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  1. Thought World Cruise information was to be released today.
  2. We have happily booked excursions for two cruises, and in September will book ones for a b-to-b. We are well aware that this is “magical thinking,” but it is fun to do. Besides, maybe something wonderful will happen, and we will actually sail on at least one of these!
  3. We got to Esperance on the Mariner Australian Circumnavigation in 2019. When I am asked about favorite places Regent has taken us, Esperance is first. Took a wonderful all day tour in a school bus. Lucky Bay and kangaroos were one stop of many beautiful beaches we went to that day.
  4. Thought this topic was about Regent cancelling cruises?
  5. Agree. Regent did change the deadline to 60 days for our July 28 cruise and cancelled the cruise before that deadline. We have a final payment due this week for a Dec. 22 trip, wishing for the same sensible deadline change again. Do not think it will happen.
  6. We felt exactly the same when notified by our TA yesterday. Hopefully, we will meet you onboard.
  7. Received email from our TA this morning that our final payment due 2/28 is now due 5/28. Navigator, 7/28, Copenhagen to Amsterdam.
  8. My favorite part of the Sydney-Sydney cruise on Mariner last year was the southern and west coasts of Australia. Esperance, perfect white beaches. Fremantle (Perth), wish the ship had overnighted there. Wishing you a continuing good and safe world cruise!
  9. I was not expecting a First Class seat; simply an aisle seat in any row so I could stretch my leg.
  10. Sorry, should have been clearer. It was a 3 1/2 hour charter flight.
  11. Just returned from Silversea expedition cruise to South Georgia Island and Antarctica. All expedition activities were excellent. In our personal opinion, Silversea did not rate an excellent in several areas that can be directly compared to Regent. Service was about equal. Food was not—missed the variety and flexibility of the Compass Rose menu. A fee was charged for the Cloud’s specialty restaurant, which we ate in once. Quality of food and service in La Dame was not as good as most of our experiences in Regent’s specialty restaurants. By far the worst area was the roundtrip coach transfer process from Santiago to Ushuaia and back to Santiago. New knee replacement; assigned seats in last row, window & middle; assured by Silversea, in writing, seats would be changed for return due to knee issue; did not happen. Result is a very swollen knee and 2 people who will not use Silversea again even for the expedition experience. So looking forward to our next Regent cruise this summer!
  12. Correction to my post, #212. We sat in window and middle seats in the last row, not aisle and window.
  13. Wonderful trip, exceptional expedition staff. Arrived home on time with no delays, thank you United! Absolutely miserable charter flights arranged by Silversea. We were in last row, window and aisle. For return, requested seat change due to a new knee replacement. Assigned same seats. Very swollen knee both ways. Still icing. Not happy.
  14. We have been at the hotel since Jan. 1 on 16th floor, same view as others. Two full day tours with Esteban Ramos, think this is a different Esteban. They were excellent. One was to Casablanca Valley for two winery tours. Today’s tour included Vina del Mar and Valparaíso. Lunch choices both days were very good—tasting menu at winery, Casas del Bosque and a restaurant on Concepcion Hill in Valparaíso, Restaurant La Concepcion. Our experience at hotel restaurants has been fine, efficient breakfast with plenty of yogurt and fruit, perfectly cooked salmon at dinner. We are on the 7:15 bus tomorrow. 🐧
  15. Looking forward to meeting you, Stumble! Jan
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