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  1. Any idea when they announce sailings first June and July 2022?
  2. My Indy cruise for July 2020 recently changed its itinerary, removing a stop at Labadee with Nassau. I had previously booked parasailing and jetskiing on Labadee, and my TA told me that they would cancel and refund me for those. However on my cruise calendar, those parasailing and jet ski ressies now appear on my CocoCay schedule. Does this mean that they will somehow do those excursions on CocoCay? Or is this just a delay in RC providing me with a refund?
  3. Yes I contacted RCI and they said that despite what the pass says, that it was valid the entire day. I didn’t ask what the exact hours were (so don’t know how early we can start) but I assumed this to mean that it could be used as long as the water park was open for the day
  4. I'm on Indy that is docked at Coco Cay on the same day as Symphony. That's a lot of passengers.
  5. Looking for Western mediterranean itineraries to Italy based ports for April-June 2021, and see that it is mainly Harmony departing out of Barcelona. Other than one that looks to be a reposition from Rome to Venice on Rhapsody I don't see ones on smaller based ships that sail for a week (we can't take more than 9 days off from work). Do you think they will add any more European itineraries ?
  6. Europe itineraries now no longer appear for April to June 2021 edit : nvm seems to disappear then reappear
  7. We have a party of six currently booked into a panoramic ocean view suite. The only higher priced suite that would accomodate all of us will be a 2-BR Grand Suite. I've read that if bidding, that the bid charges would only be for two passengers. So to confirm, if I get an opportunity to bid for a 2-BR Grand suite and it is accepted (for argument's sake, say I bid $500) would I only be charged for that bid x 2 people (i.e. 2 x $500 = $1000) that would allow all 6 of us to stay in the upgraded suite?
  8. Anyone know where to find similar schedules for other ports? Tried cruisemapper but they do not have any RC ships listed for spring 2021 as of yet.
  9. Somewhat related question: we are traveling with one of my daughter’s friends who is 17. Can we sign her waivers or do her parents have to do it beforehand ?
  10. Whoops should have qualified I'm looking for itineraries with Italy-based ports, and that the non-Oasis class ships continue to sail Western Med (for spring 2021)
  11. Thanks you confirmed what I suspected. Looks like the same for Quantum class ships (although I don't see any from that class are currently sailing in Europe). Hoping a non-Oasis ship sails the Western Mediterranean.
  12. Planning a special anniversary cruise to Europe and hoping to book a nice cabin with an OV balcony. Because itineraries for our desired travel time (spring 2021) to Europe have yet to be released I don't know what class of ship we will end up booking. Similar to how certain OV balcony staterooms on other classes of ships are covetted (for example, the corner aft staterooms on Freedom-, Voyageur, Radiance-class ships) are there any unique OV balcony staterooms on Oasis class ships? Other than the spacious OV balcony staterooms I don't see any on the deck plans that look to be different because all the aft cabins look to be high-priced suites.
  13. Waiting anxiously for Europe itineraries for May-June 2021. Do the itineraries tend to be somewhat similar from year to year? Looking to sail a Western Mediterranean cruise and hoping for itineraries with more Italian ports then what I’m currently seeing .
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