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  1. We experienced the same types of delivery problems & by calling their Navigator line several times we eventually had our Medallions delivered to our home before the cruise. 1-844-525-0942 There are still glitches in the OceanReady system including saying that everything is completed & the next time it’s incomplete. Our passports were accepted through OceanReady but at the cruise terminal they had to input it again. For our late April cruises the OceanReady process had several glitches but thankfully once onboard every MedallionClass function we used worked properly.
  2. Renmar has a website of photos for the Royal-Class obstructed view balconies on Emerald deck. https://sites.google.com/site/royalregalprincess/home/8-emerald
  3. I found this photo of the aft end of the Royal Princess which includes cabin numbers & R735 has an uncovered balcony. We recently returned from a Mexican Riviera & a Coastal cruise on the Royal Princess. Most passengers followed the clothing recommendations which on smart casual nights allows wearing well kept jeans. But I also saw passengers in athletic gear or in shorts & tees being allowed in the dining room. My wife thought that most men on formal nights wore a coat & tie or a dress shirt. How passengers dress is one of the hot button topics on CC & it can get confrontational. Enforcement can vary based on the staff so it’s impossible to know what you’ll experience. Another factor is that since Princess has made early dining at about 5:00 that reduces available time in port & some may go directly to the dining room. My suggestion is to do whatever you feel comfortable wearing...dress to the nines or more casually. I think that many cruise lines are moving towards more casual dress recommendations unlike those years ago.
  4. Ours was E436 but viewed friends DW (D409) which we’ve booked on a future cruise. Another friend was in a minisuite (C409) which had a good forward view but not much wind protection. Deck plans show your E409 is wind protected like our future D409 cabin. Another person was in E424 (opposite side from E425) which was also good.
  5. It was E436 on the Royal & here are a few views: up, exterior, aft & down...as far as I know it’s the same on the Regal but haven’t looked closely at the Sky because we’re in an interior cabin.
  6. We recently had an obstructed view midship standard balcony cabin on the Royal which was good to have a larger balcony. There was no obstruction looking out but when looking down could see the open Promenade deck which worked for us. We’ve booked another obstructed view cabin in a Deluxe Balcony in the same bumped out midship section with not only a loveseat couch but an even larger wind protected balcony.
  7. On our recent 7-day cruise on the Royal Princess they happily sold us a 7 bottle Gold package (Silver has been eliminated because there are few bottles that are under the $31 limit).
  8. That’s the option we’ve used & some people will take a taxi or Uber in the morning & return by The Bus. With 2 days in Honolulu cenmn18 has plenty of time so I’d take The Bus which is a good option to explore Oahu without driving. http://www.pearlharborhistoricsites.org/ Here is the current estimate about the USS Arizona Memorial’s reopening & as stated the Visitors Center is open & tenders take people to see the Memorial. As I recall it’s been closed a year for repairs & estimated opening dates have been delayed several times. Repairs are projected to be complete by fall 2019 and in time for the next December 7 remembrance, provided no issues arise during the construction period. https://www.nps.gov/valr/faqs.htm
  9. You’re welcome & hope you can sail on the Coral.
  10. If I correctly understand your desire to return from a different city, I first had to change the return flight to a later date to be able to see other return cities that were available. It’s been my experience that to see flights to other airports (arrival or departure), I first had to change the date to see other airport options.
  11. Princess has already figured out how to handle turnaround days for in-transit passengers. We recently had B2B cruises on the Royal which is Medallion class & these were our experiences in LA. Each 7 day cruise had a different reservation number which when completing the required OceanReady app information both reservations were combined as a 14 day cruise for the Medallion. Family on our cruise who ordered their OceanMedallions in advance for home delivery but they weren’t delivered had their OceanReady boarding pass & received their Medallions during check-in. That was a slower process than those of us who had received the Medallions in advance but not much slower than when having cruise cards issued on previous cruises. Although you apparently don’t want to complete the OceanReady process (app or on the Ocean.com website) so don’t know how that would affect your embarkation process. Since one Medallion covered all B2B cruises the turnaround day was easy. In-transit passengers remaining in the cruise terminal met in the Princess Theater (0945), were escorted off the ship, showed passports to immigration, went through security scanning & waited in the terminal’s in-transit seating area until the ship was cleared for boarding. For passengers who wanted to leave the terminal the process was slightly different but they still used the same Medallion. I’d think this process is standard for US ports but in my experience it has been different outside of the US where getting off the ship wasn’t always required while in-transit. They’ll give you in-transit instructions, cards & FAQs for turnaround day which was very easy using the same Medallion for all B2B cruises.
  12. Some photos of options posted on a Cruise Critic Princess forum thread...bracelets are $60 & $65.
  13. Here’s what the MedallionNet webpage currently states: MedallionNet is currently available on: Caribbean Princess®, Coral Princess®, Regal Princess®, Ruby Princess® and Royal Princess® ships. Coming soon throughout 2019: Island Princess® by May 15, Crown Princess® by July 12, Emerald Princess® by August 3, Sky Princess® by October 27, Golden Princess® by December 20 and Enchanted Princess® by June 19, 2020. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/ocean-medallion/medallionnet/
  14. Initially there was an app but it’s now accessed onboard using your web browser on non MedallionClass cruises; on MC cruises it’s been renamed OceanConcierge & accessed the same way. In addition to using the OceanReady app to prepare for a cruise you can also go to the Ocean.com website.
  15. I recently completed a MedallionClass cruise on the Royal Princess & found their webpage helpful for planning including links to download the apps. https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/ocean-medallion/ I only used OceanCompass (onboard navigation & chat) and OceanNow (drink & limited food ordering) on the ship. The OceanReady app was used to prepare for the cruise & to order an OceanMedallion (about 6-8 weeks in advance). Princess@Sea was replaced by OceanConcierge (neither are apps & are accessed through your web browser using the free onboard intranet) to do things such as checking your onboard account. With so many Oceans to learn about it was confusing before boarding the ship but was fairly simple to understand onboard. They had several Navigators to assist passengers with any questions or problems. It was intimidating for me to learn about MedallionClass but eventually figured it out. 😉
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