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  1. We received our FCC to apply to our booked cruise. Waited 11 weeks, Took certificate to our travel agent to apply. He told us celebrity is taking 4 to 6 weeks to process to the balance. In the age of electronics why such a wait? How can staff on the ships be so good and have a poor staff stateside?
  2. I was sent an email with verticals numbers and dollar amounts to give to our travel advisor.
  3. Finally after 2 plus hours of being on hold and told they could not help I called Celebrity engagement center and with in 30 minutes the FCC was solved and emailed to our home. Faith has been restored in X.
  4. Sent CelebrityOneTouch an email asking about FCC since cruise was cancelled 11 weeks ago. Automatic rely said they would read my email in 3 weeks. Very sad performance. Cruise with Confidence. HA HA HA
  5. That is what happened to our May cruise. After we cancelled the and took the FCC option. Then the next day the FCC of 125 was given. Is this the right way to treat loyal cruisers??
  6. Tired of Celebrity failure to deliver. Had 2 cruises booked May 3 2020 and Dec 13 2020. May cruise was paid infill in Feb for the May cruise. May cruise cancelled with understanding we would receive a FFC. Still waiting. No one at X can help after waiting hours on phone. Tired of listening how great X is. When the going gets tough the tough gets going. Not the case of Celebrity. Losing all confidence in Celebrity.
  7. Cruise with confidence That's a lot of bull. Waiting 9 weeks for refund. Lost all confidence with LLP and her minions.
  8. I am realizing that I am out the money I paid to cruise for my cancelled May cruise and have a worthless FCC that I cannot use due to policy changes, Meanwhile LLP is probably working on gender quality.
  9. A better idea!!! What an Celebrity do for me???? Not what can I do for Celebrity. Took my money. Cancelled the cruise. Gave me (have not got it yet) FCC. Changed the rules . Over 70. No respect for LLP and her minions.
  10. Prior to the coronavirus I would be interesting to learn how many cruisers have died on a cruise. What were the ages? Circumstances? Celebrity would have records but probably will not release. If there was a lot Celebrity would have instituted some type restriction. (e.g. pregnancy). What are the ages of people getting norovirus and how many? Is the over 70 restriction overkill on normal circumstances? On our 15 cruises we have never encountered any virus problems. Just saying.
  11. As if writing LLP will do any good. HA HA HA
  12. First time we have seen the message from X in writing. Thank you
  13. Why we do not trust.X On Mar 11 cancelled May cruise and was told refund would be applied to the Dec 2020. cruise.. Now today March 2020 X advised us refund could not be applied to existing. cruises. Rules keep changing.
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