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  1. My memory is the same. The one named "Ocean Liners" was the one on the Constellation. We dined there several times on the Constellation. But I am dating myself as I also remember the "dough nut whole" between decks 4 and 5 which was removed when the Constellation went into drydock in Hamburg in 2010.
  2. Reading the first post gives me a sense of deja vu -- we were on the Millennium in the fall of 2018 when the trans-Pacific crossing was impacted by Typhoon Trami (the ship missed Shimuzu and headed into Yokohama a day early). The 210 (or so) B2B passengers were evacuated off the ship and put into hotels at Celebrity's expense. Boarding passengers were instructed to stay in their hotels for an additional night, and given a phone number to call if the hotel could not accommodate them. Passengers who missed the e-mail and showed up at the Yokohama cruise terminal to board the ship were also provided hotels at Celebrity's expense. The second leg of that B2B was impacted by another typhoon (Kong-Rei) so our itinerary was changed more than once. I was also impressed with how well Celebrity handled the situation. Since we were on a B2B our flights were not impacted. But our compensation from Celebrity was, in my opinion, generous.
  3. I am posting from the Constellation. We boarded on October 1st to start a B2B2B. So far all is going well -- the ship has a happy upbeat vibe to it. Just don't expect that special Murano soufflé (which I also love) as there is no Murano on the ship.
  4. In the past when Celebrity still had formal nights the evening shows in the theaters were periodically moved to 8 and 10 PM with the shows on non-formal nights at the standard 7 and 9 PM. However, I am posting from the Constellation on a very port intensive cruise, and the evening shows in the theater have been at 7:30 and 9:30 PM nightly whether it is "evening chic" or casual.
  5. While I admit that I purchase plastic straws for use at home, I also have never noticed a change in beverage taste when using one of the Celebrity paper straws. Apparently this is a larger issue for some than it is for me!
  6. We have never met Paul and Edward, but have read several of Paul's travel blogs. As very frequent Celebriy cruisers with a number of nights in Blu I also suggest looking at "Chicagopaul"s thread which has been referenced by Jim ("Jim_Iain"). I thought it was a very balanced review and much more accurate as compared to our own experiences in Blu than another rather recent blog.
  7. Blu is never open for lunch. That includes embarkation day. Blu is open for breakfast and dinner. Regarding Sushi on 5, my recollection is that they still offer the beef sliders. If so that may be an option for the kiddos.
  8. I wonder if the OP has any loyalty status with Celebrity? It has been quite a while since we were "Classic" or "Select" but if my memory is correct those loyalty levels do receive a bag of laundry for a reduced price. "Elite" receives a free bag and "Elite +" receives two bags. And one of the most appreciated "Zenith" perks, in addition to the premium beverage package and the free wifi, is the unlimited laundry.
  9. We were on a B2B2B on the Eclipse last spring boarding in Buenos Aires and leaving the ship in Vancouver. We received both the inexpensive shopping bag and the nice tote on all three legs. We were on the Solstice for a week boarding on August 2nd. On that cruise we received the shopping bag but no nice tote. I asked and was told that it was quality issue with the supplier, and the ship had a limited number onboard. I was offered one, but have so many I declined as I was just curious as to why I wasn't seeing them around the ship. And in Michael's Club on disembarkation day I didn't see any of the nice bags.
  10. We have been on all 4 of the M-class ships but only 3 prior times on the Constellation. In contrast we have been on the Infinity 12 times. I actually liked the Constellation better when it had the "doughnut hole" which was removed in the 2010 drydock in Hamburg. But as long as we are on a ship we are happy campers. Continue to enjoy your time on board.
  11. I also am following. We board the Constellation on October 1st to start a B2B2B series, and will leave the ship in Barcelona -- which is one of my favorite cities. So looking forward to our time on the ship.
  12. We also booked a private transfer through the Hilton Shinjuku from the Yokohama cruise terminal to the hotel. The driver was on time (actually a little early) and the cost was credited to our hotel bill. Very smooth.
  13. We have been to Key West on land trips, but only to Labadee once on the now departed Mercury when it was doing some sailings out of Baltimore. We actually enjoyed Labadee more than we had expected. Heaven only knows how the stop is handled now but in 2010 a gigantic picnic style buffet was moved off of the ship and set up in a large outdoor area (covered picnic tables and large grills). Bartenders from the ship were staffing some bars on the shore. We had the impression that the crew were having fun doing something different.
  14. Paul: I thoroughly enjoyed your photos of both Otaru and Hakodate. In Otaru we also took the tramway, and have similar photos of the canal. And in Hakodate we also visited the G. tower and the day we visited the tramway up to Mt. Hakodate was also closed due to winds so we drove up. I have at the impression, which may not be accurate, that the tramway is closed frequently due to winds.
  15. I think technically it is a B2B discount, not OBC. I wonder if the issue is that you are in Canada? We have the B2B discount on all legs of a B2B2B starting October 1 on the Constellation, a B2B2B2B on the Solstice starting in March, 2020, a B2B on the Eclipse starting in September, 2020 and another B2B on the Millennium starting in April, 2021.
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