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  1. fastnloose

    Concierge, Michael'sclub

    Is Luminae open for lunch on boarding day? Do we head for Michael's club before lunch? Many thanks once again for help.
  2. fastnloose


    Yes you can
  3. fastnloose

    Concierge, Michael'sclub

    Thanks again everyone
  4. fastnloose

    Concierge, Michael'sclub

    Where do I get the colour-coded wallet from? Is it sent before embarkation or given upon embarkation?
  5. fastnloose

    Concierge, Michael'sclub

    Thanks Chemmo, I will do that. x
  6. fastnloose

    Concierge, Michael'sclub

    Yes that was me! Hello again! We are on 1st Sept, so I think it must be a couple of weeks before then that you are onboard. If you have any other "Suite" tips.please let me know.
  7. fastnloose

    Turning Elite on next cruise

    On our next cruise we move into Elite class. The Captains club rep shoreside told us to make this known the the rep onboard and we would benefit from some of the "Elite" perks. Has anyone had experience of this? Thanks
  8. fastnloose

    Michael'sclub, drinks

    Thanks everyone for your helpful replies
  9. fastnloose

    Concierge, Michael'sclub

    Thanks all for taking the time to answer my queries. Happy cruising!
  10. fastnloose

    Concierge, Michael'sclub

    Hello goryjm,we met last September in connections meeting on fjords cruise,when you suggested we next took a suite, we have taken your advice,do you remember?
  11. fastnloose

    Michael'sclub, drinks

    O.K. XtaSea, thanks for the info. xx
  12. fastnloose

    Stunt on Royal

    What a stupid moron!!
  13. fastnloose

    CS suite minibar

    Thanks, what timescale before my cruise might I expect a call? I ask as we usually leave a couple of days prior to the cruise to visit family who live close to the port
  14. fastnloose

    Michael'sclub, drinks

    ok thanks Jim. O.K.thanks Jim. Could you advise me if the butler would fetch drinks from the bar to the room or should we just go to michael's club?
  15. fastnloose

    Concierge, Michael'sclub

    Dont care who it is, its a nice gesture! Will they make themselves known to us at check-in?