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  1. We love Europe, and have been to many places in Europe more than once (Prague is our favorite). That being said, we did Viking Orion from Auckland to Bali in March and really enjoyed it. The only thing I didn't like was the heat in Australia and Bail (and I'm from Tucson, but it was the humidity). NZ is gorgeous. The folks in both NZ and Australia were so friendly. We loved it. After the cruise we stayed in Bali on our own for 4 days at a resort right next door to Viking's post cruise resort...for about $100/night, and hired a private guide/driver for $50/day (we gave him more). Our flights were through Viking (we paid for AP) and they routed us from Bali to Hong Kong and put us up in Hong Kong for free overnight, so we had an accidental 24 hours in Hong Kong. It was a LONG flight to LA, then to Tucson, but our time back from Prague was 29 hours when you add in layovers. Can't get to Tucson from anywhere. You might consider NZ/Australia. That being said, our next cruise is from Rome to Miami Oct 2020! Many places we've been before, but some we haven't. We are going to try to explore and see some new things. On a cruise, with only a day or two, you don't really have time to explore and see things. Private guides and tours can help you explore new things that you haven't seen before. Whenever I'm going on a trip, I try to go for as long as possible (I'm still working). So we book long cruises or back to backs. Technically, we've only been on 2 Viking Ocean, but 8 weeks onboard. We've been on well over 50 mainstream cruises, and 3 river (Avalon), but when we discovered Viking Ocean we were hooked on their ocean product so we sacrifice a trip to do Viking Ocean.
  2. Looking forward to it. Time flies by
  3. Here is a thread from the cruse that we were on. We did Auckland to Bali and stayed on our own in Bali afterwards with a private guide and driver (cheap!) We enjoyed the cruise.
  4. Mary and Alfredo, Hi!!! Hope that you are both well! We have such fond memories of our 2 day Alla tour in St Petersburg with you!
  5. Our guide with Alla gave us an hour's free time along a road with coffee shops, restaurants, other shops. She waited for us at the park and just told us to stay on that street.
  6. We used Alla as well and loved it. We limited our group to 6. Had a guide and driver and van. A wonderful 2 days.
  7. Jim, we were on Auckland to Bali in March (2 cruises back to back) both over 2 weeks if I remember right and we did not have to go to the emergency drill for the Sydney to Bali segment. We got a note in our cabin that we didn't have to go. So maybe you will get a few "byes". Loving following your adventures!
  8. I've used insuremy trip for over 20 cruises and I do what vineyardview does. Had to file a claim once, reimbursed everything including Priceline hotels and fees to redopsit FF miles.
  9. Thanks. I think that they were confused.
  10. I saw on another group that folks are getting emails about their excursions being able to be booked and some have even booked and confirmed for May of 2020. Anybody know anything?
  11. We've only been in DVs. On the Sky a few years ago for 3 weeks the drawer space was really lacking. We took out the coffee maker and stacked things on the shelves. The closet being right next to the bed is a pain. A couple of feet and there you are. Only one person at a time could be on that side of the bed. On the Orion this year for 5 weeks we had the drawers in the closet. Great improvement, but the closet placement is still a pain. A bit less hanging space but you can hang shirts, etc over the drawers and the longer stuff on the other side. We will be back on the Sky in 2020 for 4 weeks and we are hoping that they will, perhaps, put drawers in the closet again? Our friends were in PV and if I could afford it that's what I would do for sure...the closet is in the right place and there's more storage. Every comment card I have filled out has said that the closet is in the wrong place! If your partner is in bed, you have to shimmy up the side of the bed to open the closet, and it really inhibits movement in the cabin. We have loved our Viking Ocean cruises, however, and can't afford more than the DV!!
  12. This is going to sound weird, but we looked at a DV6 on Deck 3 that we were going to book. We went to make sure that there wasn't anything above or below (like Torshavn) and found that there was a little incline in the hall. This was leading from the aft cabins, forward, through the atrium. We were looking at where the laundry was (we would have to carry it through the atrium, not a problem, but when we saw the incline I said that I could see myself breaking a leg) I am not the most coordinated person in the world, and the incline to me was the deciding factor and we paid extra to be on Deck 4, more aft. We were in 4108 for 3 weeks, 4106 for a month, then our next is 4105 for a month. We had friends in 3055 that were "upgraded" from a V but they couldn't sleep due to the noise from Torshavn and the lobby.
  13. We did our own post trip in Bali. Stayed at the Melia Bali for about $120/night, next door to Viking's hotel. Private tour guide for $50/day, who also picked us up at the ship and brought us to the airport.
  14. In a DV we only got soft drinks, but we left a note, inside the fridge, asking for extra diet coke and ginger ale (don't remember what it originally was) but each day we had as many of the bottles as we requested.
  15. We tipped $2-$3 each time we had room service delivered. We did not have the SSBP and ordered dinner in the room a few times, asked for 4 glasses of wine and a beer, and it was no charge (the house wine and beer that is served with meals). We were in a DV.
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