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  1. The infinity shows her age a little bit. We just got off the Infinity at the end of November. Overall it was a great cruise. Absolutely no complaints.
  2. I have always paid only 900 deposit for suites. Did not matter which one..
  3. coolio


    Cane Garden Bay.. Great . Fantastic Beach . I do not remember what we paid for a shuttle .. However sure it was cheap to get there
  4. oops . Meant to say The China ones are priced a lot cheaper than the ones made in Italy or France
  5. The bags that are sold on Celebrity ships Brand Name.. Furla for example,some are made in CHINA and the real ones made in either Italy or France. The China ones are priced a lot cheaper than the ones made in China If you know anything about leather you will immediately see the difference
  6. I have always booked via a US based TA and I live in Switzerland. Never once did I ever have a problem. Any issues/ questions were quickly resolved via an email or a phone call.
  7. Try Kyss.. We have one of these and it comes with a chain and a lock built in.. Lock it on to any thing such as a beach chair and away you go. We have been using it for many years without any problem.
  8. If you are not a good swimmer. Is it safe to do this tour. We would very much like to do so however our grand son is not a very good swimmer Thanks
  9. Have had it with Celebrity. Normally would do at a minimum three cruises per year myself and the missus and my son and daughter would each do two at at minimum for themselves. This year I am only doing one, and that is only because I had booked it a long time ago. Instead we are now all doing land based all inclusive and the kids (grown adults with their family) are also doing the same.
  10. Did this cruise last November and it was only Panama City that had Rain , and lots of it. Going again this November out of San Diego.. We always have rain coats and folding umbrellas with us.
  11. coolio

    - 642

    A2 is Aqua Class. Is there a reason that you will eat in the MDR and not BLU
  12. Cannot access celebrity roll calls . I get either under construction or Carnival ships..
  13. The taxi dispatcher will give you a slip with the amount from the airport to the cruise port. It is a fixed price. However always confirm the price to be sure.
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