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  1. several years ago just prior to a storm the barefoot windjammer cruise brought the passengers in... dropped them off and went back out to sea only to be lost at sea... the decision was that the ship would be safer at sea than at the dock.. all crew was lost in that storm
  2. the diamond lounge doesn't make frozen drinks but some of the bars will do it and count it as one of your free drinks on your card... I've never had a problem getting a pina colada or strawberry daquiri key word here is SOME
  3. we did the bungalow and it was great... beach is roped off so it is private.... you have chaise lounges in the sun if you want and the l shape couch in the bungalow seats a lot of people,, at least 6 or 8 at once... as for the floats.. we tipped the attendant and got a float for everyone... cash works for them...i don't remember but we tipped either 1 or 2 per extra float and it was worth it..and more towels... they give you the same cooler with bottles of water that the cabanas get... it was a better value than the cabanas and close to the water yet private and roped off with attendants watching...I would definitely do it again... we caught a sale on the bungalows and I think it was 200 ... I'm not sure how you get 10 wrist bands tho.. we got 8
  4. It is against cc policy to post photos of individuals without their permission
  5. The Nordic prince 1984. Hurricane dennis the Nordic prince bounced around like a rubber duck. She destroyed sailboats in st Thomas harbor. As the captain claimed he had clearance and the harbor master said he did not. We had to stop there on our way back and all the black suits with briefcases boarded. And were asking for cameras. No cell phones then
  6. sky loft suite on allure 3 of us shared the suite and it was wonderful.... loved the huge shower on the upper level...
  7. Hi we have always been called hosts. Although technically we are forum moderators. Have great 401 plans full health and dental plans. 6 weeks paid vacations and free cruises. Oops. That was in my dreams. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.
  8. Hi all, i am one of the cruise critic hosts for this board and can be reached at hoststar@cruisecritic.com
  9. Hi all I am one of the hosts for this board and can be reached at host star@cruise critic. Com
  10. Hi everyone i am one of the cruise critic hosts for this board and can be reached at hoststar@cruisecritic.com
  11. Hi all I am one of your cruise critic hosts for these boards. I can be reached at hoststar@cruisecritic.com
  12. We boarded harmony at 10:15. Two weeks ago. Cabins weren’t ready till 1. But rest of ship was ready
  13. Our steward said he has been with royal 23 years. And had no problem giving us the white tubes
  14. we got the white tubes and not in a js...we had a nice cabin steward πŸ™‚
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