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  1. Judging by what the procedure was on yesterday's departure of Millennium I would say yes!.
  2. I can relate to that "cold stare" you mentioned Den. Not only did I get it from my bride but I also actually saw it in the mirror when I was shaving as having retired to Florida it only took about a year for us to become really cold adverse. I couldn't decide on which of the Great Lakes I would be willing to miss so we indulged ourselves with the B2B which will give us lots of time to enjoy the ship and maybe, just maybe "warm up" to the idea of an Antarctic cruise???
  3. We aren't much for really cold weather cruising but have become fascinated with the "exploration ships" that several lines are introducing (we have booked a couple of short non-polar sailings to try the various lines out these next few years. Covid cancellations have extended that attempt farther beyond what we would have liked but anticipation is also part of the pleasure of cruising). Putting together a cruise through all Five Great Lakes was just too intriguing however I think you may have chosen more wisely than we did Den as your cruise winds up in "civilization" while we end in the "wilds" of Thunder Bay.
  4. Getting back to the OP's question, we have experience sailing on both lines and they are quite different. I would say that the Viking shipboard experience is quieter (no casinos or kids) even on sea days, we could always find quiet little corners of the ship to the point that we wondered where the other passengers were? The Oceania "O" ships are our hands down favorite (without a doubt and we are very much looking forward to Oceania's Vista debut) we sail the "R" ships for their itinerary but those "tiny" bathrooms are annoying. Oceania wins in the dining room experience and Viking's insistence on collecting final payment a year or more in advance is not a friendly gesture. Oceania's reputation for "over-priced" excursions is well deserved but on the upside Cruise Critic allows us to meet fellow passengers prior to boarding for among other things arranging private excursions together and we have made some long lasting friendships as a result! Even with the pluses and negatives, we have future voyages booked on both lines but that is mainly because we relish sailing on a variety of lines and experiencing the differences that varied corporate cultures provide. Since you mention that you have been primarily a Princess passenger I can tell you that one difference that we completely relish is the "country club casual" approach of both lines as we do not miss the hassle of packing for a formal night and since all these vessels are smaller than the majority of Princess ships there is less of a crowded feeling associated with embarking and disembarking the vessel and at least for me, a more pleasant experience. Wishing you smooth sailing whatever you decide!
  5. Emile, Sorry it took me so long to stumble over here after you so graciously invited me from my Great Lakes Roll Call but here I am and glad to read the far ranging discussion (hadn't yet heard about the potential of a 3rd covid shot as an example). Not surprisingly there isn't a whole lot of discussion on my roll call but the Great Lakes was the only real possibility for me to sail on the Octantis as I am strictly adverse to cold weather and the Lakes in June is as far as I am willing to go with Octantis sailings but we are signed up for Viking Venus and their "In search of the Northern Lights" cruise so who knows....? Anyway thanks again for staring this thread and I will be back.
  6. I can only share my experience regarding OBC but the short answer is that OBC is forfeited. When our Millennium Hong Kong to Shanghai cruise was cancelled we were reimbursed every penny of our cash outlay for the cruise but the stockpile of OBC that we accrued through intermittent cruise fare reductions under the best price guarantee were not transferrable to our rebooked cruise on Apex out of Southampton (which is looking more and more doubtful). I am beginning to develop a complex as my cruise selections get foiled by that virus!
  7. Every "complaint" on these boards has to be taken with a grain of salt. I can't tell you how many times I have read "complaints" about a cruise that we too were on (which we thoroughly enjoyed) and can only assume that some complainers actually live for the moment that they can complain about something. We've had our share of different cruise lines and enjoyed each and every one of them. Were there things that we were not fond of on each? Yes but the variety of products is very appealing as it provides opportunities to be pleasantly surprised. Each brand develops its own sense of what a cruise experience should be but until you actually try them how would you know which would actually appeal to you? Enjoy you cruise (I know you will!)
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