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  1. I’ve had the same experience for our B2B cruises on the Majestic a year from now...all Deluxe Balcony & Minisuites are Guarantees only but Interior & Balcony cabins are available to reserve a cabin. For our B2B cruises on the Discovery in Spring 2022 we were able to book Deluxe Balcony cabins but it’s uncertain if the ship will arrive in LA for those cruises. It’s only a guess but cabins with couches could be more desirable now. We booked Deluxe Balcony cabins for that reason because we might spend more time in our cabin & to get more room service delivery. My experiences for the past several years have been that standard Balcony & Interior cabins now only have a desk chair. During the pandemic that’s why a Deluxe Balcony cabin is now our preferred type of cabin & if many others feel similarly maybe due to the popularity of DB & MS cabins they’re all Guarantees on our Majestic cruises...and on your Royal cruise. That will be our first Guarantee experience & will deal with any DB cabin we’re assigned because only Guarantees are currently available.
  2. In a recent webinar their VP of sales only said they’d be providing updates “soon” but no clue about when. We’re hoping the Discovery gets to it’s LA homeport in Spring 2022 when we have B2B 7-day cruises booked. 🤞🤞
  3. Checking the deck plans E433 is one cabin forward on the opposite side of the ship so the view should be similar & the balcony is slightly larger than E436. E433 from Renmar’s webpage: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/ov.php?ship=Sky-Princess&cabins=E401-E445
  4. We had a BW (Balcony Obstructed) cabin E436 on the Royal & there was no obstruction looking outward but the open Promenade deck looking down & lifeboats looking aft. We have DW (Deluxe Balcony Obstructed) cabins booked in E405 on future cruises. Great lower deck midship locations which helps my wife’s motion sickness tendencies. A slightly larger balcony is another benefit & we like the Deluxe cabin’s loveseat couch to have more than a desk chair in the standard balcony cabins. A couple of views from E436:
  5. Here’s the link to the webpage containing more details than the email. I like their new muster procedure...watch the video & visit the location sometime during embarkation. The OceanMedallion will know you’ve been there which meets their requirement. https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/?cid=brand_email_promo_internal_announcement_info_pf0ms171a_201007_cruisehealth_VSST2IVP4CXAQUDLDNWJVNXN54&eccn=VSST2IVP4CXAQUDLDNWJVNXN54&rrid=175884308B&mi_u=175884308B
  6. Mine was issued on 8/30/11 and expire on 12/31/99. On Monday booked 2 cruises in October 2021 and 2 in March 2022 & all of them have the veteran’s OBC in my confirmations. Thanks for the alert to check & will periodically check to see if they disappear & would simply resubmit my DD-214.
  7. Renee...when booking flights to return to our Maui home 3 months in advance as you know the 3 implementation dates to avoid a 2 week quarantine with a negative test have been missed since 8/1. Now that the 10/1 date has been extended to 10/15, we’ll be quarantined when returning in early October. Hawaii has had 3 months to set up a procedure to avoid being quarantined & there are still unanswered questions about the procedure. I agree with you that based on their actions chances are good that they’ll miss the 10/15 date. Even when cruise ships are allowed to return to Hawaii & likely require ship tours only, the current 2 week quarantine would apply for arrivals. And ships arriving from the West Coast wouldn’t have passengers eligible to waive quarantine because a negative test must be done within 72 hours of arrival. I don’t think ships would test every passenger using an Hawaii approved test & thus no one could get off the ship. The only cruise that might be an option is on NCL sailing solely within Hawaii for passengers who have a negative test when arriving by air. Hopefully those booked to Hawaii won’t be disappointed but don’t think the state will allow cruise ships for a long time. We miss cruising often but do not have any booked until we feel that it’s safe & resembles the previous great experience. The improved sanitation procedures are good but for us a greatly diminished cruise experience will keep us from sailing any time soon. Even when vaccinations are available with so many companies competing to be the first one would wait until they’re proven safe & effective. But that’s a very personal decision that each of us makes & for now just hope to be able to fly back to Maui soon...even with a 2 week quarantine in our house.
  8. Hawaii’s Pre-Travel Testing Program to Start Oct. 15 https://mauinow.com/2020/09/16/breaking-hawaiis-pre-travel-testing-program-to-start-oct-15/ After 3 missed implementation dates don’t have much confidence in the new date.
  9. We’ve had similar experiences on Royal-Class ships & sometimes decided an obstructed view balcony cabin was worthwhile for us even if slightly more than an interior. We particularly enjoyed the midship obstructed view balconies where the only obstruction was looking down on the open Promenade deck (2nd photo) but no obstruction looking out. Those cabins in the bumped out midship area also have larger balconies than the standard 9’x4’ balconies. Some are concerned about people on the Lido deck Skywalk being able to look down on their balconies however that wasn’t a concern for us on the lower Emerald deck (8). The last photo shows the lifeboat obstructions for Emerald deck obstructed view balconies.
  10. Beginning with post #12 there are photos showing the sideways cabin configuration: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2075521-better-sideway-inside-on-the-regal/?tab=comments#comment-44136655
  11. Last November we enjoyed 28-days in an interior cabin (C411) on the Sky which is the same class as the Regal. It’s a sideways cabin (parallel to the hallway) midship on a lower deck for more stability. We never heard any sounds & preferred the sideways configuration to the standard configuration perpendicular to the hallway. One word of caution...do not get a quad occupancy cabin where even the closed upper bunks can result in bumping your head. This photo is of the cabin next to our twin occupancy cabin.
  12. She claims to have paid for the drink package but that is included with the Sip n’ Sail promotion. Glad that Elliott didn’t contest her frivolous claim nor did Princess waive their rules as a result of her threats to not sail with them again & to wage a campaign to have others avoid them...good riddance.
  13. Deleted repeated post...CC had a snafu not showing my post. 😟
  14. Even by clicking on the link from the Princess webpage for both Live presentations it goes to a YouTube “Private Message“ page requiring a sign-in to view it. https://www.princess.com/cruise-tips-vacation-ideas/princess-connects-live/ How bizarre...it’s either another snafu or is an effort to hide their poorly created Live. 😳 Captain Tuvo’s voice was often garbled or badly out of synch with his lips. He was in the Sky’s Piazza where MarineTraffic shows the ship anchored off Cypress so that’s more understandable to me. The only clear audio & video was from California of Jan Swartz & Amy Tuvo. Both audio & video from CD Gamble located in St Louis were poor & this was no better than the 1st time. Although that was better than Capt Stubbing (Gavin MacLeod) with not one legible word heard...an embarrassing way to treat their longtime spokesperson. 😟
  15. Thanks...last night when clicking on the link was unable to view the free access to Theo’s helpful information but today it worked. 👍
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