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  1. I filled out the form and it requires a mobile phone number. They do not have my mobile phone number. I called the number listed and was told that since my booking was through an agent I have to make any enquires through the agent. My previous enquires through the agent are that they can see the amount of FCC but cannot do anything other that attempt to apply it to a booking through them. Deposit cannot use FCC. Agent says if FCC is not used by end of 2021 charged amount will be refunded to original credit card.
  2. April 24 cruise cancelled by MSC. Accepted FCC. FCC never received. Disputed charge with Chase Reserve card three weeks ago. Chase refused credit; says any dispute has to be started within 60 days of charge appearing on bill. No cruise, no FCC, no refund. Is there a government regulator for cruise travel fraud, paying for something not received?
  3. Can FCC be used as onboard credit?
  4. Will the portion of the 125% FCC that is not used in the new booking be refunded or cruise credit?
  5. Ship has left port heading direction of Marseilles.
  6. Grandisosa still moored in Barcelona. Supposed to have sailed for Marseilles this evening. https://www.vesselfinder.com/?imo=9803613
  7. If anyone finds out what happened to the passengers boarding in Italy when they arrived in Mallorca, please post. Were they put in quarantine?
  8. Grandiosa is north of Tunis and headed west. I presume it is not going to Malta. https://www.vesselfinder.com/?imo=9803613
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