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  1. BRB. I need to go get another bottle of dishwashing liquid at the store. 😂
  2. Not in Texas. They'll just keep discouraging testing and taking longer and longer to actually run the tests on the samples in order to keep the numbers down. I have been hearing and reading typically taking 2-3 weeks for results to come back now through official channels although there are some private labs doing faster turn around.
  3. Don't worry you'll still be able to find it via notifications. Hope you're having a wonderful day! 🙂
  4. Post a pic when you're done! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  5. Thank you for that link. The story I saw did not say anything about the results of discussions between the CDC and cruise lines.
  6. Oh nice! I hadn't heard about the earrings but now I want some, too! I can hear my children setting the kids and grandkids straight before Icome for a visit some years in the future: Grandma lived through the Coronavirus so we don't mention anything when she hoards toilet paper, wears jeweled toilet paper earrings, or wipes the grocery sacks down with bleach before unpacking, you hear me?
  7. I always carry hospital strength hydrogen peroxide disinfecting wipes. Most readily available bleach wipes don't have sufficient percentage of bleach to kill Noro which I was told was the main concern prior to my first cruise hence why I specially ordered the wipes I have. I am not worried about the room steward doing the things he must like scrubbing the shower and toilet or changing the sheets. I just expect they probably don't do more than they have to any more than anyone else does. On flights I wipe my tray table down with a disinfecting wipe. At the hotel the night prior to the cruise I wipe the light switches, phone, tables, door knobs, and taps, and put the remote in a zip bag. We don't use any drawers or closets so I never worry about that. Once we are allowed into the cabins on board ship I wipe light switches, phone, tables, door knobs, taps, hangers, and drawers down. All I can say is we've never had noro or been sick on a cruise. I've never found significant dirt or dust doing any of this so someone is doing all of that pretty regularly on all the ships we've been on.
  8. My answer is very dependent on my personal circumstances as I think everyone's should be. My husband and I had two cruises canceled already and were asked that we work through our planned time off since we obviously weren't going. We therefore have plenty of paid time off we can use if the ship quarantines. We've both already had Covid-19 according to testing. My work has already said they'll waive the requirement for quarantine after international travel or cruising since I already had it, and my husband can work from home for 2 weeks when we return. However we still wouldn't cruise in August. That's because we've already got a cruise scheduled for our Anniversary in October. We have fingers crossed and plan to be on the ship if it sails. However, if we didn't have that cruise planned and there was a good enough deal in August we would cruise only because our own particular set of circumstances makes it reasonable. This doesn't mean I think it is reasonable for the cruise lines to resume in August. We just don't know enough. That doesn't mean the CDC or Carnival don't know enough, but I think we all need a little more information to make our own personal decision.
  9. When the CDC was talking about repatriation of American personnel still on ships they said they're already working out the circumstances under which cruises will be allowed to restart. Also saw reports 2 cruise lines have already submitted their plan to the CDC before that. Sorry I don't recall the names other than it wasn't MSC, Royal, or Carnival. Still, I would think Carnival is only making this August 1 restart announcement after discussion with the CDC. Probably means they have an agreement and a written plan in the works for an August 1st restart they expect the CDC to sign because it is already agreed to.
  10. I think it is all down to how the next 4-6 months go. If case counts remain low more things will open. If they skyrocket as fall comes on they might have to shut things down again. We're supposed to do our next cruise the end of October and I'm really not all that hopeful. Mostly just hope we get to do our river cruise next May since they told us when we rescheduled if not there would be no refunds.
  11. I collect a small amount of sand from beaches we visit. About 1/16 of a teaspoon at each beach at most. I bought a collection of tiny glass message in a bottle type bottles on Amazon. Once i get back to the ship I glue the cork in permanently. I print the name of the location on labels I cut out and place on the bottles before the trip. The corks have one of those hooks you fasten to a charm bracelet with a pair of needle nose pliers. I have always worn the bracelet through customs. I get a lot of compliments and comments on it. I check if they prohibit taking sand from the beach before we visit online. never had a problem. I probably take more sand back in my clothing than in those tiny bottles.
