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  1. Ours had a goos turn out, 50+ at least. I would recommend contacting the group rep at NCL for confirmation as things are always subject to change. Enjoy your cruise!!
  2. We were on Encore 2/9-16 and the M&G was in the District with beer tastings and apps. Great time, well done by our new friends Diane and Mark!!
  3. Totally agree, was just saying it differently, and FWIW, you can usually get a good sense of "these idiots" on the fist day!
  4. The photo above is from Encore and the link in the post further down is from a UK news article regarding MSC Meraviglia, I believe on the Western Caribbean trip but not 100% certain.
  5. I was on Encore 2/9 -16 and also experienced quite a few folks that had over indulged, which is easy to do when it's basically free. I enjoy my drinks as much as anyone but I also know my limits, as an adult we should correct? However being a bartender for almost 20 years there are a lot of folks that cannot control themselves when it comes to their level of consumption so it is up to the staff to do it for them. I realize the amazing bar staff on Encore does not want confrontation but there has to be a better way to control this type of behavior. My opinion is whoever started this mess gets dropped off at PR and find their own way home. Tough/expensive lessons learned.
  6. Excellent information, I appreciate it!! I'm planning on LGA but not really sure where that puts me since it will be our first time there. I would certainly like to fly in early enough so we can make a day of it just not sure what we can do with our luggage before hotel check in time. I'll have to look into that a bit more. Thanks again!!
  7. Thanks so much to all of you for the prompt responses. I have to provide an update though, due to a scheduling issue I called CAS line today to see if I could change our trip to the week before, October 25, instead. The gentleman I spoke with was very accomodating but told me I couldn't get the same cabin I had originally booked, 11854. So I asked about the possibility of the same location on another deck, he put me on hold, came back with "I found 10856, will that work?" I said perfect, that is the cabin we were just in on our Feb 9 cruise!!! Just thought I would share another great experience with CAS team. Not all have been great but the majority have been. Based on the responses I will start looking for hotels to fly in pre cruise, I would love to visit the WTC Memorial site, as a firefighter (31 years) this would make the trip for sure. Maybe I'll look into a day after the cruise too make it all worthwhile!! Thanks again and keep the advice coming, I'll take it all in!!
  8. Hi All, we (honeymoon trip) are booked for November 1 on Encore to Bermuda out of NYC (first time for both NYC and Bermuda) and trying to decide if flying in the day of or day prior is best coming from Portland, Maine. The flight is only a bit over an hour so I'm leaning at the day of to save $$ but would also like to see some of the city if a hotel close to the pier is affordable, like between $200 and $300?? Any thoughts, suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  9. Thank you very much for taking the time to get these phots, we appreciate it!!! Hopefully you will get a chance to enjoy some sun, you pool deck/waterfront photos are just what lots of folks were talking about!!
  10. I hate to even ask this of you, BUT, (there's always a but right??), if you happen to think of it as you're snapping photos of the ship, any current menus would be awesome! My fiance' is a bit of a fussy eater so knowing in advance what some of the menus look like will be very helpful for reservation purposes (I do realize they could quite possibly change for next week but will still help) Thanks in advance!!
  11. Thanks so much for doing this "live" and posting the dailies! We board this coming Sunday so all this up to date info will be very helpful. Have a great cruise!!
  12. Thank you both for this very helpful information. Even though it may be windy I'm still determined to get passes just to be able to be in the sun without tripping over the masses!!
  13. Thanks for posting your opinion on the Encore, it does really help those of us with upcoming trips to gain some perspective on what to expect. That said, you mentioned "Vibe was wonderful, quiet and sunny", we are sailing 2/9 and I plan to try and get passes, was it not busy during your cruise?
  14. Hey Sid, looking for your recommendations since you are familiar with San Juan. We leave 2/9 on Encore and will be in SJ on Tuesday 530-1130, my fiance' isn't too keen on walking the streets at night, not comfortable out of her element, so wondering if you have a recommendation for good drinks, rooftop bar/resturant to get the sites, near the pier? I hope we can do some exploring nearby before it gets dark but can expect to stay close to the ship after dark. Thanks much for any insight!!
  15. Hi dshefter and welcome back, hope you had a great cruise! I just have a quick question based on your response above as we will be sailing on her in 2 weeks and purchased PA as well. Did you try or get Vibe passes? If so, where did you have to go to get them, I've read conflicting reports? This was my main reason for the PA purchase since there's not much public space on this ship. Thanks in advance and looking forward to your review. PR
  16. Looking forward to another great review, thanks for taking the time to bring everyone along!!
  17. Good to know that there might be a chance for us to get passes on our Feb 9 sailing. We are trying out the Priority Access program basically for this reason, hope it's worth all the extra $$$, not cheap when you add it all up! Also, could anyone tell me the hours that Vibe is accessible? Just wondering if the whole area closes down at night or if we can still access it to enjoy the sights after dinner even if the bar was closed. Thanks in advance!
  18. Thanks for the heads up on that, I appreciate it and you're correct, we would have been very surprised!!
  19. Forgot a couple answers! Just 2 of us and bed size can be whatever, we pretty easy to please!!
  20. I appreciate all the helpful information. To answer some of the questions: hotel budget- I'd like to stay under $300 a night if possible. After some thought I think at least one day pre-cruise, October 31 but would consider October 30 to just because there is so many places to visit. As far as flights doesn't really matter to me other than cost/convenience, we fly out of Portland, Maine so I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!
  21. I'm not sure if this is the correct Board or not but this thread sounds very familiar to the information I am looking for as well so I figured might as well try. We have a Bermuda cruise booked for November 1 on NCL Encore and I am trying to figure out if it will be best to fly in a day early and try to take in some sights before the cruise. Problem is I have never been to NYC before and am already overwhelmed with trying to research the options that will not blow the budget. Having 31 years as a firefigher I would love to visit the WTC memorial site and pay my respects in person to those that lost their lives that day. I would like to be close to the cruise terminal as well but again, not sure how any of my "wish list" items will work in to the schedule. Any suggestions from those familiar with the Big Apple would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  22. Well I guess time will tell how things end up, 39 days to go!! Thanks to all that responded, I appreciate the feedback.
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