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  1. Is that hospitality room downtown still at the Eagan Convention Center?
  2. jr8934: The Celebrity shuttle price seems rather high. Ask for shuttle recommendations on the Alaska Cruise Critic board, or use the search function if it is operational. In the past Celebrity has also offered a half day cruise out of Seward (they have used Major Marine) followed by a motor coach transfer, which at least would "kill" several hours.
  3. Since we live in Alaska I follow and post on the Alaska CC forum, including reading a number of the post cruise reviews. I am not aware of any day room sponsored by Celebrity at the Anchorage airport. Are you flying on Alaska Airlines? If so they have a lounge/club room at the Anchorage airport. If you have a purchased (not milage) first class ticket access is included, and day passes can be purchased. What sort of transfer are you taking from Seward to Anchorage? Several of the private companies do a type of tour (such as stopping at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center). Also consider a one way car rental. The one-way fee will be stunning, but you can easily spend the day stopping at various sites along the highway (ie, going into Girdwood).
  4. While the US Immigration and Customs process in the Vancouver is a smooth operation, you do need to plan to be at the Vancouver airport a little earlier than you would arrive at a US domestic airport. If you have two ship loads of USA cruise ship passengers flying home on disembarkation day there can be lines. The lines move in a smooth process, but there could be lines.
  5. Captain's Club Classic tier level offers 10% discount. Higher tiers have a higher discount. Select tier level receives a 25% discount, Elite receives 30% discount plus 90 free minutes, Elite + receives 35% discount plus 240 free minutes, and Zenith receives unlimited.
  6. Lolou: We have done guarantee suites twice, and both times were assigned to the accessible Sky Suites on decks 8 and 9. The bathrooms have accessible showers (no tubs), and the room is larger than a standard size SS2. Even though one time the stateroom was right beside the elevator, there was absolutely no noise.
  7. I also have been following and enjoying this travel blog. Last September we were on the same itinerary from Vancouver to Yokohama followed by the next cruise around Japan. These were the itineraries impacted by not one, but two typhoons. Much excitement as the 200+ B2B passengers were evacuated off the Millennium and those planning to board were told to stay in their hotel rooms on what would have been embarkation day when Typhoon Trami hit Yokohama. And then the itinerary not the second leg was impacted by Kong-Rei. We had done three trans-Pacific taking the more southernly route through French Polynesia, but this was the first time we did the northern route. We had so much fun we are also booked on the Eclipse in 2020 from Vancouver to Yokohama, and will leave the ship in Singapore. Eagerly anticipating more of Paul's excellent reports.
  8. I am also interested in hearing the rest of the story. But a thank you to both "friendswithdave" and "Guindalf" for their concise but helpful reviews.
  9. We subscribe to the Anchorage Daily News electronic version, so earlier today I read the article referenced by "kennicott." I also hope Allen Marine solves the issues. Interesting that seven of the ten vessels were docked by the US Coast Guard.
  10. I also don't use one, but this is where I have found them too.
  11. We have had them in Sky Suites on S-class ships.
  12. That itinerary will take you into the Gulf of Alaska. The Gulf can be calm or it can be rough, so be prepared just in case.
  13. I suspect the OP knows that the answer will be "no." The only non-passenger guests we have observed on turnaround days the past decade or so have been local tourism officials or local travel agents.
  14. Earlier this evening I skimmed a Constellation roll call -- booked the cruise when it was first released but finally read the roll call. "azalice" -- are you one of the folks who is B2B on the October 1st and October 10th cruises? Hopefully you asked for and received your B2B discount.
  15. We have simply walked from the Sitka National Historical Park (commonly called Totem Pole Park) to the raptor center. Unless you have mobility issues it is an easy walk.
  16. On all Celebrity ships the MDR is open on embarkation day for Concierge Class passengers (embarkation day lunch is a perk for Concierge), B2B passengers and Zenith members of the Captain's Club. Unless you fit into one of those categories the MDR on the Equinox will not be available to you for lunch on embarkation day.
  17. Nice to read that you are willing to try something different. And I actually prefer both Blu and the suite class restaurant Luminae on the M-class ships (like the Constellation) over those on the S-class ships.
  18. For those passengers in Aqua Class staterooms Blu is their MDR for breakfast and dinner. There will not be an assigned table for you in the MDR. If you wish to dine in the MDR for dinner then the seating hostess in Blu can arrange that for you, but there will not be an assigned table for 8 during the second traditional seating in the MDR waiting for you. Most of the tables in Blu are for two. They are close enough that you can converse with those on either side of you if you so desire. Blu does not have traditional dining options (ie, no first and second seating). It is select (or "anytime") dining.
  19. To slightly expand on the answers by "Atwell" and "Doctor G" as someone who has done a number of B2B, B2B2B and periodic B2B2B2B cruises it seems to me that not only port regulations vary, the documentation officer in charge of the turnaround day process may have certain preferences in terms of how to handle the process. For example, at Bayonne several years ago the B2B passengers had to go inside the terminal before immediately returning to the ship (for those who wanted to return). A year later we just stood on an outside deck, went through the process and then immediately walked inside the ship. Didn't have to go to the terminal at all.
  20. In Bar Harbor we love 59 Cottage (located on Cottage Street about half a block or so off the main tourist drag). Great lobster, in addition to a wonderful blueberry sangria (offered seasonally). In Halifax we always stop at the lobster shack in Goldwater Seafood (located in the Seaport Farmer's Market). Wonderful lobster rolls in large and mini sizes with or without sides (two types of fresh salad or locally made chips).
  21. While the 14 day menus are standard across the M- and S-class ships, periodically there seem to be specials on some ships. We found this on the Solstice this summer when several nights on a 7 night sailing there were seafood specials. The printed menus in the menu holders were the standard offerings, but there would be a little card stock "tent" on the dining room table with the special. I had read reports from others but this was the first time we encountered it.
  22. Even though we live in Alaska we periodically do Alaska cruises as this state is so large it gives us an excuse to visit another part. We actually did another one this summer. As someone who spends 60 to 90 nights a year on Celebrity ships we have spent significant amounts of time on both M- and S-class ships. While the layouts are different I have always thought that the food quality and options in the Ocean View Cafe are essentially the same on both types of ships. I also think that the Millennium itinerary is stronger than the Eclipse. But if I lived in Vancouver my decision would depend on whether we wanted to see some of either Southcentral or the Interior of Alaska. For example, would you want to spend some time on the Kenai Peninsula or go to Denali National Park? If not then save the airfare from Anchorage to Vancouver. and take the Eclipse.
  23. victoriamaz: I've just "bumped" a helpful thread to the first page of this forum -- the title is "2019 resources for planning...." You may find it helpful.
  24. Given some recent questions I am sensing that this very helpful thread needs to be moved to the first page of the Alaska forum.
  25. Ketchikan is the closest city to Misty Fjords National Monument. Different vendors offer Misty Fjord flights. Have you looked at the Ketchikan Visitor and Convention website to compare descriptions of the flights to what the individual companies describe? I have no idea what Viator is describing.
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