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  1. I don't find your post offensive and I understand your point. Rescue workers are incredibly brave people who, by definition, often need to put themselves at risk to help others. However, they are not forced to choose that profession. They choose to take risks in the interest of helping others. They know what they are signing up to do. In a perverse way, if people did not take risks (including breaking rules to do something stupid), there wouldn't be a need for as many rescue workers. Personal choice is an important part of this tragic situation.
  2. Ditto in a CLS on Symphony a few weeks ago. Luggage was sitting outside our door. Guessing it would have been delivered into our room if we had a waited a bit. No problem either way.
  3. I was never a big fan of Dazzles. Felt kinda long and skinny with difficult sight lines. Has this improved any with Music Hall? Certainly looks like newer décor, and I don't recall there being a bar upstairs in Dazzles?? Outstanding pictures as always.
  4. I was considering following you on Instagram but thought better of it, figuring that I would need to unfollow you after one more cruise (when you'd no longer have anything of interest to show me). All that following and unfollowing seems like a lot of work. Since you're only on 25, I guess I'll take the time to touch the little Follow button. Nice review!
  5. Were you able to climb on the ruins? We went to the Chacchoben ruins by Costa Maya a couple of years ago and they were roped off. How was the "vomit comet" ferry ride to the mainland? I've heard bad things (seasickness) but don't know if that's a regular or unusual situation.
  6. I just scanned through your Instagram account and enjoyed the pictures. Good choice posting there instead of here. 😄
  7. Translation: We own the public relations high ground. Give us the ability to influence what's happening or suffer from the loss of 900,000 tourists. The ball is in your court.
  8. Ditto. I want to say that it was crowded when we were there on Symphony a few weeks ago (just one ship). But there were still chairs available and no wait to get food, so I guess it was really just busy, not crowded.
  9. Thought the same thing several years ago with Blue Plant and Chicago. The leads seemed to have been hired for Chicago (which was great) and did Blue Planet as a side gig. Still, I enjoyed Blue Planet. The tree, the trampolines, the underwater floating were all pretty cool.
  10. Conspiracy Theory Alert...delaying the start of MTD until 6:30 is designed to force more people into early specialty dining.
  11. Looks great, but hold the cranberries. Cranberries are my raisins ( @A&L_Ont ). Not even in a Cape Codder.
  12. Is your friend's Jan cruise on an Oasis class ship? Is yours? Seems like all prices on Coco Cay are higher (sometimes significantly higher) for Oasis class. More suckers/customers willing to pay the higher prices.
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