  12. There has been talk in Italy of not opening their borders to international tourists until 2021. Some have said March or April 2021. However as far as I can find this is not yet official. Currently Italy doesn't even allow people to travel between regions within the country and although international travelers can come in, they have to have a written plan for where they will quarantine 14 days and how they will get there without using public transport. Next step would be allowing travel between regions if their numbers continue trending downwards. If the numbers stay good that might happen as soon as May. Yesterday France announced plans to reopen shops and send kids back to school May 11. Restaurants will reopen June 2nd and tourism is being discouraged at least until June 1st when beaches may reopen. No public events of more than 5,000 until September. Greece is reopening some shops May 4th and others May 11th, and allowing movement between prefectures. Only students in their final year will be returning to school May 11th with the rest returning a week later. June 1 restaurants and only those hotels open year round will be reopening. Masks are required. Even sporting events are canceled for summer, as well as all concerts, events, and festivals. Spain just allowed kids to leave their homes for an hour a day for the first time in six weeks. Restaurants reopen for take away only May 4th. Schools are shuttered until September. Like France they are watching numbers for two weeks before moving to the next phase of the reopening plan. Turkey said yesterday they hope to start reopening in late May. None of this sounds hopeful for European cruises before at the earliest July and probably later.
  13. They just did a blood drive yesterday at my work. Curious what any of you think about them cruising but not letting people get off at ports? I think if I have the drink plan, the dining plan, and there are plenty of activities I'm down for that option. I love the ports but we did a transatlantic previously which was a lot of fun.
  14. Pack of six magnetic hooks solved the problem for me. Got a set of six that holds up to 50 pounds off Amazon for under $10 and they have proved their worth! I use 4 for the shoe organizer and it holds just fine with our beach shoes, sun screen, bug spray, my makeup, curling iron, and a bunch of other odds and ends. Just now looked and I found a set of 4 that holds 100 pounds under $10 if you want to be extra safe.
  15. American Queen and American Cruise Line river cruises are US flagged I believe. American Queen owns Victory Cruise Lines which are small ships that do sailings along the Upper East Coast and in the Great Lakes. These are foreign flagged ships. I don't know about American Cruise Line's ships that do Upper East Coast sailings.
  16. Our family did this and as long as the parents are with the kids at embarkation you'll be fine as far as boarding the ship. After our cruise we were told we could have swapped the names on the rooms with guest services, but we just swapped keys around and it was fine. We just had to make sure one person listed on the room with the kids and one parent was with them whenever they got on or off the ship. We were all getting on and off together anyways so it never mattered.
  17. Would I wear a mask whenever I leave my cabin. This is a harder question. I think asking people to wear them in hallways and theaters wouldn't be a bad idea. However. Wet masks are less effective so does this mean pools are closing? Wouldn't they be a safety hazard in the water anyways? What are they doing about crowded dining areas as presumably people have to take off masks to eat? I'm fine with wearing one since I'm already used to it for work, I just wonder how effective it could really be in a lot of shipboard situations. It might lead to overconfidence in some folks, too.
  18. I was supposed to be just coming back from a river cruise. The way I feel is I don't mind it being canceled for a good cause, but I do miss having the vacation. I try to space my travels out so I get a bit of down time here and there throughout the year. Yes I can do a staycation and probably will eventually. I do hope we're able to travel and cruise again by April or May of next year, though. I think I will have completely had enough of my own four walls by then.
  19. The Spanish flu didn't have two peaks everywhere. Some states opened up quickly and had a second wave, other areas didn't. Still don't know how long this will take though. I should be just off a cruise right now. Fingers crossed for the cruise we have booked for October, but I figure at best it is a 50/50 chance.
  20. Yes we are rebooking. Just waiting on the email from my TA to tell me which Memphis to New Orleans lower Mississippi cruise she has been able to rebook for us. Glad you had a great time!
  21. I hope you won't mind if I ask some questions. How is it if I open my door to my balcony and leave it open keeping my cabin door shut the entire time this affects the temperature in all the rooms around me if some of the air isn't coming from / going to other rooms? And what keeps the air in my cabin when the door is opened? Wouldn't some air then get out into the hallway? Given what I know of air systems designed for hospital quarantine the answer is there is going to be some intermingling of air, surely? Definitely when the door is open and probably even when the door is closed there will be a little through the cracks. Not enough to be mentioned perhaps as it normally wouldn't matter on a ship, but still more than enough to potentially spread germs.
  22. I'm seeing some reports Mexico is thinking of banning US citizens flying into the country for thirty days. This reminds me. Anyone know what ended up happening with the lawyer and his wife who refused to evacuate that Princess ship off Japan when the government took the rest of the US citizens? Last I saw he got off with the rest of the passengers when the quarantine on the ship ended. Wondering did they let him back into the US?
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