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  1. I received an email from Qantas stating that our domestic flight in late July was changed from lunch to evening. I took the opportunity to cancel the flight as we now don't want to use it due to COVID. Online I could only get a credit. To get a refund, I had to phone them. My 1st attempt dropped out after 1 hour. My 2nd attempt the next day got answered after 1 hour 20 minutes. After I said the time change wasn't suitable, I was told a refund would come to my bank a/c in 8 to 10 weeks! Brian
  2. By the Bay: thanks for the update. I've been following this case for years and was disappointed when the appeal court reversed the original decision regards the compensation (on top of a refund). At the time, this flood cancelled several cruises in a row and most companies offered refunds; whereas Scenic demanded that people had to take "their bus tour". Also they didn't notify passengers before they left Australia so people could try to cancel from home. I'm so pleased the high court reinstated the original verdict - a case of David beating Goliath. We've done one European 14 night river cruise with Gate 1 which was half the price of Scenic - should have been on another one with them at present😞. Brian
  3. Vesselfinder.com has the Princess ships as they move north: Waiting for Orders. Maybe they're hoping they can get permission before arriving. Brian
  4. The Queensland Premier said last night that it is time the ships left Queensland. Brian
  5. At one stage there were other ships near Gladstone. The new Brisbane International Cruise Terminal (BICT) info states: Carnival Australia and Port of Brisbane entered an agreement for the purchase of up to 100 foundation berthing days a year, with a limit to use up to four days in any week for 15 years. The agreement allows Carnival Australia to receive priority berthing rights at the terminal. (Reference: https://www.ship-technology.com/projects/brisbane-international-cruise-terminal/) This might explain that all the ships in Queensland belong to Carnival Corporation whereas all the RCI ships had to leave Australia. Brian
  6. Yes, they've now changed the destination for Sun Princess from Gladstone to Bismark Sea. Maybe there were too many ships going to Gladstone. It was interesting that originally it showed Gladstone US the other day - didn't make sense! Brian
  7. Yes, I have been watching the Sun Princess slowly cruising up and down from our high-rise apartment at Broadbeach. It's been doing the same loop on ship tracker for the last couple of days with the note: Awaiting orders. Now it is going north and tracking further out to sea. Maybe finally it has been given permission to head to Gladstone, as it was supposed to get there on April 4th (2 days ago). It appears the Queensland government has allowed these ships to come here after being expelled from NSW. Maybe our state government wants to get in good with the cruise companies especially as they have almost finished the new port near the airport for the larger cruise ships. Brian
  8. Love reading your great review. We've been to Dubai 3 times but never did the theme parks - but then again we've never had kids with us. We were due to board the Jewel of the Seas on April 8th - maybe one day we'll get to experience this ship. Brian
  9. I suppose another alternative is for them to divert the Dubai relocation cruise direct to Barcelona which is the base for the 2 cruises after ours. Because they will miss the last port, Naples; there could possibly be enough time to sail there instead of Rome. Of course it means that they will loose any Italians booked for our cruise. Brian
  10. Yes, I think Voyager only comes down under for the northern winter. Brian
  11. Opps....senior moment! I don't know what made me write the wrong ship - this was our 1st RCI cruise back in 2008🙃. The Jewel also gets to Italy before Celebrity and Princess. The Italian ships (MSC & Costa) seem to be using Rome. Brian
  12. Our 11-night cruise from Rome to Barcelona on Legend of the Seas is due to depart on 8th April - only a month away. This the 1st RCI cruise in the region this season. With Italy now up to 1694 cases and 34 deaths from Coronavirus; I can't see RCI departing from any Italian port anytime in the near future. If they did still leave from Rome, they could be refused entry at other ports. As the ship is coming from the Middle East, I'm guessing they could rearrange the later part of the cruise to finish in Athens - also avoiding Naples. Then start this cruise from Athens - eliminating the other 2 Italian ports and possibly the 2 French ports. They would possibly include other ports like Malta on the way to Spain. They would have to reimburse passengers' flight change costs. We live in uncertain times! Brian
  13. As I only bought the shares for the free OBC, I would never sell them while I'm still cruising. Even when it was difficult to get OBC with RCL, I kept their shares as the price was going up (over 3 times the price I paid). My patience also paid off as they now allow OBC for every cruise on RCI and Celebrity😀. Brian
  14. I bought my shares 8 years ago in June 2012 for US$35.47 with ANZ online. They are now down to what I paid then (although I am really ahead as our exchange rate was around parity with the US then). In that time I have done about 20 cruises with Princess/P&O UK and have always received OBC - often received US$250 per cruise. The total OBC is now much more than the cost of the shares plus I have received dividends as well. I understand that the shares did drop to around US$18 straight after the Costa Concordia went down but that was prior to my share purchase. By the way I also bought RCL shares back in 2012 for around the same price. As they pay higher dividends their share price is now US$90. Until recently I found it difficult to get the OBC; but they have now changed their rules; so I have always got it in the last year. Both shares of course have reached levels higher than at present. I trade the stock market regularly but only bought these cruise line shares to get the OBC which I can still take as cash (on Princess only). This has been one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. Brian
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