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  1. At the top of their homepage is an Update link that provides current policies including an answer for your question. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/temporary-cancellation-policy.html Cruises sailing August 1, 2020 through October 15, 2020 If you’ve booked by April 30, 2020 on these cruises, you can now cancel your vacation up to 30 days before sailing. You will continue to receive a Future Cruise Credit for the amount of your cancellation fee.
  2. Or passengers like me who will cancel a previously booked cruise unless having our FCC by final payment because I won’t pay for that cruise without our FCC & would cancel our cruise.
  3. Another issue that complicates calculating FCC & refund amounts is passengers who canceled before the 2 options were available on 3/12 which includes my wife & me. After the cruise industry’s trade group (CLIA) recommended requiring a doctor’s note for those 70+ to take a cruise we canceled 2 cruises on 3/11. Without going into all of the details, our FCC & refund will be more difficult to calculate. So while it’s understandable that it could take up to 60 days (14 days when canceled, then 30, now 60 & it could be longer) our final payment for the Sapphire’s Round Australia 30 day cruise in September is 60 days away. That’s 4 months in advance & Princess currently only has 60 day final payment dates for cruises until 7/31. Hopefully that 60 day final payment date is extended before ours is due on 5/22 because we might not have our FCC to use at that time. If our combined $4,500 FCC isn’t available before final payment we don’t want to pay the full amount of the cruise. Currently our cruise can be canceled up to 30 days in advance for FCC but we don’t need any more FCC. Thus without our FCC or making final payment closer to sailing we would likely cancel our dream cruise. Certainly not what we want to do & hopefully we’ll have our FCC before final payment to keep our reservation. 🙂
  4. Based on their current FAQs available from the link at the top of their website PVP appears to be refundable as a FCC but don’t have any personal experience. Are PVP premiums refundable? Yes. For any bookings cancelled based on the existing guidelines, PVP premiums can be converted to a new FCC and be used towards the cruise fare of a new booking.
  5. Based on the Princess statement it can take up to 30 business days to fully process our requests. We canceled our B2B early May cruises late afternoon on 3/11 the day before the 2 options were announced so our situation is more complicated. I calculated that our chargecard credit amount we immediately received on 3/11 was for our first cruise: 50% refundable cruise fare & TF&PE. We have not received anything yet for our 2nd cruise’s refundable costs (air & TF&PE). For cruise 1 they’ll need to recharge our 50% refundable cruise fare but don’t know whether they’ll use some of our refundable costs from cruise 2 for the first cruise’s fare which is more than enough to pay that amount. Neither of our FCDs have been returned to our Captain’s Circle account yet. Our situation canceling on 3/11 & on 3/12 requesting Option 1 is more complicated & we prefer accuracy over expediency. In late February we booked a bucket list around Australia for September on the redeployed Sapphire. That final payment is 2 months away so we should have sufficient time to get our 150% FCC. Hope everything goes smoothly for you. 🙂
  6. Our Flexible EZair flight was canceled more than 45 days in advance & their terms state it will be refunded to me. “Cancel flexible airfare up to 45 days prior to departure with no fees”.
  7. We canceled on Wednesday & received a chargecard credit to our account on the same day for our refundable costs. Trying to figure out how they calculated that amount because it’s different than on their cancelation notice. Our FCC isn’t in our Captain’s Circle account which is understandable because they stated it could take up to 30 business days for it to be processed. I’m patiently waiting because they’re overloaded with these cancelation orders & expect that eventually the numbers will balance. It was a pleasant surprise that any refund was issued so quickly. 🙂
  8. My EZair flight was on 5/16 and on 3/11 my TA canceled our cruise that included that flight. She forwarded the EZair cancelation confirmation to me & my cruise was removed from my Cruise Personalizer. Yesterday (3/12) she received our confirmation for our refund request for the Option 1 benefit which like you we have received. If you have a similar experience as me you would eventually see your cruise removed from your Cruise Personalizer which would include your flight after Princess processes your refund choice for your canceled cruise. My flight was on Air Canada & I immediately received a notification on their app that my flight was canceled & you could go to your airline's website to see the status of your flight...hopefully it was canceled.
