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  1. YES. It's always so enjoyable. I get the Huevos Rancheros. Yum.
  2. Your friend will be pleased to know that the vegetarian dishes in the MDR are wonderful. I tried them on a whim. Many of the chefs are from India and they know how to cook vegetarian dishes well.
  3. I'm not a hamburger person and I NEVER get a fast food burger but Guys are off the chart good. Best burger I've ever had.
  4. I've been on 16 Carnival cruises and many ships but the Legend is my favorite. I've been on it three times. I like the smaller size and the whacky decor and art throughout the ship that I just love. I'm going again in February. I'm an hour south of Tampa where is sails from so that's a major perk. Don't miss the Enchanted Forest.
  5. I am not a hamburger person and NEVER eat fast food burgers, ever. But I think Guy's are just delicious and I look forward to having a few on a cruise. That doesn't mean I don't want great meals in the dining room.
  6. If you have already paid a deposit I would imagine your price is fixed and they just can't jack it up.
  7. Been on over 15 cruises and I was always accommodated for late seating, a table for two. Doesn't hurt to try.
  8. I once won $4000.00. It was a royal flush on a dollar video poker machine. It was early in the morning when my husband was still sleeping. I had bought a cup of coffee and decided to just sit down and enjoy the quiet casino. I hit it immediately. It was the second morning of the cruise.I went to the cabin and threw the money all over the bed. Happy husband. On my cruise last month I won a few hundred dollars on the first night and couldn't win anything after that.
  9. I was on the Glory last month and the internet was HORRIBLE. Out of 15 cruises this was the worst. I tried everywhere on the ship with no luck. My husband and I have to run two businesses and we need to communicate with people by emails. I am now just taking the eastern routes so I can call people from Puerto Rico and St. Thomas.
  10. I booked the ship for the December 2020 cruise. I'm looking forward to it but not happy that they ripped off the passengers for one port. They could have stopped in Half Moon Cay as they will sail right past it. On the western route they took away Grand Cayman. We are not stupid and I suggest Carnival, if they read this, add those ports. Also there does seem to be A LOT of cabins, lots of passengers and I wonder about long lines. Two weeks before Xmas is my favorite time to cruise as the ships are never packed. Also beautifully decorated . So I have that. Also the weather is always perfect.
  11. It's not a big deal. My husband and I don't want to sit with strangers either. On the first day of your cruise go to the dining room just before first seating and find the Maitre D. He's usually right there as you enter. Request the table arrangement you would like to have and he will take care of you. You might not get it the first night but you will the rest of your cruise.
  12. Amber Cove has a beautiful resort with a pool now. I was there last month. It's nice.
  13. That ship is just beautiful and I had to book a cabin. Standard balcony, but my Carnival guy told me these balconies are larger than on the rest of the ships. 15th deck and the cost with taxes and port charges came to 2183.00 for 2 people with 200 onboard credit. I had to make sure it didn't have one of those hideous shopping malls like the RCL have. The atrium and the French Quarter look so gorgeous. I'm assuming they have Cajun food on that ship. They betta.
  14. As soon as we get on the ship my husband and I hunt down the Maitre D and ask him for a table of two. We always have late dining so the rest of the evening isn't so long and we hate rushing back from a port for early dining. I enjoy early evenings, having a drink or two before we have dinner. I don't want to have to wait. I prefer my table to be ready for me. That's my preference.
  15. Half Moon Cay has the most beautiful water, clear as a bell. I wouldn't miss it.
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