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  1. I can only share my experience regarding OBC but the short answer is that OBC is forfeited. When our Millennium Hong Kong to Shanghai cruise was cancelled we were reimbursed every penny of our cash outlay for the cruise but the stockpile of OBC that we accrued through intermittent cruise fare reductions under the best price guarantee were not transferrable to our rebooked cruise on Apex out of Southampton (which is looking more and more doubtful). I am beginning to develop a complex as my cruise selections get foiled by that virus!
  2. Every "complaint" on these boards has to be taken with a grain of salt. I can't tell you how many times I have read "complaints" about a cruise that we too were on (which we thoroughly enjoyed) and can only assume that some complainers actually live for the moment that they can complain about something. We've had our share of different cruise lines and enjoyed each and every one of them. Were there things that we were not fond of on each? Yes but the variety of products is very appealing as it provides opportunities to be pleasantly surprised. Each brand develops its own sense of what a cruise experience should be but until you actually try them how would you know which would actually appeal to you? Enjoy you cruise (I know you will!)
  3. A specific answer to your question for Celebrity is that a number of their upcoming cruises spend 3 nights in Tianjin (the port for Beijing) thus allowing them to offer a 3 day (2 night) excursion which includes both the Terra Cotta Warriors and Great Wall. Obviously a land tour would cover much more but this does allow you to accomplish your goal as part of a cruise.
  4. Mura you are correct in that you can't stream unless you "upgrade" but that doesn't "buy" you more speed it just removes a filter that prevents connection to streaming sites. It will always be a bandwidth problem on a ship (the more users the slower each connection] but with a little luck I've always been able to choose a time when my "competition" is less (being among the first to return to the ship from excursions is usually a good time to successfully upload photos!).
  5. It's always nice to meet another alumnus of Happy Wife Happy Life University!
  6. Oh, I understand Paul but I can’t help wondering how many spats occur in cabins over who is hogging that one login. One login per individual has worked fairly well for us on Regent and other cruise lines.
  7. Thanks Paul! Not sure I agree with limiting a cabin to "one" login in today's age but I guess Oceania is free to formulate it's own definition of what they mean by "free internet".
  8. Since the "new & improved" Cruise Critic is still baffling me with reference to searching my apologies if there are threads on this subject already but the "Europe & The Americas" brochure makes reference to an Internet package identified as "Wavenet Second Log In". Has anyone used this or knows what the cost would be?
  9. What happened to all the photos we uploaded with Tapa Talk? All I see now is the code for the link. Not a good first step after all the waiting for this new and improved....
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