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  1. Never had a really good lobster on X. Including Murano. Don't order it anymore.
  2. I finally got a HC cabin. Special info states I need to fill out a form which I never rec'd to verify handicap. Special needs dept said I am on file. Yet I have no document to prove same. How do I get verification? Captains Club lady was of no help. I not want to lose the HC cabin. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  3. Amazed at rudeness”. Yes X was full of of them on Dec 13. Old crotch men and obese ladies seemed to be the rudest. On several occaisions young men stepped aside held people back to allow me into the elevator. The young ladies in in buffet were more than helpful with obtaining food for me even telling my (who is not handicapped) to go ahead and her food and they would care of me and even assist her if need be. What a nice feeling. Maybe that is why we sail X. The rudest folks (in my opinion) are from two locales. in the US.
  4. We are not sailing until Dec 13. We are less than 2 hours to port. Have not been on Connie for some time. Waiting to go under the Sunshine Skyway as we go over many times as we head to the gulf.
  5. Thank you for response but can’t find photo of HC cabjn
  6. Finally booked an accessible on the Connie cabin 8176 that is aft. Where can rental scooter be parked? Location of bed? Any pictures of cabin? Pros or cons? Furniture? Any helpful hints? Thanks in advance. Ship is the Connie out of Tampa.
  7. Used our OBC to gamble. Took $100 played roulette and cashed out $115. Guess I was lucky as I figured if I got back $48 it would be OK.
  8. Very disappointed in Silhoutte cruise prime Dec 13 2919. No wheelchair assistance, Rude employee at Port of Miami. Refused to get a supervisor so I could get assistance and wheelchair. Once on board employee did not know about CC luncheon. MDR luncheons not quality of previous 12 cruises on X. Service very slow with incorrect food items. Virtually no wine service. Beef dishes I think were from Florsheim. Very tough and no flavor. Exception was prime rib was excellent, Breakfast in MDR totally disorganized with again slow service had to ask rolls, coffee, or juice. Management employees (two young ladies) just walked around doing nothing. I guess LLP will want to promote them very soon. Speaking of that the Capt Club Hostess did not mingle with guest like Rose Dishay or Rossy like did in the past. idien the CC hostess was very helpful and friendly solving 2 concerns. Food quality and portions did not match previous cruises, The two dinners at Tuscan Grill were very good with filet mignon and lobster alfredo. Lobster at Murano was a piece of mush with no flavor. The risotto was outstanding. Service excellent. MDR evening waiter and asst were very good. Wine steward was rude and nonexistent. Two young ladies at the buffet were very helpful in getting my food and taking to my table. I tipped them and were very reluctant to accept. Roostck the room steward was excellent. The Martini bartenders were as always good displaying their bar antics. Of course it was fun watching male guests kiss and but will stop. each other. Did not order room service but had fruit and cheese delivered. The crackers although wrapped were soggy or stale. While waiting to disembark we waited in a room that you hang beef in. Not very pleasant. I could go on about the negatives but will stop. Celebrity did not meet previous expectations. Have another cruise planned with friends and would cancel if not for our friends. LLP has certainly taken X downward. I feels sorry for the employees as they seemed overworked.
  9. Wonder where X buys the romaine lettuce with the problem of ecoli.wrong word Will be on board on the 13th. We have no Caesar salad. Publix here has taken most lettuce off the shelves.
  10. Why not name it Lisa Lounge and everyone will be happy.
  11. After seeing the toilet configuration I wonder how small one must be to use it. What a poor design. Deb. Thank you for the info.
  12. Hoping all goes well for you in the next days to come. Enjoyed your comments while on the Silhouette. Who was the Captain club hostess? Thank you for your response. We will be on it Dec 13.
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