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  1. Much is written about onboard sickness on cruises but not so much about after cruise illness.

    My wife and I have just got back from P&O Ventura's cruise to Greece and Greek Islands and both started the trip with no health problems. Now we have the mother of all chest infections and judging by the coughing, sneezing and spluttering that went on all over the ship we are not the only ones. I know that it is inevitable that illness will spread in the confines of a ship but it does make me wonder if the pain is worth the gain.

    Would be interested to hear from fellow suffers aboard Ventura or others.

  2. Don't know the Crown Princess but we sailed recently on Oceana and having sailed on Azura and Aurora we will not choose Oceana again.

    Downside. The ship seemed overcrowded compared with Aurora which is about same size but has noticeably fewer passengers. Deck space is pushed to and beyond the limit in good weather. The balconies are tiny, a bit like sitting in a telephone kiosk.

    Upside. We enjoyed Freedom Dining, the food, the service, the entertainment particularly the Headliners production company. Also no jacket is required except for formal nights.

    Having said that we did meet people who always sailed Oceana.

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