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  1. We were on the Constellation last fall for a B2B2B, and while I didn't order one, I believe they were on the Cafe al Bacio menu.
  2. We have been to Skagway a number of times. In fact I remember what the community was like prior to being discovered by the cruise industry. In any event, we have booked the WP&YRR on our own. One time we waited until we docked in Skagway and had a clear day to walk to the depot and book for the same day. The walk is 10 to 15 minutes depending on where the ship is docked. Unless someone in your party has mobility issues I am not aware of any advantage to the ship excursion.
  3. While I don't have photos of a CS after revolution we have stayed in them on the Summit, Millennium and the Infinity. On the Infinity we were in 9098. While we didn't have any problematic noise issues the folks in 9096 did.
  4. I am on that same April 1st cruise, and my attitude is that I will just go with the flow, or in this case, go where the ship goes. Celebrity is in a "damned if they do and damned if they don't" situation. If the itinerary is changed and then Samoa subsequently decides to rescind the ban I can just hear the whining down.
  5. No alcohol. And they are yum, but very sweet, on a hot day.
  6. The use of gyms varies greatly from sailing to sailing. We generally do B2B or B2B2B cruises, and even on similar itineraries with similar passenger demographics on one leg the gym will be very busy and on the next leg the gym will be empty.
  7. Jim: The past several years Charles and I have flown out of Vancouver at least annually, and sometimes twice a year. About half the time our luck has been that the flight is delayed out of Vancouver due to either mechanical issues (in one case requiring a different plane) or a ground situation (ie, flights are stacked up landing in Seattle due to wind issues). Possibly we just don't have good karma flying out of Vancouver, but given the OP's tight schedule I wouldn't recommend same day flying in their particular case. And if they do indeed fly the Sky Train station they need is not the one located just out of Canada Place, but the Waterfront Station (I think that is the name -- it is the one past and several blocks around the corner from the entrance just outside of Canada Place). Give our best to Iain. Gerry
  8. There is no Captain's Club cocktail gathering on embarkation day.
  9. Given your time constraints I think you need to disembark in Victoria. This process is termed something along the lines of a "downline disembarkation." You will need permission from Celebrity in advance, and there will be a per person charge. There are various options to move over to Seattle, and I would suggest you transfer over to Seattle the day you depart in Victoria. The Port of Seattle does indeed operate two cruise terminals in Seattle -- Smith Cover (Pier 91), or the Bell Street (Pier 66). Neither of these terminals are close to the Seattle airport (SEATAC), and there are no hotels really close to Pier 91.
  10. I have never had an issue with the meals in the MDR, but before the introduction of Blu and Luminae I found the noise level very high. Definitely go with two tables and mix up the seating.
  11. Hello Bob: If you decide to do an independent DIY tour I have two suggestions -- one for a rainy day and one for a sunny day. First, if it is raining visit the Museum of the North (which is what folks are referring to as the University Museum), the Morris Thompson Cultural Center (no admission charge and has exhibits focusing on the Athabascan culture), and the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum. All of these facilities have websites so just google to find them. If it is a clear day then head out toward Fox (on the Steese Hwy.) to view the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and visit the information displays; the pipeline route angles toward Valdez so you won't see the pipeline on the drive up from Denali. I see no reason to suggest heading on toward the community of Circle, but instead backtrack on the Steese toward Fairbanks and take the Chena Hot Springs Road out to the Chena Hot Springs Resort (about 55 miles at the end of the road). There are subdivisions along the first 20 or so miles of the CHSR, but then you drive into the vast Chena Hot Springs State Recreation Area which is over 250,000 acres of campgrounds and hiking trails. This is prime moose habitat, so if you don't see a moose here you are an extremely unlucky person. Continue to the resort itself to potentially visit the hot springs or ice museum. Also, if you are in Fairbanks in July you may hit some of our "Golden Days" activities -- think of a "Founders Day" type of event. Fairbanks is a gold rush town which survived. The brewpub mentioned in Fox is indeed Silver Gulch. The quality of their food is highly variable.
  12. bob278: The thought just came to me today to suggest that you post this question on the Celebrity CC forum. We cruise Celebrity frequently (we think that we are the only Zenith members of the Captain's Club who live in Alaska), so I check that forum regularly. There is at least one frequent poster on that thread who has done a Celebrity land tour which included Fairbanks. She may know.
  13. Since you are non-smokers you would enjoy Celebrity's smoking policy -- no interior smoking venues, no smoking on stateroom balconies and limited exterior venues. Even the casinos are non-smoking.
  14. On M- and S-class ships the MDR is not open to the general passengers on embarkation day. On embarkation day only a section of the MDR is open for the Concierge Class embarkation lunch, and those also eligible to attend (B2B passengers, Zeniths not in a suite, and the periodic high roller in the Blue Chip Club).
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