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  1. Northern Aurora

    Hotel Suggestions in Tokyo

    We spent five nights at the Tokyo Hilton (in the convenient Shinjuku area), and were pleased. We upgraded to an Executive room so had access to their executive lounge, which included a full breakfast of both Western and Japanese offerings with food also in the evenings.
  2. Northern Aurora

    Is Nagasaki Port walkable?

    We were in Nagasaki two weeks ago. The Atomic Bomb Museum is certainly worth visiting, but be prepared for a disturbing experience. The Glover Gardens are within walking distance from the cruise ship dock. A little farther is the interesting Dejima which we found very interesting as well.
  3. Northern Aurora

    Tokyo day tour

    We just returned home forty-eight hours ago after spending five days in Tokyo post-cruise. We used Triplelights for two of those five days in Tokyo, and were extremely pleased. Our guide was Yuki (for both days), and he customized our tour to fit our particular interests.
  4. Northern Aurora

    Hotel in Seward with washer and dryer

    We have stayed at both the Harbor 360 and Edgewater hotels in Seward. Double check their respective websites, but my memory is that both have guest self-laundry facilities. And of the the two, we prefer the Harbor 360 due to better parking facilities (we live in Alaska so generally drive to Seward).
  5. Northern Aurora

    Blu questions please

    39august: Whether there are two or three evening chic nights, in Blu lobster is served on the last evening chic night.
  6. Northern Aurora

    Michaels Club

    We have had access to MC when in Sky and Celebrity Suites, and now that we turned Zenith use this venue frequently. For example, we just returned home last night from 28 nights on the Millennium, and were in MC at least three times daily during that time onboard. I have never been told, on any ship, that we could not take a beverage (for us) out of MC, and see folks doing so almost every time we are there. MC is very different from the Elite and Elite+ nightly cocktail gathering.
  7. Northern Aurora

    Michael's Club Concierge on Summit

    We are thrilled for Anastasia. We first met her in 2017 when on the Summit for a month, and were so happy to be with her again earlier this year.
  8. Northern Aurora

    Laundry service on Equinox?

    We are Zenith members of Celebrity's loyalty program and so receive free unlimited laundry. We send out laundry every other day or so. My suspicion is that laundry is washed in hot water. I never send out any item that can not handle hot water washing.
  9. Northern Aurora

    First time cruiser needing suggestions RE: Alaska cruise....

    There have been some great suggestions, but I just want to add that most, if not all, cruise lines have family staterooms. For example Celebrity has what they call family veranda rooms which are designed for five individuals. Often these special staterooms are not depicted on the cruise line website, but a travel agent who specializes in cruises can show you a floor plan.
  10. Northern Aurora

    Choice Air - Can we choose our seats?

    This is exactly what we also do. We generally book business class and have not had any issues with selecting our seats.
  11. Northern Aurora

    Suite benefit for embarkation after a tour

    We have found that when lines start to form the Michael's Club concierge walks down that line and then escorts both the suite and zenith passengers to the front. And now with the creation of the Suite Manager position that person also is often on the pier. I am posting from the Millennium, and in Kochi, Japan several days ago there was an incredible line to reboard. So the Suite Manager was positioned at the entrance of a line of souvenir stalls, and on his phone to the MC concierge telling the concierge who was wandering through souvenir stalls toward the entrance line.
  12. Northern Aurora

    What side of the ship for New England & Canada?

    We have done three Canada/New England cruises, and I don't think it matters as to which side of the ship the stateroom is located. For instance there are multiple docks in Quebec City so the ship could be docked right at Lower Town or out in the industrial area (and shuttles are used).
  13. Northern Aurora

    Temperatures on the ships

    The last few years we have spent 60 to 90 days a year on Celebrity ships. I find that on some sailings the interior temperature on the ship can really vary. I have experienced this on both warm and cool weather itinaries, and have no insight into why.
  14. Northern Aurora

    traffic jam in Blu?

    We were on your cruise and are still on the Millenium. The Blu crowd on that cruise was definitely skewed toward early diners. The Blu maitre 'd told us that a number of folks were talking longer than usual with fellow passengers. So you may have noticed the three "share" tables which were created. We generally appeared just before 8PM and were given a pager twice.
  15. Northern Aurora


    As someone who lives in Alaska I feel it is important to have a decent binnoculars when visiting. But Kathie 859 is so right -- a great pair for me may not be a great pair for everyone. Folks really need to go into a store and hold them in your hand. You may opt to purchase online, but make sure you have actually held a pair.