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  1. I am confused if Mexico has closed it ports till 20 April how can carnival sell 11and 12 April Mexico cruises?
  2. Just asking technically could carnival sail around home port for 7 days and call that the cruise what I am asking is does the fine print allow them to do that
  3. All my bags are packed. I’m ready to go.... we are on the 11 April cruise
  4. Good morning 😃 fun day at sea! are you going to do the water park?
  5. Good morning just another day in paradise we usually spend the day at el cid
  6. What a great feeling knowing that your entire cruise is in front of you i sail on the 11th of April
  7. 3 day cruise so short, you will be just porting in Cabo as the inspiration (?) arrives back in LA
  8. I was on Princess to Alaska 10 day out of S.F......got 7 out of 8 on 25 cent keno with 2 quarters in for $750.00
  9. And the trip(distance) from Cabo to Maz is quite short meaning the ship takes a less than full speed ahead approach to begin with
  10. Just curious are the casino slots available 24 hours? If not has anyone noticed if they open the slots prior to arrival in Cabo
  11. Great great review very informative just curious were the slots available 24 hours? And if not did you happen to notice if they opened the slots before arriving in Cabo
  12. Yes I would love to know what the actual thinking is here. I can only speculate and any ideas that I come up with really makes no sence.of course some will continue to pay I mean play but my guess is that far more will not. I know I will not...
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