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  1. The vouchers are not transferable. So if my husband dies and I booked using a voucher and I wanted to travel alone I'd have to pay his half of the cabin with money. I verified that with my TA and via a chat with Viking. I'm not happy with that. Viking did say that if that happened I could contact them to see what they could do but no guarantees. That being said, I did my final payment today for my Oct 6 cruise. I have until June 6 to cancel and get everything back except the $200. So I'm going to see what happens and hope for the best...I did use my credit card instead of echeck for the fair credit act protection.
  2. My cruise(s) are not until Oct and final payment is due Friday. I was reassured by the cancel 24 hours in advance and get 100% FCC. But my TA told me that it was non transferable. If one of us died and the other wanted to sail solo in the future, or bring a roommate, we'd have to pay the other person's occupancy. That's what Viking told her last week when she called, but it is concerning because a lot can happen in 2 years at our ages! I emailed tellus this morning and they emailed me back that they wanted me to call the 800 number for clarification. I really wanted it in writing and I'm sure they are overwhelmed with phone calls right now so I'm going to wait a few days. I still am hoping to go on this cruise, especially with the perks we have ($2,000 shipboard credit). Like CCWinelover, if the cost of the cruises next year is up 25%, we'd break even if Viking canceled and we got 125%. It's a conundrum.
  3. All rules are off during quarantine😁😁
  4. I'm glad that you made it home. It's a lot scarier here than on the ship, for sure!
  5. Is 7001 the Owner's Suite?? Where did you end up. I'd be thrilled with an Explorer Suite! Do you all eat in Manfredi's? Or how are they handling the food? What a crazy ride.
  6. Holy moly!!! Now you are going to the Suez Canal. This is the most unbelievable cruise ever. Sending good thoughts your way.
  7. Oh my gosh! I saw that Beven's wife had to get off and is back in Australia. Sure hope that they figure something out for you.
  8. Oh my gosh Andy!! Sorry you are in limbo, and safe travels back. I hope they don't make you get off at 2 AM or some such nonsense!!!☺️
  9. Safe travels to you all. I'm going to miss reading about your adventures.
  10. Yup, Dee, you were doing laundry and your husband on the balcony. Our friends were in it as well, she went to their stateroom for drinks. Cruising with Jane Macdonald was the name of the show. She just now didn't renew her contract to do it. She's been doing it for years. I didn't know about your friend in Copenhagen! Imagine not getting a hospital bill here!😁😁😁😁
  11. We were on Barcelona, the Baltics and Beyond. Remember the guy standing outside playing the trombone as we sailed by in the archipelago? And the CD Aaron Syfert had such a wonderful voice. The Broadway show that they put on in the atrium? And in the Bay of Biscay they put away everything glass in our cabin, even the soap holder. A poor lady next to me at dinner in the World Cafe jumped up and vomited in the aisle. A hazmat crew was there within 3 minutes. Her husband and my husband and I just kept eating (I'm in health care). She was from Australia and so embarrassed but we just laughed it off. It was a great trip and got us hooked on Viking. Went on Auckland to Bali last year exactly at this time (keeps popping up on my Facebook). Hopefully we're going Rome to Miami in October.
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