  9. This document my TA shared with me shows that PVP will be refunded for canceled cruises like other costs & apparently whichever option you choose the PVP is being refunded for canceled cruises so they’re automatically removing it. If my client takes the Future Cruise Credit, is anything refunded to them? Payments for Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses, Princess Vacation Protection (US and Canada only) and items purchased pre-cruise separate to the cruise fare - such as shore excursions - will be refunded back to the credit card used to make the purchase. Voluntary 60-day Pause of Global Cruise Operations Memo and QA_TA.pdf
  10. You’re welcome...hopefully things work out for you.
  11. We had tips & $1600 of OBC (some such as military, shareholder, loyalty are on each cruise so not truly lost) which in this document my TA shared with me states amenities are lost along with answering many other FAQs in the PDF attached here. What if my client had onboard amenities as part of a promotion? Are they included on their Future Cruise Credit? Promotional items, such as onboard credit or Wi-Fi that were included in the cruise fare will be forfeited and are not transferable to a future sailing. Voluntary 60-day Pause of Global Cruise Operations Memo and QA_TA.pdf
  12. Maybe like our early May cruises being canceled yesterday after we canceled them, Princess will offer a similar compensation option for you...let them keep your cruise fare as a FCC to receive an additional 50% FCC or to keep your refund & receive a 25% FCC. For passengers affected by the 60 day cancelations & who have received a refund then Princess would charge the cruise fare & provide 150% of that amount as a FCC valid until May 2022. My client already cancelled one of the affected cruises. Can I switch them to the higher value Future Cruise Credit? Yes, if your client cancelled one of the affected cruises between Feb 4 and Mar 11, 2020 and was already inside Final Payment, they are eligible to receive Option 1 in the table above. To receive this updated offer, they will need to pay us the original cruise or cruisetour fare on their booking first, so you or your client should contact our customer relations team. Owing to anticipated high call volumes, we ask you to defer until March 18“. That was my situation & maybe you’ll eventually be eligible for a similar offer...my TA submitted our request yesterday & she forwarded us the Princess confirmation for our Option 1 request. https://static.cdn.responsys.net/i2/responsysimages/content/princessus/Voluntary 60-day Pause of Global Cruise Operations Memo and QA_TA.pdf?cid=brand_email_info_internal_announcement_agentnews_se0ms053_200312_&eccn=&rrid=00131270&mi_u=00131270
  13. We canceled our early May cruises on 3/11 a day before the 60 day shutdown was announced which included our cruises. Yesterday (3/12) my TA processed our request for Option 1 (keep our cruise fare & receive an extra 50% of FCC) which was accepted by Princess for our cruises canceled the day before our cruise. That FCC could take up to 30 business days so we won’t see it in our Captain’s Circle account for awhile to confirm everything is done correctly. I’d expect all cruise lines affected by the Canadian port shutdown to eventually offer similar compensation offers. Each of us have our own level of comfort when deciding whether to cancel or not.
  14. In some situations the US has waived the PVSA foreign port requirement on a case by case basis. Recently they waived that requirement for the Grand to not stop in Ensenada at the end of it’s Hawaii cruise r/t SF. Many years ago returning from Hawaii (r/t LA) our ship technically met that requirement for an Ensenada stop. The ship slowed down offshore for a Mexican gunboat to arrive with authorities to meet the PVSA’s foreign port requirement. Both of these could be possibilities for Seattle r/t Alaska cruises but there’s no way to know if the PVSA waivers would be granted or even if Alaskan ports will be open at that time.
  15. When is the cruise you’re wanting to reserve? If it’s long before final payment you might be able to put a deposit on it & when you’re FCC is available use it then. I was happy to see if we book a cruise & later cancel it that we won’t lose our FCC. Will my client lose their FCC if they cancel their new booking? The Future Cruise Credit will remain attached to their profile until it expires. If they cancel a booking where they used an FCC, it goes back to their profile and they can re-use it before May 1, 2022.
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