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  1. I am sorry; my post was confusing. I was including the OBC for the 4 perks as well, and this was the total for both cruises
  2. In January, we booked an 8 night cruise to Norway for $2399 pp in a Sky Suite on the Celebrity Reflection. Today, that cruise is listed for $4899 per person! For 12 nights in Ireland/Iceland, we paid $3199 pp in Sky Suite; today $6249 per person! The SS has all four perks, and we have $1250 OBC due to an onboard booking deal. So on these two sailings out of Amsterdam, prices have doubled. I knew it was a fantastic price when we booked--just hope that it will be safe to sail in mid May, 2021. I'll be so disappointed if we can't take advantage of this great deal.
  3. We are booked in a Celebrity on the Reflection in April. When we reserved it two weeks, they said that only the Royal suites and above got the two bottles of liquor. It will be a pleasant surprise if that has been changed.
  4. Our Apex cruise dropped $2200 after final payment in an SI suite for a late April sailing The difference between a Celebrity Suite was $100. I called and they upgraded me to the Celebrity suite for the $100 total for the cruise. No hassle whatsoever. We also got an extra $100 credit in the Celebrity Suite so it was a wash. So yes, you can get an upgrade after the final payment, but it won't be free unless the math works out.
  5. We sailed on the Edge in Dec, 2019. I think it is either a "love it" or "hate it" kind of experience. If people prefer an "open balcony", they might be disappointed by the Infinite Verandas. I would say that the IVs would be super useful for cruises in cooler climates, but maybe a turn off for warm-weather cruises. Our balcony was open. We usually sail in Aqua class, but I didn't want that for a Key West/Tortola/St Martin itinerary, so we had to upgrade to Sky Suites to get an open balcony. The price difference between AQ and SS was negligible, so that wasn't a big deal. When we factor
  6. Oh, that would peeve me, too. We saw maybe one waiter in the Martini Bar, so no one ever even made contact with us. We even remarked that it seemed that corners were being cut on staffing, because there were a lot of passengers at the bar getting their own orders. Hopefully, this was just a one off.
  7. We were on this sailing as well. Same experience. Difficult to get waiter service in Eden, the Martini Bar or Cafe al Bacio.
  8. Just ignore the 6 PM thing. We had that on ours as well and dined at a different time every night. We loved the food in Luminae, well, except for one menu which we thought was a "miss." If you have a taste for sushi, just go for lunch. I haven't dined at Tuscan. The menus for all the restaurants were in the Retreat Lounge, so you might want to glance at them to help you decide. Bon appetit!
  9. You aren't assigned a specific table at Luminae on the Edge, but you can dine whenever you please. We were always assigned to the same waiter and were always seated in his section. We really enjoyed that.
  10. My sister and I are sailing together in the same cabin on the Majesty in November. She is a Diamond member; I am Platinum. I know that the Diamond and above folks are accommodated in the front part of the VCL from 4:30-8. Even though I am not a Diamond member, will I be able to go there with her since we are cabinmates? I do have the drinks package, but I don't know if that would make a difference. Thank you.
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