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  1. On one of my Royal Caribbean cruises there was a five minute presentation over the start of dinner the last night to please give straight tens or the kind staff members would be punished. Those were not the exact words but they're very near.
  2. I have wished I had canceled a cruise based on poor reviews, or even better wish I'd never booked in the first place.
  3. I never would have thought of food as "the" way to make your cruise or at least not in the way of seeing the more food I could consume as being emblematic of getting the worth out of my fare. I think I could eat pretty fine for less than a cruise costs. My idea of getting the worth out of the fare on my first cruise was more along the lines of trying to squeeze in as many activities as possible. Not at all sad I did that my first cruise because it let me sample many different things and ultimately discover the things I enjoy about cruising. Wow was it exhausting, though.
  4. Wow. You feeling guilty about something you need to get off your chest, Homosassa? That is a lot of accusation with absolutely no support. For all we know maybe they just forgot to feed the drug sniffing dog that morning so he hit on everything to get fed his treats. With the Steward reporting they've been doing this at that port on that ship and so many searched on that cruise it is much more likely they just have historically found a lot of folks bringing something back. A lot of people have been reading about the potential medical use of a certain weed maybe they've had a lot of folks in the past trying to bring some back to try out. The dog could have easily hit on traces a previous resident of that cabin left. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We got hit on by the dog that sniffs to make sure people don't bring plants and food into the country improperly for a tin of East India Tea Company Earl Grey when we came back from Edinburgh. The dog isn't trained to think out anything such as how old the scent is or that some plants are allowed, just point out he smells something. They checked the bag, saw the tin, and sent us on our merry way so that wasn't nearly as trying as Trickie Dickie's morning rousting but it just goes to show the dogs are just there to indicate. After that it is up to people to figure out whats what.
  5. Just got really lucky and snagged a great deal on one of those two story suites on the American Duchess. We wished the Owner's Suites had two bathrooms, but are quite excited to enjoy the suite we did pick. The travel agent has warned us we'll just be able to glimpse over the levees a bit for some ways up from New Orleans so we're prepared for that. Our booking includes drinks up to $12 I think as a perk of booking early. Hope there are some nice wines and cocktails to be had for that $12. Anyone know what the house red and white wines are? How is the soft drinks and juices selection? Some of our party are rooting for a Sauvignon blanc for the white wine, another wants orange AND grape juice (Gracious!), and no one wants to admit to the guilty pleasure of a soft drink on a hot afternoon! Don't suppose there is any chance they might have the new Coke Zero Vanilla Orange? I may not have understood correctly but I think the "included" shore excursions is just a bus that runs a loop to certain tourist spots in the area and you can jump off at any one? Just guessing but I figure there very well may be some small expense at whichever stop we pick? Not a problem just want to be prepared. Well I think I have run out of questions for now hopefully someone will lend a hand with more questions and some answers soon! :)
  6. Thanks, euro cruiser and cruisemom42. My MIL and her travel group have since rebooked a tour with romebylimo. Never could get full information on this specialty tour offered by Regents.
  7. I had thought that. The tour company I'm seeing recommended provides links and instructs you what tickets to book in advance in order to maximize your time including providing information on what time to book your Vatican ticket and what Colosseum ticket to buy depending on your desires so I think they're up to speed on what is involved. Or at least they certainly sound more organized than the tour through the cruise line. I posted here first because a previous post for information on this particular tour on the Regents forum met with people telling them to post here for more information. I think the correct answer is probably this isn't a terrifically popular tour with informed CC members so information here is scant probably. I did wonder about the return train as well. Though I guess they might train you in to save time then bus you back with the rest of the description so confusing who really knows? Maybe they just expect you to find your own way back.
  8. Walking around the ground floor will be fine. The upstairs would depend upon the stairs in question. I hope it may be possible to skip the upstairs but I'm sure the concierge would know. Thank you for the information regarding the levees, Darrell6t. I have been reading the excursion descriptions but asked because I thought someone may have insight into which is especially enjoyable. Looks like we're going to be booking on the AQSC as it appears they will allow us to share a two bathroom loft suite.
