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  1. Both Spanish and Catalan are spoken in Barcelona. Many places that rely on tourism will speak English. I always try to learn a few basics words/phrases wherever I go and people usually appreciate that I at least try to speak their language...even if I butcher it pretty badly. I also always download the local language pack to my phone for Google Translate. Works great for taxi drivers or others who can't speak English and you don't need a data connection.
  2. Yup...that would be when it's not safe to dock.
  3. Purely a guess, but if it's safe to dock, I would think they would dock no matter the weather. That's what they'd do at other ports. Some may want to do the waterpark in the rain, and some may want to eat/drink on the island. They'd probably close the waterpark during lightning. Most thunderstorms only last a short time.
  4. Interesting that the plugs are labeled differently (i.e. Smart vs iPhone vs Android). I'd be willing to bet that they're all identical...all 5V and all the same amperage.
  5. We enjoy walking food tours. Had a great time with the Tapas, Taverns & History of Barcelona tour from Devour Tours. Great history of the gothic quarter plus several stops at local tapas places for food and wine. Edit: We only had 4 people on our tour...us and another couple. I think that's unusual but guessing no more than 10 people normally as some of the tapas places are small.
  6. We've used the Embassy Suites on 17th for our last couple of cruises. Probably won't do it again. It was a zoo. Service and quality seem to have gone downhill for the price. If you're getting a free night with HHonors points though, it's a good location.
  7. If you have the time, go to Horseshoe Bay beach. Possibly my favorite beach anywhere. And if the seas are rough on the return trip, ginger is supposed to be a natural cure for seasickness. I take mine in the form of ginger ale, with a shot of Jack. 😀
  8. This topic comes up every few months, and beer lovers typically come away disappointed. I'm always able to find something cold to drink, with usually an IPA or 2 available somewhere (usually the pub but sometimes the Schooner bar). Seems like an opportunity wasted for Royal. My ongoing guess for why they don't have a better selection is a combination of: 1) they have agreements with suppliers/distributors that limits their flexibility, 2) true craft beer means volumes that are too small to meet the need, 3) They sell out their ships with what they have today, so why change?
  9. Good idea. I'll throw one in my luggage just in case.
  10. I bought an Apple lightning to HDMI adaptor and plan to plug my iPhone into an HDMI port/use HBOGO. It worked well at home when we were binge re-watching all past episodes (great way to pick up little things that were missed the first time through) and HBO on demand wasn't working for some reason from my cable provider (Spectrum). I'm hoping that Freedom uses HDMI for their main input and I can just replace whatever is already plugged in with my adaptor, so I don't need to change inputs. I also purchased surf & stream and am hoping that stream will be sufficient for smooth playback. Anyone know if Freedom uses an HDMI port for their onboard TV system? My (completely uninformed) guess as to who will die: Cersei (agree with the posts above) Either Dany or Jon (one but not both) One of the remaining Stark kids ( guessing Bran but could be Arya. Sansa will live to lead the North) Theon and Euron Greyjoy (Yara will live to lead the Iron Islands) Bronn Both the Hound and the Mountain Melissandre Two (or more) other characters that will make you say, "Why did they have to kill him/her?" (Jorah, Samwell, Varys, Davos, Brienne, Pod) Wild guess...both Tyrion and Jaime will live and somehow make peace with Dany/Jon. Given the focus on strong female characters, and "All men must die", it wouldn't surprise me if Dany, Sansa, and Yara all lived...but Cersei must die.
  11. It's easier in the pools for the CD to slowly spin in a circle while pointing to the crowd and saying "3,3,3,3,4,4,3,2,3,3,4,4,4,3,3,3,1...sir, that's the wrong finger (deep breath)...3,3,2,2,3,4,3,4,4,4,5...thank you mom...4,4,3,3,3,..."
  12. We will be in San Juan for 1.5 days before our cruise. We're interested in visiting the Bio Bay. Most threads mention timing a visit around a new moon for max darkness. Unfortunately, there is a full moon the night that we could do this tour (May 18). Is it worth doing with a full moon? We could always hope for an overcast sky but that's a bit of a gamble.
  13. Thanks everyone. The Condado Vanderbilt does look great but since this will be mostly a beach day, we've booked La Concha Resort. It's also a short walk down the beach to Oceano, where I think we will eat dinner.
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