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  1. There are no premium channels such as HBO.
  2. Thanks...first post I’ve read confirming the round OM fits in the rectangular opening. 👍 😊
  3. We haven’t received an emailed notification for our 4/27 & 5/4 cruises on the Royal & became aware they were available on the roll call & had been added to OceanReady. Signing in last Friday all OM were for port pickup but learned today that was a technical glitch. Cancelled my original order & ordered it again...scheduled deliver of about 4/13 and one OM for each of us for our B2B cruises.
  4. Correct but it’s good information to know about the current conditions when in ports or during pre or post cruise travel. Today I received a STEP email because the Spain the travel advisory increased to Level 2 and to “exercise increased caution in Spain due to terrorism”. I always exercise caution however the warning is specific to areas frequented by tourists & it appears they have some intelligence about plots for attacks to issue this warning. It’s extremely rare to receive such emails from them so however I’m traveling will be even more vigilant.
  5. Here’s the new Princess wine menu which they state is fleetwide: https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/ships-and-experience/food-and-dining/beverages/Wine-Menu.pdf The most recent Vines list I’ve seen was from October 2018 on the Caribbean which could be outdated as the new wines are implemented.
  6. We’ve gone there when family visit us in Maui because they offer discounts unlike the popular OLL or Feast at Lele. Even though we prefer those options we thought the Drums of the Pacific was a good hotel luau. There’s typical buffet luau food, drink (enjoyed the Kona Brewing beer on tap) and Polynesian entertainment. As I recall going to the buffet is based on the type of seats purchased which may be the least expensive ones for a ship’s tour...there’s no shortage of food. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to the Drums of the Pacific luau & being on a ship’s tour any traffic delays should mean that you won’t miss the ship.
  7. We’ve enjoyed the roundtrip LA cruise to Hawaii several times. We like sea days & island hopping for the day. Their Aloha Spirit program provided enough activities to provide a Hawaiian-style cruise experience. https://www.princess.com/learn/cruise-destinations/hawaii-cruises/things-to-do/ If onboard the ship during the evening before the 11:00 PM sailaway would recommend seeing the keikis (children) Hula performance with adult musicians & singers in the Princess Theater. The Halau Hula Olana Folkloric Show — a Princess guest favorite
  8. Thanks Keith...whatever policy we experience we’ll be happy to again be on a cruise. And having my 20 beers for our 14 days will enhance my enjoyment. 🍺 The free filtered coffee made from ground coffee on the Royal-Class ships in the buffet & dining rooms is good for my tastebuds. ☕
  9. That’s surprising...would think both elites in a cabin would get one coffee program but obviously not for you. Next month we’ll learn about how the Royal manages the elite exchange for the 2 coffee programs...do you have any experiences when making the swap during the first of B2B 7-day cruises? Ours can only be booked as 2 cruises which are linked together in the same cabin. Our OceanReady Pass shows both confirmation numbers but is listed as a 14-day cruise. I’ve read posts that in our situation the coffee program would be valid on both cruises but others who have said no. Unfortunately this appears to be another example of Princess being consistently inconsistent & lacking any standardization. The coffee program being electronically linked to our onboard account was implemented over 9 months ago & they need a clearly stated policy that’s followed on all ships. As you know calling Princess could provide one answer & onboard staff a completely different answer...it shouldn’t be that way.
  10. As shown in the list in post #11, it’s always been those amounts for me...8 mini bottles of alcohol and 2 beers. We swap the alcohol for beer to have 10 beers & the non-alcoholic drinks for 10 Diet Cokes.
  11. How long before your cruise were they shipped & then received?
  12. Yesterday we were finally able to access the OceanReady app to input everything necessary for our cruise that’s 6 weeks from today (4/27). Those on the roll call were told in the OceanMedallion confirmation that we’d get it at the Port of LA for the Royal Princess because it was too close to departure. I’ve read posts that they’re shipped from Singapore & haven’t discovered any relationship between where passengers live in the USA & Canada. LunaL...our cruise is 2 weeks after you & we’re being told to pick up the OM at the port. Although during this transition no one truly knows when we’ll receive them because some have been told by Princess that being delivered to our homes is a possibility despite the confirmation stating otherwise.
  13. You’re correct...the Ruby is en route from Ensenada & arrives in San Pedro on 3/17. Rechecked the port’s schedule & that was the Norwegian Star at B93 today.
  14. USS Iowa...USS Missouri is in Pearl Harbor. 😉
  15. I once accidentally had wine in our checked bags & it worked out okay. We flew to Vancouver on sailing day & thus added our Princess luggage tags and both bags had a bottle of wine in them. Even though we didn’t have a Princess transfer our bags were delivered to the ship. We intended to remove them to carryon but that wasn’t possible. One bag with a bottle of wine was delivered to our cabin; the other bag went to the naughty room for me to unlock it for security to see the contents of the bottle. They were searching for booze & the only comment was nice bottle of wine. Even though we’re supposed to carry wine onboard, ours was not disposed of and haven’t read about anyone having wine destroyed. I have read about others who like me were directed to the naughty room to show that it’s wine & to show our 2 free bottles or to pay corkage. In your situation I don’t think you’d lose your wine but might need to go to the naughty room.
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