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  1. I was supposed to be just coming back from a river cruise. The way I feel is I don't mind it being canceled for a good cause, but I do miss having the vacation. I try to space my travels out so I get a bit of down time here and there throughout the year. Yes I can do a staycation and probably will eventually. I do hope we're able to travel and cruise again by April or May of next year, though. I think I will have completely had enough of my own four walls by then.
  2. The Spanish flu didn't have two peaks everywhere. Some states opened up quickly and had a second wave, other areas didn't. Still don't know how long this will take though. I should be just off a cruise right now. Fingers crossed for the cruise we have booked for October, but I figure at best it is a 50/50 chance.
  3. Yes we are rebooking. Just waiting on the email from my TA to tell me which Memphis to New Orleans lower Mississippi cruise she has been able to rebook for us. Glad you had a great time!
  4. I hope you won't mind if I ask some questions. How is it if I open my door to my balcony and leave it open keeping my cabin door shut the entire time this affects the temperature in all the rooms around me if some of the air isn't coming from / going to other rooms? And what keeps the air in my cabin when the door is opened? Wouldn't some air then get out into the hallway? Given what I know of air systems designed for hospital quarantine the answer is there is going to be some intermingling of air, surely? Definitely when the door is open and probably even when the door is closed there will be a little through the cracks. Not enough to be mentioned perhaps as it normally wouldn't matter on a ship, but still more than enough to potentially spread germs.
  5. I'm seeing some reports Mexico is thinking of banning US citizens flying into the country for thirty days. This reminds me. Anyone know what ended up happening with the lawyer and his wife who refused to evacuate that Princess ship off Japan when the government took the rest of the US citizens? Last I saw he got off with the rest of the passengers when the quarantine on the ship ended. Wondering did they let him back into the US?
  6. American Airlines just announced they'll let people change their flights just for asking due to the virus concern. Just thought I would put that out there in case being able to reschedule flights helped someone decide. We are scheduled to leave on a river cruise in the US on the 23rd. As of yesterday the only thing they're offering is we can reschedule but only once. We originally booked during a sale which gave us grats and drink plan included, which would be lost if we rebook. The only option for rescheduling our exact cruise is the first week of September. We picked this time because it will be cooler and this cruise because we wanted to see specific things offered only on this itinerary. They said we can reschedule up to 72 hours before so we haven't finalized plans yet. My husband thinks we should go for the following reasons: We will be in contact with less people on the cruise than we are on the daily at home because of our jobs. It is probably going to get worse before it gets better and with all this quarantine and blocking flights September may well be worse than it is now. We are healthy people not in any of high risk groups We're fully vaccinated. While there is no vaccine for this, it should make us less vulnerable to secondary infections Someone has mentioned to me maybe we're awful for so cavalierly going on a cruise to spread disease. I have to admit they have a point. Husband thinks anyone else going on a cruise now surely has made their own risk assessment and included the possibility we or any other passengers on the cruise with them may be carriers at the time of boarding. Personally I think if anyone gets diagnosed with it within 100 miles of us we should assume we might be carriers and reschedule. We are in a very rural backwater where most people don't travel much due to poverty. As of this moment no one in over 500 miles of us has been diagnosed, and the nearest people who've been diagnosed came back from a trip to Asia with it.
  7. Just saw a post on Twitter that areas of London are experiencing problems with the water not flowing or flowing very poorly. Apparently a pump station of some sort is down according the the tweet. Mind you I would think just an unexpected equipment failure unrelated to the virus, but what happens when a lot of people in an area are ill and there aren't enough trained workers on duty to make an emergency repair of this nature?
  8. Good on the Dutch red cross. That was good of them to sort as much as they could. What were they thinking packing passports in checked bag, though? When I travel my passport, license, money, and cards are on me either in my little wallet or a travel belt pretty much at all times. Especially on an airplane. If I have to do a rushed evacuation and make it off the plane I'm making sure I have options to get where I am going. Or maybe I'm the only one who's watched all the air crash investigation TV shows? They taught me don't be that idiot trying to grab a carry on out of the overhead when an evacuation is going down.
  9. I haven't seen a single person wearing a mask. However my work handed out gloves to everyone today. I'm waiting to see who tries to wear one over their head.
  10. A world famous epidemiologist did an interview and said Covid-19 has already mutated several times. I don't recall the exact number he said, but it was less than ten. He said so far all the mutations have utilized the same connection points to human cells so one vaccine would be sufficient for all.
  11. We got to see them take one of the life boats out on two of our cruises. Both were those yellow enclosed versions often referred to as yellow ducks. The crew definitely wrestles around a bit to git'er down.
  12. I was just thinking everyone would want to start quarantining people before letting them run free across the country in case. Air travel is a good way to share germs what with the recirculated air and lack of disinfection of hard surfaces between flights. I always carry some disinfecting wipes to wipe our arm rests and fold down trays with and I still think I caught a cold from someone who was sniffling and sneezing the whole flight behind me a couple of times.
  13. I always wear a travel wallet containing our passports when we leave the ship. We normally make plans to be back at least a couple of hours before the cut off unless we're just walking around near the ship. However I've been told by a friend who works for one of the cruise lines you can call if you're experiencing difficulties and ask them to get the contents of your safe including your passports. Some of my cruises they've actually put up a poster with a phone number to call which I believe is to the port master's office and they radio the ship. My friend emails me a list of phone numbers for all the cruises we do together. I saw an officer get a bag of items out of the safe on one of my cruises and later watching off my balcony saw a similar bag given to someone at the port so I think my friend is correct.
  14. They've specifically said the UK is excluded from the ban. I wonder if European nations will make you quarantine for 14 days when you get there now?
  15. I'd question boarding a plane to Europe unless you have a solid plan for how to handle it if you can't get back for a few weeks. Although apparently England is exempt so maybe you could fly in from there.
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