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  1. No problem...you type faster than me. ☺️
  2. No...the Loyalty OBC (recently changed to non-refundable) is based on how we booked. In our recent experience we received 1 Loyalty OBC and 3 cruise credits for our 28 day booking to get to our current 42 & will get $75 per cabin until we reach 52 credits.
  3. Years ago we had to request the extra credits however the Princess policy is now being automatically added.
  4. We booked our recent 28 day cruise as a single booking which could be booked as 3 individual cruises (7/7/14 days) and we received 3 Loyalty cruise credits.
  5. We’re at 42 credits but have only received one per cabin during our 20 cruises eligible for Loyalty credit. Like you, married couple with same last name & address...hope your lucky streak continues.
  6. Ah yes...Princess being consistently inconsistent. Hopefully that’s a policy change & not merely a lucky mistake for you. 🙂 Did you have 2 separate booking numbers or booked as a single cruise that could be booked as B2B? My past experiences have been that the Loyalty credit has been based on how it’s booked.
  7. Based on my experiences your list is slightly off & in past discussions this has been the cruise credit levels & amounts of OBC. I’ve never understood why the number of cruise credits in the first level is different than the other levels. We began receiving $75 on our 42nd cruise and my wife & I have received the OBC per cabin despite having the same number. It would be good to have the experience of “RT - retired RRF” however that has never happened for us...either a policy change or a lucky mistake. 21 to 31 is $25 32 to 41 is $50 42 to 51 is $75 52+ is $100
  8. On the Sky my wife used her free platinum/elite minutes & I exchanged mine for an unlimited plan and didn’t notice any difference between the speed on the same type of smartphone.
  9. Based on this chart created by steelers36 it wouldn’t be much less onboard ($63.75) in exchange for your free minutes & his chart accurately shows my experiences.
  10. Searching the Princess website I was unable to locate anything for colostomy bags but found some information about dialysis waste disposal & a phone number that might be able to provide a definitive answer to your question. Hopefully they’ll be able to provide you with these things for your colostomy bio waste disposal. ”Environmental Officers can assure that dialysis waste disposal policies are followed, including providing the stateroom with a closed lid waste receptacle lined with a bio-hazardous bag for care of bags or pouches of bio-hazardous waste”. ”Please contact the Fleet Medical Office at (661)753-2680 for your risk acknowledgment form and to receive supply delivery information”. https://www.princess.com/learn/faq_answer/pre_cruise/prepare.jsp
  11. Maybe we’ll see you there on the Pacific Wine Country cruise both of us are sailing. 🍷🍷
  12. I think it’s one of the best Princess dining experiences & go there on every cruise we have on a Royal-class ship. It’s only available on this class of ship in the Wine Cellars in those dining rooms. Like the Chef’s Table participation is limited so we immediately call the DINE line to request it which has worked every time for us. Here’s the menu from our Sky cruise in November which is the one we’ve had each time although the name has changed due to a change in wine. My only disappointment is that it’s not available on all Princess ships. The CT was very successful in the dining room before the Lumiere ring of lights setting & think the WD would be successful on other ships in the dining room. For $11 more than the Crown Grill it’s also a good deal for a better meal, great service & unlimited wine.
  13. As Lew wrote, most side facing balconies are as he described & are about 20% smaller (9’x4’) than standard balconies on the various types of Grand-class ships. Forward & aft facing balconies, midship balconies and side facing cabins fore & aft on Dolphin deck (Majestic/Sky) are where most of the larger balconies are located. Check deck plans for specific locations & here’s a 360° panoramic view of the Royal-class standard balconies that was posted on Cruise Critic. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/regal-princess-679/balcony-cabin-100478/balcony-cabin--v24189/
  14. There should be a card in your cabin which you’ll show when entering your dining room on the first night only.
  15. hllwdcruiser...about your question if refunds are automatically made, I checked my recent final stateroom account which states “Please visit Guest Services Desk to collect any refundable credit balance under $25.00 prior to disembarking. Any larger refundable credit balance will be forwarded to you by mail within 4-6 weeks”. I check there a couple of days before disembarking when it’s not busy to confirm that everything is properly set up to receive a refund check which we’ve always received.
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