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  1. We were on Auckland to Bali in March, we booked a future cruise Rome to Miami, actually 2 back to backs. Got $400 shipboard credit for the cruise we were on and I think $800 off the future cruise but I'd have to look. Plus final payment 6 months prior to cruise. I know my TA gave me $1600 shipboard credit...$500 for one cruise, $300 for the next per person, which is the maximum Viking allows TAs to give (not quite the 15% we used to get, but $1,600 is nothing to sneeze at).
  2. Paulchili we were on the Orion Auckland to Bali. On occasion we got the "no signal". I forget what we did, I think we hit the Home button and reset? Can't remember, but we called the front desk, they sent someone (who turned out to be our room steward!) and he showed us how to fix it. We had assumed for a day that the whole ship signal was down. Nope, it was our TV and there was an easy fix.
  3. No, we hired a private guide ahead of time. It was well worth it. The people on the included tour were NOT happy!! We used https://www.rinjanitransport.com/ Our driver, unfortunately, did not speak great English. However, we tag teamed with another van that had 2 fellow cruisers in it and that driver spoke excellent English. We went to rice fields, an historic village that was still occupied by many many people, saw a show at that village, went to a beach, and a bunch of other things that I don't remember right now. I would recommend that company, but be sure that they understand that you need a driver who speaks English. It was just my husband and I in our van and then the van ahead of us. They met us at the pier and returned us at the appointed time. It was SO reasonable.
  4. That's me. We were on from Auckland to Bali. I've been working nonstop since we got back except when we got home (I was very ill, I picked up something in Bali and got salmonella and campylobacter jejuni) I haven't done a review yet and I was too ill before I got back to work. But I will work on my review and let you know my thoughts. If you look back on the thread from the cruise I did post a lot of things that I will probably just copy and paste in a review. I can tell you that it was VERY HOT!! VERY VERY HOT! We were on the last cruise, which should have been fall, but for those of from Tucson it was HOT. The humidity just killed me. The temps weren't bad, but as soon as I went outside the sweat formed. I drank 8 bottles of water and never peed. I will look back, and do a review when I can, but if you look at the live from I posted quite a bit. I loved the ship, the staff, the service...I was just WAY TOO HOT!!
  5. To add fuel to the fire, we used to get 15% off on our Viking cruise from our TA. Then Viking reduced it to 12%. Then they reduced it to the current OBC limits. It does not depend on the amount you spend, Viking reduces what the TAs can offer you. We book a DV cabin, one of the cheapest available. Our TA offers the max and always has. Viking stopped letting Costco sell their cruises because Costco was rebating too much back to the consumer. We've dealt with the same TA for years, and they guarantee the best deal. I've always been very cost conscious, so we go for that. My TA also took care of our Australian visas at no charge and has been very helpful with air, etc.
  6. We booked a back to back for 2020, a 15 day and a 12 day, and we are getting $1,600 shipboard credit from our TA ($500 pp for the 15 day and $300 pp for the 12 day). That is the maximum that Viking allows TAs to give.
  7. We brought some Bounce sheets.
  8. We were onboard the Orion from Auckland to Bali a few weeks ago, and, yes, we could look at the menus on the app as well as on the TV in our stateroom. Pretty awesome, as we ended up eating in the World Cafe a lot depending on the menus for the Restaurant.
  9. Just off a back to back on Orion. We actually had to go down during the second cruise with our credit card even though it was the same one used on the first segment.
  10. Pushka, sorry, I thought that you were entering Canada. My mistake. I don't think I know how to quote. I was just trying to say that it wasn't as big a deal as we thought it would be disembarking, luggage and all, in Bali.
  11. This has nothing to do with Vancouver, again, but we disembarked Orion in Bali a little over a week ago via tender. We had to turn our passports in to reception for a few days (they gave us a receipt) and my understanding was that Indonesian officials came onboard to do the clearance or whatever you want to call it. It was really not much of a hassle.
  12. On Orion Feb/Mar. They used our passport pictures. We never sent them in. No photos taken boarding day.
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