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  1. Found this video, she has some other really good videos about Coco Cay too . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qQP3s2rjWc
  2. Thank you very much.We will have to look for another cabin.
  3. Hello, I am helping my niece to book a balcony ocean view cabin on Oasis. She is interest in 8690 but wondering what is the white, blank space across from the room. I was on Oasis once back in 2013 and can't remember what it is.Any idea ? TIA.
  4. Hi all, we're thinking about booking a Christmas cruise on Allure this year. What should we expect, and will all the stores be closed on Christmas day? Looks like we will stop at St. Maarten on Christmas day. TIA!
  5. Ship - Symphony Of The Seas Deck - 9 Stateroom # 9292 Stateroom category - 8D , Balcony ocean view Starboard or port side - Port Quiet stateroom ? No Would be a quiet room if the weather is nice. When the wind is high, it causes all sorts of noises. Sometimes it sounded like the ceiling panels were cracking, sometimes, it sounded like the people above me were tossing around furniture. I couldn't sleep 4 out of 7 nights. Had to go to Guest Services at 3am the 2nd night to ask for some ear plug, but I could still hear the noise through the ear plugs. They had security come to check out the problem and tried to tell me it happen when the wind is strong. I told them this is not the first time we stay in the balcony, and we never have problem with the wind before. We also had family in the two cabins next door and they didn't have any noise issues at all. Also hope that they replace the safe in this cabin for next guests, as it broke the first day. They replaced the battery, it worked for two days then broke again. When they finally came to open the safe, they offered to replace it with a new safe. We told them not to bother as we don't have time to wait on them and stopped using the safe for the rest of the cruise. Balcony view - Great Balcony size - Normal size Was wind a problem - Yes If an aft cabin, was soot a problem - n/a Any specific problems with this cabin - yes The safe was broken so many times, loud noises from the ceiling panels
  6. I guess it's been a couple years since I last used Hotwire, so when they changed from the number of reviews to the hotel class instead, I panicked and forgot to look at the amenities. Thanks for reminding me!
  7. Has anyone used Hotwire for Fort Lauderdale hotels lately ? In the past, I could book the hotel and be pretty sure that I will get the Riverside hotel. Hotwire keeps changing the format on their website since last week, so I am afraid I will get the Artrageous on the River. Thanks
  8. I'm traveling with a party of 14 and we all booked our cruise at different time frames - from 6 months to over a year out. Some of us were given an early seating at 6pm and others got late seating at 8:30pm. We called them couple times to ask for us all to have the same early dining, but the answer was always "NO, it's full" and told me to contact them again 2 weeks before the cruise. I just emailed RC at rcldining@rccl.com again a couple days ago and we now all have the same early seating. We even already know the table numbers 🙂
  9. Anyone just came off Symphony recently can confirm that Symphony has the luggage valet available yet ? Thanks.
  10. Thank you. Love those pictures 🙂
  11. Nevermind , I found the information from your other post. Thanks
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