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  1. heckledtrio - WOW, what fantastic links you have posted, and what fantastic information they offer! Thank you so much for your post. I took any notes for my trip. Sandra
  2. Thanks again for all of the Wonderful and Helpful comments to my question! It's been very helpful in planning. Thanks Mike45 for the cruise good wishes! Sandra
  3. Mike, Thanks for your very helpful input. I'm going to play it by ear as to exactly how much walking I will do from place to place. I love to walk, but I've had some problems with my hips. So catching a pulmonia ride here and there will be a very good option if I find that I need it. I'm so very excited for this cruise!!!!! Sandra
  4. GlennaRoseGoes, I checked out the link that you provided. That looks very helpful and I will print that out. I like that it's very detailed with turn-by-turn directions. Thanks! Sandra
  5. GradUT, thank you for the very helpful information. I have read up on Stone Island. That really does sound like our best bet. I didn't realize that it would be so far to the Golden Zone with the hotels. I'm glad to know that. Sandra
  6. We will be leaving on a Mexican cruise on Jan. 18th. I'm trying to research the different ports. In Mazatlán, can you give me advice on a beach that we can go to? My cousin said that he visits hotel beaches. He said that they allow you to use the beach if you order drinks or food. We don't want an entire day-long beach excursion. We just want to spend an hour or two relaxing at the beach. Can you recommend one? We are 61 and 63 years old. Also, I want to spend time walking around Mazatlán. Maybe trying some authentic Mexican food at a food cart. and we don't really drink alcohol. I have some issues with arthritis, but I can still walk around a lot. I just don't want to be back-tracking back-and-forth all over. So I think I will do best with some sort of plan ahead of time. If you can give me some help with a plan, I will sure appreciate it. I want to walk and see the beautiful old buildings, churches, cathedrals. I want to walk along the boardwalk on the ocean. I like to people watch. It would be fun to visit an open-air market. I would love to see street musicians if that is there. I enjoy browsing little shops. Maybe some little parks or town square type places. Hopefully, I have given enough of what I like that I can get some help from any that are experienced with Mazatlán. Thank you so much for any help you can give! Sandra
  7. For some reason I'm just not getting the workings of the Medallion. I understand that I use it to get in and out of my cabin and for purchases onboard and for getting off and on the ship. This is where I'm confused. I understand that I can download the app to my iPhone. I DO NOT want to buy wifi minutes and I'm really worried about getting any charges for use of my phone on the ship. I don't want to accidentally be hit with charges from my phone tapping into the ships phone services. How do I avoid this? Please, if you would be so kind, explain to me how it works. Do I put my phone on airplane mode? Does that keep me from my phone tapping into the ship's phone services? And if I don't plan on buying wifi minutes, how would this app benefit us? I feel kind of silly that I'm just not 'getting' it!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for any help! We have never sailed on Princess and we're excited to try this line. We are doing the Mexican Riviera out of LA.
  8. I was just wondering if alcohol had maybe played a part. I just can't imagine what this grandfather feels. He probably just made a horrible mistake, and now he has to live with that. I think that a lot of folks are excited on vacations and there is so much activity, and people just somehow lack judgement that they would probably normally use. I just don't know.
  9. I wonder if the grandfather had been drinking at all.
  10. I have cruised several times on NCL. Once on Holland America. We are both now 61 and 62 years old. We thought that the nightly shows on NCL were much better than on Holland America. We did enjoy ourselves on Holland America, but overall it seemed a bit lacking in some of the livelier entertainment that we have had on NCL. The food seemed about the same to me on both lines. We don't visit the specialty restaurants. I enjoyed the computer classes available on Holland America. But I do think the classes are aimed at the older crowd that don't know how to use many features of their computers at home. I also enjoyed watching the cooking demonstrations that Holland America offers. It just seems to get really quiet on Holland America in the later evening. We prefer NCL over Holland America. I would suggest giving Holland America a try and see what you think.
  11. My husband often tells me that men very rarely ever wash their hands after using the public restrooms. That is so crazy to me! And NASTY! What the heck??!!! I can't remember the last time that I have seen a woman NOT wash their hands after using the restroom.
  12. I have never decorated our door, but I enjoy seeing folks' door decorations. If I had kids, I can see where it would be fun for them to think of and create for their cruise. Adds to the excitement of planning!!!! But, I can see the concerns that NCL has with the door decorations.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I will go to the Port of Call boards. I had forgotten that they were available here.
  14. Hi, All!!! Does Celebrity sell a scrapbooking kit or Celebrity photo albums for sale onboard? I've been able to buy them on Holland America and NCL. They are really neat. The kit has scrapbook paper and things for decorating scrapbook pages that features the cruiseline and the destination. Also, do any of you know if by chance Ketchikan has a x-stitch shop? We went in a quilting shop on one cruise to Ketchikan, and they had wonderful things. I would like to pick up a small x-stitch kit to start working on while on our cruise. Thanks for any replies; they will be appreciated!!! Our cruise leaves Tomorrow!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!
  15. kathynorth, Thank you so much for that reply.That helps. We love the Anytime dining concept.That is our style! Even if we are stuck with the Late dining,it will be fine. I Really,Really do not want to sit with other people. Just not my style.We are 'country folks' and I'm not sure we would be very interesting visiting for many folks!!!!!!! he,he If we can't change from Late dining, we will at least see if we can get a table for two. I love kids and I would rather sit at a table of a bunch of kids!!!!!! ha!!!!!!! I love watching all of the kids and parents when on cruises! Especially at the pool.All of our kids and grandkids are grown, and I miss having young kids! We brought our kids on an alaskan cruise a few years ago. They loved it.
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