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  1. That's my biggest issue, is that they just implement these with no warning. They should allow the previous benefits on cruises that you already have booked.
  2. Just received an email. As I expected they appear to be devaluing the benefits. Lowering the guaranteed free play for each tier level to a base plus a percentage of gambling. Also the free specialty restaurants are gone. Here is the new system:
  3. You know I really did gamble purposely more on my last cruise to make sure I got to Sapphire because the FAQ said it would last for 18 months. I have several cruises coming up in the period and I’m going to be very unhappy if the decrease the benefits like freeplay, free specialty dining, and access to Michaels club. I doubt anyone will care about my unhappiness, especially Celebrity, but I feel like promises where made in writing in their FAQ.
  4. Just had a conversation with someone at Blue Chip Club. They said there were changes coming soon (next month). Anyone know what they might be? I searched for a thread on this and didn't see it. It seems like these changes are never in favor of the customer.
  5. Had to add in my upcoming cruises too! The most annoying thing and this has been since the last change is that I can no longer find the due date for the final payments. That is really annoying. Why are they sooooo bad at the website. They are such a well managed company. How can they be so bad at this.
  6. I see the list on the RCL website, I wonder if they are doing in maintenance of the rooms?
  7. The stock is getting beat up today. I can't figure out why. Seems like a good report?
  8. Just off Infinity. We loved it, but not much to do for Kids. It was a 15 day cruise, so I only saw one or two kids on the cruise.
  9. Would Celebrity’s insurance fill the Medicare gap the OP was mentioning?
  10. Right on timing. My past RCL cruises show up. Nothing about Celebrity cruises.
  11. and all of my past cruise information is gone! It is unbelievable that a Fortune 500 company could be this bad at websites.
  12. All, Does Blu allow you to order off the main dining room menu as you can in Luminae?
  13. We were loyal RCL cruisers, but one you there the suite life on Celebrity, it is hard to go back.
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