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  1. Thanks, Irish13. If they told you "up to 30 days" then I won't panic if I don't get an e-mail in the next day or so. 🙂
  2. hursttx, I called 888-305-4626 and the call was answered almost immediately. I had 15,000 points redeemed for my April 4th cruise. They will not reinstate your points, but I already have a cruise booked for March 2021 and they said they would move my redeemed points ($150 OBC) to that cruise. They said I should receive an e-mail in 48 hours...haven't seen that yet, but I think I only rang them on Monday (haha, time is all running together now so I'm losing track). Good luck!
  3. Thank you Underwatr, BklynBoy8 and 57eric, I appreciate all of the info and you taking the time to write! Joanne
  4. Thanks, 57eric, but none in our group is willing/able to drive from VA to Newark. HAHA, sometimes we even go the day before to BALTIMORE and that's only an hour away! 😄 That's another question, although very unlikely, if we were to fly, would Newark be the closest airport to the ship?
  5. BklynBoy8, We LOVE sailing out of Baltimore! That port is only a little over an 1 hour from our home, and very easy to get to. We sail Royal Caribbean out of B'more at least once a year, usually more. We've sailed out of Norfolk a few times years ago when Holland America was sailing from that port many years ago. I know most people usually just drive to the NY ports, but at this point in our lives (my husband is in his late 70's) driving that far is just too much. Happily, we've got lots of options and always appreciate the tips/info from fellow cruisers that we get on these boards.
  6. We live in Alexandria, VA and have cheked with a couple of different local car services, but we were asking for a price for 6 people and a lot of luggage and the prices we got back were around $1500-$1600 each way. Well, by the time we each spend $$ on the train, sending luggage by Luggage Forward (at least $100 per bag and I know I would send at least 3 bags), taxis to and from train station/hotel/port/port/train station, it is cheaper to take a hired car service. Now, if you are only talking about 2 people, that is a whole different scenario.
  7. Thank you Covepointcruiser, that is exactly what we did on our last QM2 cruise disembarkation in Brooklyn. Porter was amazing! The line for immigration was probably at least an hour long and with the porter we were able to go right to the front of one of the lines...saved us so much time I can't even imagine! Then at Penn Station we had the same experience, as the Red Caps (I think that's what they are called) guide you to the platform before anyone else has the train arrival information...well worth a nice tip in both instances, at the port and at Penn Station. 😊
  8. Thanks Underwatr. Your very precise limo pick-up info is just what I needed! We are planning to go up the day before and stay at a hotel. None of us is in a position to drive, so that's not an option. The last time we managed to snag a porter to handle our bags through immigration, on to the Luggage Forward person to deposit our larger bags, and then to the taxi stand. We then took a taxi with our carry-on luggage to Penn Station and got the train home. Thank you so much for your help! Joanne
  9. I have a few questions that I tried to find answers on before posting this, so I apologize if these have been answered before. (1) I have only sailed QM2 once before and it was from Southampton to NY (Brooklyn) and was lucky enough to be in Princess Grills and our disembarkation time was listed as 8:30 and I think we actually disembarked around 9 am. In September I will be on a b2b cruise from Brooklyn to New England/Quebec and back. I will be on deck 5 (sheltered balcony) and don’t have a clue as to what time we may be disembarking. Since it is US and Canada I don’t know if it
  10. Thank you Underwatr and newjoisey. I can live w/o body wash, but will ask for it if we don't get it. I just wasn't sure if everyone could expect to have all of the toiletries, so now I feel very comfortable leaving all of mine at home. I remember the "old" days when all of the ships provided the little bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion...now, unless I'm in a suite, I always have to take body lotion and conditioner, so it is a real treat on Cunard to have these provided in a non-suite cabin. Joanne
  11. I really did search this topic, but as everything changes over time, I just wanted to double-check. This is only my second Cunard cruise and I was in Grills on a TA in May 2019 and had everything - shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. On my upcoming cruise I will be in a sheltered balcony and just wanted to make sure that I would still have all of those toiletries included, as some cruise lines provide different toiletries in higher level accommodations. I apologize if this specific question has been answered recently. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful/helpful information th
  12. Yes, what Pennbank said, you need to call them. When we booked our first cruise the Cunard TA put my passport # with my husband's name and vice versa. I noticed it a couple of months later and thought I had it corrected on-line only to discover a few months after that (we booked about 1-1/2 years in advance) that the changes I had made did not "take". When I phoned Cunard I was told that these kind of changes cannot be made on-line, must be made over the phone.
  13. We were on Grandeur 2 weeks ago. They, of course, had the Ravens game and two additional Sunday games, the Monday night and Thursday night NFL games at the Casino bar, at the pool on the big screen, and in our room. As bouhunter said, there is no way of knowing which Sunday games you'll get, but most likely (since it is a Baltimore sailing) you will get the Ravens.
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