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  1. If you decide to do your own land trip do read through the trip reports posed on the Alaska Cruise Critic forum. The Alaska CC forum does have a bias toward DIY land trips. A fellow Alaskan likes to point out that there is nothing offered on a cruise ship sponsored land tour which can't be booked independently. And you will see what you want to visit and avoid the "shopping opportunities" -- at stores with inventory which is of no interest to you but pays the cruise line hefty commissions.
  2. We did the "Behind the Scenes" tour on the Millennium several years ago when we had a significant amount of non-refundable OBC to use, and we both enjoyed it very much. In addition to some of the locations already mentioned, one of the most interesting places was the onboard recycling center. And the tour is paced by the participant questions, so in the engine control room our group had quite a lengthy discussion about elevator management issues (I will never complain about a slow elevator again), and on the bridge a retired commercial airline pilot started a very interesting discussion about emergency checklists. In the galley our group backtracked so the chef could answer a woman's questions about how they handle gluten free foods, so it was very different than the free galley tours. If folks check their cruise planner and look at the excursions offered on sea days it should pop up.
  3. Zitsky: The OVCs have bars, so you can order red, white or rose wine. Either go to the bar counter or order from one of the roaming servers.
  4. Last October we stayed at the Hilton Rome Airport. The concierge recommended Autolineroma, which has a desk in their lobby. They responded quickly to my questions, and the price was E140 for the two of us and our luggage for a private transfer. Since one of the popular shared shuttles is E69 per person, we were pleased with the price. We were also pleased with the driver.
  5. We have also used the Skytrain several times. But follow the directions in "scottbee's" post and use the Waterfront Station. And in contrast to Seattle's light rail the Vancouver Skytrain is designed to accommodate luggage.
  6. Just a quick comment on this discussion. We left the Constellation in Barcelona in October. We were staying in Barcelona for a few days so left the ship about 9:30 AM. It took about 30 minutes to get to the front of the taxi line.
  7. LPC and Qsine are totally different concepts with very different menus. We did LPC on the Eclipse (we had a significant amount of non-refundable OBC to burn), and, at least for us, don't envision us returning any time soon.
  8. FYI -- Major Marine has offered the same discount on Cyber Monday for the past several years.
  9. Autumnz: You have a good idea of what you want to a see and do. But on the Alaska Cruise Critic forum look for a thread titled "2019 Resources for planing a trip to Alaska;" this thread contains lists of websites. And I hope you realize that Major Marine (which is my favorite Kenai Fjords excursion vendor) currently has a cyber Monday offer.
  10. Folks are starting to plan their Alaska trip -- so I am giving this a bump to page 1.
  11. Have you contacted the Hotel Universal Barcelona?
  12. We have stayed three times at the Hotel Universal Barcelona, most recently in November. Love this hotel -- great location. It is located in a more residential area so isn't overly close to the overly touristy (at least to my taste) Las Ramblas. But if you want to walk to Las Ramblas it would take 5 to 10 minutes. A subway entrance is just outside the hotel entrance, and this subway entrance is also where you catch the funicular to Montjuic. Multilingual staff and a great breakfast buffet (hot and cold items). With Barcelona's highly efficient subway system Barcelona is so easy to DIY. But the already mentioned Barcelona Day Tours offers day trips. One excellent day trip out of Barcelona is Montserrat.
  13. We have done several fall Med cruises, and the weather has generally been good. One factor we like is that the temps are cooler than the hottest times of the year, but still warm. We were on the Constellation from October 1st to the 30th this year, and the only bad weather we had was in Villefranche with heavy rains.
  14. Autumnz: Read the Alaska Cruise Critic forum, and please skim the trip reports (organized by year and posted at the top of the Alaska forum index page). Even read the reports from cruisers using other cruise lines. It won't take much time, and the trip reports are full of excursion ideas.
  15. Goggle is your friend in this situation. Major Marine is a vendor which specializes in day cruises. They are my preferred vendor for day excursions out of Seward. Their website, from my memory, is: www.majormarine.com
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