo geek questions. Do you use LR presets? Auto apply them on import? Between the volume that you shoot, and your nice consistent look/feel to your photos, I'm thinking that you've automated part of your post processing.
  5. Now we get to the new, good stuff. Looking forward to your thoughts and pictures for the Beach Club.
  6. Book your shows early. Symphony has tremendous shows. You will still likely get a seat without a reservation but they let those with reservations in first, so the better seats are often taken. You don't reserve a specific seat, just A seat at a show. Other than specific seats reserved for Star Class guests, and possible sections of seats reserved for other suites and upper C&A levels, seats are all first come, first served. You almost certainly won't be able to see/do everything that these ships have to offer in one week. Symphony is my favorite ship to date. You'll love it.
  7. Insurance is definitely personal and it's good to remind people of their options. Many people probably sail without properly thinking about insurance. Earlier on, we didn't bother with insurance. As parents got older, then we got older, things changed. We now get insurance mostly for medical reasons, because that's where the potential large costs could hit. I wouldn't want to lose a few thousand dollars if I had to cancel for a not otherwise covered reason, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. When I've priced cancel for any reason, it has been a lot more than $250. As noted price does vary for many different reasons. Fully agree with Mom...make your choice and live with it. Don't whine or blame others later.
  8. Not to mention that HE PUT HIS HEAD THROUGH THE OPEN WINDOW. My point is not that colorblindness is a legitimate excuse but rather that a lawyer could make it seem plausible. All they need to do is cast a few seeds of doubt.
  9. Cute, but that's not at all what it's like being colorblind. As I explained, it's not a complete lack of color and converting to a B/W picture doesn't apply at all (unless you are totally colorblind). A better simulation may have been to tweak the hue of the blue in the water in the open window until it looks similar to the blue water in the closed window. Do I think the GF's claim of being color blind impacted his ability to determine if the window is BS? Almost certainly. Do I think a jury could be convinced that it's possible? Absolutely. I'm an Engineer with a Masters degree... about 90% logical and 10% emotional. I've twice been called to be on a jury and was dismissed both times. Both were cases where the plaintiff's lawyer wanted emotion rather than logic. A different case could have been just the opposite. I'd guess that the message for this case would be VERY simple (oversimplified). Royal left a window open without enough protection, and a baby fell through the window to her death. They'll dig up inspection reports showing other problems on Royal ships. They will find people who testify that they suffered an accident due to Royal incompetence or did not feel safe for some reason (see...this type of irresponsible behavior is a pattern for Royal!). They will downplay the GF's role and/or make him seem like a victim. They will do whatever they can to try to show that Royal doesn't really care about people and is just a huge, money grabbing, corporate monstrosity (what many people here claim daily!). Royal's lawyers would argue against all of that, and put the blame squarely on the indefensable acts of the GF, but who knows with a jury. Settlement with no admission of guilt and agreement that neither Royal nor the family will disclose the details. No precedent set. No additional protective activities required by Royal. Simplest, cheapest way for Royal to get this behind them with no further consequences. Do I like it? No. Will it happen? That would be my bet. Will we ever know the details of the outcome? Probably not.
  10. Another great Twangster review. I'm in! This is on my bucket list also. I'm guessing that your review will move it up the list in priority.
  11. I want to address several posts about color blindness. I am red/green color blind. Doesn't mean that I can't differentiate between red and green. I can tell the colors of a stop light just fine, even if you swapped the location of the red and the green. It's the subtle shades/brightness that give me problems. I will see 2 different shades of color as being the same color, while my wife sees them as completely different and is still amazed that they look the same to me. People like to use me as a party game when watching fireworks..."what color is that one?...REALLY? It looks green to you??" I say this because I think it IS possible that color blindness could hinder whether a window looks open or not...depending on the light and the color in the windows from reflections. I would thing it would be fairly easy for the plaintiffs attorney to find an expert witness who can testify to this (based purely on color and not on smell or breeze), and therefore easy to convince a jury. Still doesn't come close to explaining how GF can stick his head through the window and then not know that it was open. I still think this thing ends up settling out of court. Things like a color blind expert witness, re-enactment pictures, etc. can muddy up what should otherwise be an open and shut case. As anyone who has been on a jury knows, juries are given very specific instructions. It's not just a question of "who do you think is right?"
  12. Did you make it to the pool area while at Coco Cay? The music was very loud when we were there. Felt like a college bar with a live band where you couldn't take to anyone near you. Wondering if that's normal or was a one off experience for us.
  13. One of these days, I'll learn to factor in some relaxing time. We make it to Europe about once a year on holiday and there is just so much to see that I feel like I need to be full on every day. We're in Rome for 4 days before the cruise and will be in Florence, Lake Como, and Venice after. Maybe I will relax while at Lake Como. I wonder if George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin need someone to watch their house while sitting in their yard overlooking the lake?
  14. Thanks for your help cruisemom42. And I appreciate your additional thoughts on what to do. If I didn't want unsolicited advice, I shouldn't be on Cruise Critic. 😁
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