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  1. Parting shots of Madeira and other near by islands. Nothing to do now except relax and enjoy the Atlantic crossing.
  2. Back on the ship. Pico Fortress. Early departure. The bridge is one of many. They tunnel through the mountains for easy travel around the island. Clouds move in on the mountain tops.
  3. When we go to the bottom we stopped and had a little snack. This is how our bill was presented.
  4. The cable car gondola. View of the port and other views.
  5. On the hoho to Monte. The house had a fire. Don't know if it was from a few years ago when the island had a large fire. The hoho stop by the botanical gardens. A family about to head down the mountain in one of the sleds. I assume the man is checking to see if his medical insurance covers insanity. If you don't know about the Madeira sled ride then google it and look at the youtube videos.
  6. Madeira in the morning. Always a wonderful port. More pictures later... I gotta go for now.
  7. Sort of a mostly cloudy day heading to Madeira. Here are pictures from around the ship.
  8. On the ship looking at Lisbon. Waiting for dinner and sail away.
  9. I'm back.. And thanks for all the nice comments! Mosaic tile - China - Tile wall - Dining room - Tchotchkes and antiques - Settee and mural - Gargoyle - Ornate ceilings - Desk - Stained glass.
  10. My lungs are not in a condition that allows me to take a leisurely stroll on a mountain top during the best of conditions (sunny, dry). Had it been made known an elevator was available I may have attempted the tour of the castle. But it was not. Apparently it was after the tour group was in the castle. I should have stayed in Sintra eating pastries and drinking coffee. The castle - Pena horse - entrance - gargoyle - balcony ... More to come, I have to go now.
  11. Palácio Nacional de Sintra and a view from Sintra towards a cloud covered Pena Palace.
  12. There was a long line to enter the monastery. Our guide seemed surprised. Luckily the cathedral next to it had no line. The picture is the front of the cathedral and interior.
  13. Praça de Comercio (Commercial Square) plaza. The port dock and terminal.
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