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  1. Thanks, do you happen to know what time they serve room service from?
  2. Thanks, might have to do that then, do you know what time they open?
  3. We have several early morning trips booked on our upcoming cruise on Reflection, so can anyone advise what time Luminae opens for breakfast each morning. Many thanks
  4. Also, do they have this on Britannia? Many thanks
  5. Thanks everyone for your advice, will definately give them a try.
  6. Thanks everyone, will give them a try
  7. Alakegirl is correct. We always order tea and cookies for early morning, and very civilised to be woken with a gentle "tap tap" on the cabin door
  8. Does anyone know to correctly utilise "packing cubes"? I have been given a set and cant see any advantage over the usual tips "stuff sock, undies etc in shoes" If anyone knows better, please advise.
  9. I have been given some packing cubes and have absolutely no idea how to best utilise them. I imagine I just put stuff in them and then place in the suitcase but cant see how this is advantageous. I would welcome some advice from those cruisers who regularly use them regarding how to pack them and what are the advantages of them over the usual tips such as "packing socks, undies etc. inside shoes". Thanks fellow cruisers
  10. Could you tell me what time Epicurean is usually open and closed on regular days
  11. Thank you all for your responses - I think we will give it a go!
  12. We are considering doing a northern lights cruise next March on Aurora but are a bit worried about the north sea being too rough for her to handle. Does anyone have any experience of these cruises, good or bad. Many thanks
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