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  1. My favorite all-round restaurant in Fairbanks is Wolf Run. We also like Lavelles. When we are in the mood for prime rib we drive out to the Turtle club in Fox. But for a tourist visiting our community the Pump House is good basic option for dinner -- both beef and seafood options, and it is in a historic building located on the Chena River; I actually like the Pump House Sunday brunches better than their dinners. Lunch options include the two Brewsters; both are licensed and have nice entree salad options in addition to other items. And for lunch we have been known to hit the Tanana Valley Farmer's Market (on Saturdays and Wednesdays) for the food trucks. Fairbanks is surprisingly the Thai food headquarters for Alaska. I don't know how many we currently have, but some have been in existence for over 30 years. The best over-all Thai restaurant is the Thai House, but we tend to find ourselves at the Lemon Grass since we live on Chena Ridge. A Fairbanks favorite for breakfast is a local diner -- Sam's Sourdough Cafe. Their sourdough pancakes with reindeer sausage is a local favorite. All of these places have websites so goggle them for more information.
  2. We have also seen third party tenders in the South Pacific, Cabo San Lucas, Bar Harbor, Lahaina, Bali and in few other locations. I also wonder what our OP is concerned about. Those larger third party tenders are certainly faster to load, and some have not only restrooms but are also air-conditioned!
  3. I've not stayed in every cabin category, but I am under the impression that all Celebrity staterooms have a minibar. If I am wrong, someone will provide the correct information.
  4. North of Mary's McKinley View Lodge are several pull-outs/camp grounds which have nice views of Denali if the mountain is visible. When overnighting at the Princess McKinley Lodge we check out and then drive to Mary's Lodge for breakfast. Mary's also has great views of Denali. Folks have such different opinions of Talkeetna. One person once posted that they thought it was the quintessential Alaskan small community, but as someone who lives in Alaska I see it as the quintessential tourist trap.
  5. I was also going to suggest Overlord -- excellent company.
  6. Actually Cafe al Bacio is on all Celebrity ships. I find that Starbucks beans are over roasted for my taste, but I like the Cafe al Bacio selections -- not air roasted but a nice compromise. And the pastry and cake offerings are no additional charge to anyone, whether a beverage is ordered or not.
  7. This is exactly my reaction to "Anniesgirl's" post -- apparently has not been to Whittier nor has read much about the community.
  8. Have you considered just meeting on the ship and then walking off together?
  9. While Skagway does have at the local bus, we also have observed a golf-cart type shuttle (longer than a standard golf cart) picking folks up from the ship and taking them to the end of the pier so they can catch the bus.
  10. I know that the second time we did the Casco Bay Ferries mail run we just walked over without reservations, and it seems to me that the first time we did the same. I remember that our thinking the second time was that if the weather was really bad we would opt for something else. Portland has a lovely art museum, and that is what we most likely would have done had the weather been really bad. I don't know what the mail ferry passenger capacity is, but it is not highly limited.
  11. We have enjoyed the Skagway Brewing Company several times. In Juneau we have enjoyed Twisted Fish. Annabelle's is also our "go to" restaurant in Ketchikan. We will be at each of them later this summer.
  12. The Anchorage Daily News has reported that Villa Nova closed in early June.
  13. A similar event happened on an Eclipse TA several years ago. An announcement was made that a passenger needed a blood transfusion, the specific blood type was mentioned, and volunteers were asked to report to the medical center. I don't remember what specific day that was but we diverted into one of the Azores (two or three days later as I remember) so that the passenger could evacuated. Certainly not ideal, but when a ship is in the middle of an ocean I guess they do what they have to do.
  14. We have done the mail run twice, and most of the stops are very quick -- the ferry just touches the dock, cargo or mail bags are unloaded, and the ferry is off again. While there is a vending machine on the ferry, we have never felt the need to bring a picnic lunch nor alcohol beverages on board. The mail run isn't really that long -- you aren't on all day. The two times we did it were in late September and early October. Both times were the weather was excellent, and a number of folks had no issues sitting on the outdoors seating in the bow area.
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