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  1. Both the Anchorage Audubon Society (www.anchorageaudubon.org) and Juneau Audubon (www.juneau-audubon-society.org) websites have suggestions for birding locations. And I agree with mapleleaves -- consider pricing a rental car.
  2. Giantfan: There is no commercial air service from Anchorage to Seward. Your options are one way car rental (Hertz is the only Seward vendor) with a hefty one-way drop off fee, the Alaska Railroad or one of the various motor coach transfer companies. The drive from Anchorage to Seward, assuming no delays for road construction, takes about 2.5 hours. The Alaska Railroad takes about 4 hours.
  3. Gordylad: We were also on the San Antonio, Chile to San Diego cruise (actually, we boarded on March 10th and are still on board). Did you have any specific questions?
  4. We have stayed several times at the Cedarbrook Lodge several times and love the hotel. It is essentially a airport hotel, but doesn't feel like an standard airport hotel. Lovely grounds with no airport sounds and a wonderful buffet breakfast. Is your classic beverage package the Classic alcohol package or the non-alcohol classic package? Your classic alcohol beverage package covers basic bottled water, sodas and capucinnos. In addition it covers basic cocktails and some wines. The bars on board will have lists of what beverages a classic covers.
  5. I am posting from the Eclipse and am in Aqua Class. Will try to remember to compare the MDR and Blu offerings. But I just wanted to comment that we find that Cafe al Bacio has the best offerings on the ship.
  6. What other information are you looking for? The food offerings are basic, and that large TV in the photos (post 3) are always on (including the volume). And while we don't purchase day passes (we purchase an annual membership) check the current pricing of a day pass as the price was raised several years ago.
  7. I have spent quite a bit of time in the Anchorage Alaska lounge through the years, and there have been a number of instances in which someone looking for "out of the way chairs people could use for a little peace and quiet to nap" are going to be disappointed. The energy level can be high. I don't know what day passes are priced these days, but if it is indeed $50 I don't think it is worth it.
  8. A surprising number of folks stay on board on port days. It is so relaxing to be on a ship with a number of other passengers off for the day. On port days there will be some limited activities for those who stay on the ship -- such as trivia or crafts. Do not expect any enrichment lectures from the guest lectures on for the cruise. We have not been on the Edge. But lunch options on S-class ships (the Equinox is a S-class) during port days include the Aqua Spa Cafe, the Ocean View Buffet, and the Mast Grill (weather permitting). The main dining room will be closed for lunch on port days. For those in a suite Luminae is also closed on port days.
  9. I cannot comment on the tour offered by RC. But Ashland was making the point that Acadia National Park is so easy to do on your own. We have been to Bar Harbor three times on Celebrity sailings. We did a wonderful tour of Acadia Park using Ollie's Trolley. And we have purchased lunch at one of the many Bar Harbor restaurants each time -- virtually all of which have lobster offerings. So just check the prices of booking a tour on your own through either Ollie's Trolley or Acadia National Park Tours. Also check prices for lobster meals at several Bar Harbor restaurants. Our favorite Bar Harbor restaurant is 59 Cottage. Whether taking the cruise line excursion or no may be clear afte checking prices.
  10. We enjoy the Skagway Brewing Company for lunch. In response to whether there is "much to see walking around on our own" please understand that Skagway is part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Park. A number of the buildings are owned by the US National Park Service and house museum exhibits. If you have any interest in history wandering through some of the exhibits is very enjoyable. And the visitor center has films about the Klondike Gold Rush.
  11. We have done a number of trips out of Seward on Major Marine. So we have observed kids, tweens, and teenagers on the trips. We have seen kids of all age groups clearly enjoying themselves. And remember that while Major Marine assigns you a table, most folks are moving through the ship. But I find it nice that we have an assigned table to store our coats, backpacks and so forth. If the OP decides to change plans for Seward, another option would be the SeaLife Center. But a visit will not take up the entire day.
  12. We boarded the Eclipse on March 10th and are on the third leg of our B2B2B. In the April 12th Celebrity Today there is a very small ad for coffee and tea cards at the bottom of page 2. The text: "LIKE COFFEE? Coffee and Tea Cards are available at Cafe Al Bacio. See your friendly Al Bacio Staff for details. Visit us on Mid Shiip, Deck 5." This ad is so small if you blink you may miss it.
  13. I am posting from the Eclipse. We boarded on March 10th and are in the final leg of a B2B2B. There actually have been two canapé options each evening -- but they are limited in number. Generally the most popular option is very quickly exhausted, so if folks aren't there by 5:30 it seems as if there is only one option. Why more canapés weren't prepared or replenished is a mystery to me. Seems like an easy problem to solve -- just make more of the popular ones. Also the March 24th cruise was considered a re-positioning cruise, so MC was much busier since not all suite passengers had beverage packages. On the current cruise, despite the fact that we have a number of Blue Chip passengers on board, MC has been much quieter. And to ciskinsfan: Actually, I have found the Eclipse to be in good shape. Crew and staff are upbeat. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time onboard.
  14. Have you checked the trip reports posted on the Alaska Cruise Critic forum (located under "Ports of Call")? Since MDR menus haven't changed much if someone has posted copies of their menus that would give the in-laws an idea of what to expect.
  15. Zenith level members of the Captain's Club are generallly contacted by shoreside concierges. That was the point that "cruiseerf" was making with the comment that "even our Zenith" folks have not been contacted.
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