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  1. I feel badly for the travel planners they have working now. They appear to have received very minimal training. It is very frustrating for the customer, to be sure, but possibly even worse for the folks working who really don't have much of a clue about what they are doing. Add in the crackling phone lines and difficulties understanding each others' accents and languages, and it is really, really a stressful situation for everyone. I am trying to be as patient as possible.
  2. We are cruising B2B on the Summit in December. They have cancelled Key West stops and we are cancelling in Nassau instead. Does anyone know why these changes are being made? Does it have anything to do with the cruise ship ban (that I thought was overturned?) in Key West?
  3. I wish you a very enjoyable and safe cruise. And you are absolutely right--everything and everywhere is a crap shoot. I have to say that the lack of hospital beds in Florida was a huge concern, though. At least we have them in spades here. With my husband's heart condition, on the outside chance that he needed a hospital bed, we were concerned that one might not be available.
  4. I want to thank everyone who replied to this post. I read every response carefully and appreciate the variety of viewpoints offered. In the end and although I think that the ship itself is as safe as it could possibly be in the present environment, we have decided to defer travel to February, 2022. I asked myself, "If knowing what you know now about the current COVID situation in the U.S. and the risk factors attendant to flying, being in airports, taxi cabs, and in Florida, would you still book?" The answer to that was "No." Given Celebrity's Cruise with Confidence program, there is no contraindication to deferring this trip until after we have both had our third booster vaccine in November. So, I think we will do a B3B in February, 2022, allowing us to be in the Caribbean, rather than facing another cold February in Ohio. Again, thank you all.
  5. It sounds as if you are on the fence as well then. I'm glad that I'm not alone in that.
  6. Yes! The time in Florida (less than 24 hours) is probably a bigger concern for us than the ship.
  7. Back at the end of May, when it looked as if COVID was well in retreat, we booked a SS on Celebrity Edge for 4 September. Four previous cruises had been cancelled and we couldn't wait to go. Of course, with the Delta variant, COVID isn't in retreat anymore, and Florida's numbers are higher than ever. So, I keep asking myself if we are sufficiently comfortable with the current COVID situation to actually go. We got vaxxed back in March. I'm healthy--hubby has heart problems. Can anyone give me some intel on how things are on board recently? Specifically interested on social distancing in Luminae, the Retreat, bars, Cafe al Bacio, the theater, on decks, the Windjammer, if/where masks are being worn, how they are handling muster..... I am wondering if I am worrying about things I don't need to worry about. I'd sure hate to cancel if the ship is safe. Thanks in advance for the intel!
  8. I am so confident that DeSantis' nutty rules can't be enforced. So confident that I booked an Edge sailing for September. Can't wait!
  9. I am sorry; my post was confusing. I was including the OBC for the 4 perks as well, and this was the total for both cruises
  10. In January, we booked an 8 night cruise to Norway for $2399 pp in a Sky Suite on the Celebrity Reflection. Today, that cruise is listed for $4899 per person! For 12 nights in Ireland/Iceland, we paid $3199 pp in Sky Suite; today $6249 per person! The SS has all four perks, and we have $1250 OBC due to an onboard booking deal. So on these two sailings out of Amsterdam, prices have doubled. I knew it was a fantastic price when we booked--just hope that it will be safe to sail in mid May, 2021. I'll be so disappointed if we can't take advantage of this great deal.
  11. We are booked in a Celebrity on the Reflection in April. When we reserved it two weeks, they said that only the Royal suites and above got the two bottles of liquor. It will be a pleasant surprise if that has been changed.
  12. Our Apex cruise dropped $2200 after final payment in an SI suite for a late April sailing The difference between a Celebrity Suite was $100. I called and they upgraded me to the Celebrity suite for the $100 total for the cruise. No hassle whatsoever. We also got an extra $100 credit in the Celebrity Suite so it was a wash. So yes, you can get an upgrade after the final payment, but it won't be free unless the math works out.
  13. We sailed on the Edge in Dec, 2019. I think it is either a "love it" or "hate it" kind of experience. If people prefer an "open balcony", they might be disappointed by the Infinite Verandas. I would say that the IVs would be super useful for cruises in cooler climates, but maybe a turn off for warm-weather cruises. Our balcony was open. We usually sail in Aqua class, but I didn't want that for a Key West/Tortola/St Martin itinerary, so we had to upgrade to Sky Suites to get an open balcony. The price difference between AQ and SS was negligible, so that wasn't a big deal. When we factored in the extra $300 on board credit and the price of upgrading to a premium beverage package, we actually came out quite a bit ahead of the deal. However, if the price difference between open balconies and IVs was bigger, it might have been a different story. The biggest issue I had with the Edge was the furnishings, which in some cases seemed more decorative than truly functional/comfortable (especially for older backs and backsides! LOL). No footstools on the balcony. The shops are all very high end (read--out of my price range!) and practically deserted as a result. But aside from that, I loved the Edge. From the avant-garde performances in Eden (I wanted more of these!) and the gorgeous art, (not to everyone's taste; I heard lots of complaints about the "Weird" art, but as an artist myself, I am a bit quirky! LOL) to the lick-the-plate kind of good food available throughout the ship and the very comfy beds, I was thrilled. I felt so sad when we had to leave. Looking forward to the Apex!
  14. Oh, that would peeve me, too. We saw maybe one waiter in the Martini Bar, so no one ever even made contact with us. We even remarked that it seemed that corners were being cut on staffing, because there were a lot of passengers at the bar getting their own orders. Hopefully, this was just a one off.
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