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  1. royal65


    Is this true if you are pre-booking excursions prior to embarkation? I have more OBC than wife due to shareholder and veteran benefits and when I pre-booked excursion, I had to charge hers to a credit card.
  2. Do the ships carry the little mini-bottles of rum so you can trade the other liquor for rum? I don't recall seeing those small bottles of rum.
  3. What are the ambassadors and what do they do?
  4. Experience has taught us to never send anything to a ship's laundry that we care if it gets damaged or discolored. HAL is the worst, Oceania the best and Princess somewhere in the middle -- although, I suspect like everything else, this is ship specific. I think socks are the only thing my wife will send of hers. On ships that don't have self-laundries, she washes her delicates in the sink and hangs them to dry.
  5. On the Emerald next Feb., we are in a full suite. We also booked early seating in traditional dining requesting a table for 6. Over dinner we prefer visiting with others. Will we have the option of making a choice between the two after seeing how conducive the 2 tops is going to be to inter-table conversation?
  6. We are in a suite on the Emerald next Feb. and will have Club Class dining. Most of what I've read refers to tables for two. We much prefer tables for 6 or even 4 for most nights. Will larger tables be available in CC? Will they accommodate your joining with other couples to form larger tables?
  7. For lunch in the Steamers and Planks area, was it set up as part of the normal buffet or did the specialty concept carry over to lunch too?
  8. For soda, do you have to bring it aboard at time of original embarkation or can you bring aboard at one of the port stops? How about the wine you're allowed to bring aboard without charge -- if you don't bring it aboard at original embarkation, can you at a port stop?
  9. I'm on my 3rd ICD and had my first implanted about 14 years and my current Medtronic model is a combo ICD/pacemaker. When I received my first device, I was nervous about being on the top deck of the ship in proximity to all of the radar and other electronics. So, I talked to the Medtronic engineer attached to my doctor's office. He assured me I was OK with being no closer than a passenger can normally get to that equipment. To be extra cautious, I called Medtronic and asked their experts and got essentially the same response, with the added comment to relax and enjoy my cruise. So, my advice: don't rely on advice from this board; instead talk with your device maker and/or your clinician. By the way, don't be critical of Princess for not giving you what is essentially medical advice -- no company would or should. Please relax and enjoy your cruise and be thankful for these devices. Mine has literally saved my life 5 times.
  10. Will be on the Emerald in Feb. for a 28 day cruise with lots of sea days and am wondering what the Club Fusion will be used for during the day and at nights? Have sailed on Princess many times, but none within the last 5 years.
  11. Is there anyplace to buy a couple of cartons of Diet Coke near the Crowne Plaza in San Pedro? I know there is a Von's about a mile away, but is there anyplace within walking distance. Also, how about someplace to buy wine?
  12. We were on Zaandam for 22 days last Jan. Our Neptune Suite was directly under the dish washing station for the Lido, so we had some noise from that occasionally. Heard no other complaints. Like the ship a lot, especially her size.
  13. We are considering a mid-ship suite on Riveria deck of Emerald and are concerned about how loudly they play the sound and how late into the evening MUTS runs. Riveria deck is directly beneath Lido deck. I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions as to how bothering this would be, realizing this will vary from person to person.
  14. We were on a HAL ship in Feb. which still had production shows. I commented to the assistant cruise director that there was a rumor production shows were being discontinued. She confirmed it was true -- not all at once, but on a ship to ship basis and some ships already had. I believed their quality has really decline, but we still enjoy them. Sometimes I believe HAL is trying to drive us away.
  15. I, too, love the chilled soups. Been on 3 HAL cruises (total of over 60 days) in the last 16 months and had only 1 chilled soup and it was something other than my preferred fruit. Just another change they are making not to my liking. Their changes have led to our last cruise being on Oceania and the next on Princess.
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