  9. Can anyone fill me in on the Classical Rome Private Railcar tour offered by Regents Seven Seas? I have read the description and if I don't misunderstand we take the Roma Express from Civitavecchia to Rome where we board a coach bus. For some reason it takes you on a drive up to Colle Oppio and the Church of St Peter in Chains before The Colosseum and St Peter's. What we are specifically looking to see in Rome is the Sistine Chapel and entering the Colosseum. If I read it correctly the Classical Rome by Private Railcar tour does not include the Sistine Chapel at all. A drive up to see the view from Colle Oppio after would be fine. I'm thinking considering there are three of us being asked to pay approximately $300 each for this tour we'd be better served with a Rome in Limo tour as for some reason this tour has us going to these later in the day when I expect them to be more crowded according to the description. Can anyone with experience fill us in? Warning: Long description of the Classical Rome by Private Railcar: CLASSICAL ROME BY PRIVATE RAILCAR An exclusive and luxurious mode of transportation, the speedy Roma Express takes you in style through the marvelous countryside to Rome. Upon arrival, you will board a comfortable coach for a superb introduction to the city's major attractions. See Colle Oppio, a hill overlooking the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, and continue on to The Church of St. Peter in Chains, believed to contain the saint's prison chains. Inside you can admire Michelangelo's statue of Moses holding the Ten Commandments. Another must-see is the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater ever built in Rome. It was originally called the Flavian Amphitheater to honor the Royal Family Flavia, who built it. Construction started under the Emperor Vespasian in 72 A.D. and was finished during the reign of the Emperor Titus. Enter the site where Romans enjoyed spectacular shows of gladiatorial combats, fights with wild beasts and bloody games. The amphitheater once held as many as 50,000 people, who would watch the gruesome games. The tour continues in the Roman Forum, the religious, political and commercial centre of ancient Rome. Walk through the Sacred Way, along which victorious generals marched in triumph to the Curia. Also, see the altar where the body of Julius Caesar was cremated and from which Marc Anthony made his famous speech. Navona Square, one of Rome's most famous and centrally located, offers a perfect setting for lunch on your own. Afterwards, it's on to St. Peter's Square and St. Peter's Basilica, begun in 1452 on the site where St. Peter was buried. Throughout the following 200 years, such masters as Michelangelo, Raphael and Bernini worked on its design and created an unparalleled masterpiece. Admire the astonishing beauty of Michelangelo's most famous sculpture, the marble Pietà, and the marvelous bronze canopy over the high altar by Bernini. Please note: In the event that St. Peter's Basilica is closed due to religious celebrations, guides will give commentary from outside. Guests will be required to wear suitable attire covering the knees and shoulders for the visit inside the Basilica. No shorts, sleeveless tops or other revealing clothing will be permitted. Cancellations made within 7 days of the tour's operating date will be under 100% penalty.
  10. Curious how did you like your cruise on the American Duchess as we are entertaining possibly sailing on her?
  11. Interested in booking a Mississippi river cruise with a specific interest in seeing antebellum homes. Would be especially helpful if there were tours which were on the mild side as to how much walking is involved as one of our party is a bit less mobile. I'm not sure how to put a definition on the limits except to say a short stroll to the Alamo where we enjoyed about an hour and twenty minute tour before walking back to our hotel was fine but about her limit for the day. Have not previously done a river cruise but have done a number of ocean cruises. I have read somewhat about the inherent differences so we are going into this expecting things to be a bit different. Wondering if American Cruise Lines Lower Mississippi cruise would roughly fit the bill or should we look at other lines or other cruises?
  12. Yes, I realize this is not the MSC Seaside. That ship is in the exact position the Seaside was in when we docked at Ocho Rios back in February.
  13. I know they have allowed cruisers with an allergy to shellfish to book the Asian restaurant twice. I don't know if anyone has booked the steakhouse twice, but I think you could just ask when booking your trio. Please let us know how it turns out.
  14. I've tried to fill in answers in BOLD below. Hope the information I had helps and you have a cruise as wonderful as ours aboard Seaside, Stephen. We had an excellent experience and found it very relaxing.
  15. Yeah the lack of clarity can be frustrating. They do seem to be trying very hard to improve upon that, however. For instance earlier cruisers on Seaside said they received no instruction how to activate their pre-purchased internet. When we boarded they had two screens over Guest Services which were cycling through various information including how to initially sign on and how to also turn off data when you didn't want to use it. Also although earlier cruisers said ability to use your drink plan or drink vouchers at Venchi for Gelato was dependent on the server by our cruise they had it built into the system. The servers just entered the information for the charge, then when they scanned your card or voucher it would show a $0.00 charge to the cabin. I think probably as time passes they'll get everything clarified similarly. We were very happy to only really have this one issue.
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