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  1. I disagree, we had a port side balcony - our first cruise with a balcony - on our West bound trip through the canal. We loved it and the sun sets were amazing. Perhaps it was just that this was our first balcony cruise, or that being from Scotland we thought the heat and sunshine were wonderful. Loved that cruise!
  2. They did have them on the Sapphire Transatlantic in 2019. It was lovely sailing into Manhattan at 4am with a mug of coffee on my balcony.
  3. Sorry no idea why there are so many copies showing. I just tried to upload the file I had saved. Hope you can do something with it and it helps you though. Good luck!
  4. Really enjoying this trip with you. I am hoping to be sailing on the Ruby in April out of San Francisco but who knows? This trip will keep me going till then. Thank you!
  5. Thank you for that information, I didn't know anything about it. But now need to renew my passport a year sooner than I thought due to the 10 year rule. Amazing the information you get on Cruise Critic 😊
  6. I got an email to say my November cruise was not going ahead and that I would receive a cancellation email 7 days later. But less than a week later I got a call from them apologising for the cancelled cruise and asking if I would like a credit. I said no as I already have a cruise for next year paid with a credit for an earlier cancelled one. No problem they said I will activate a refund and it will be back on your card within 7 days. As it happened it was there within 4 days even with the bank holiday in between. Very pleased and impressed.
  7. Typical - final payment for our November 15th cruise was yesterday!
  8. We were booked on the Epic for the TA from Barcelona to San Juan in November and cancelled before final payment as we really didn't see the ship crossing the Atlantic just to sail back to the Caribbean, but obviously we were wrong as she has just done that. Will be interested to see if the cruise actually goes ahead though. I think cancelling was the right thing for us as we were also planning on a few days in Barcelona before boarding and that in itself looks like a non starter.
  9. After my previous issue with this, as per my earlier post on July 11th. I finally managed to get back in to my account. Then about 2 weeks ago it started again and despite 2 emails to the 'contact us' address ticking the website issue part. (no replies obviously other than the automatic reply) I am still unable to log in to my account. What are they playing at??? Really frustrating!
  10. At least you can log in to your account. I keep getting a message to go back to my own county site. The UK and sailing on the Magnifica in August 2021 so no idea if anything has changed.
  11. Well done you! That's how you would always like it to go. Unfortunately I must have got someone with the same training as your Saturday person. The price was right with the 5 + 5 % as I had worked out what it should be and it came up the same. It's just getting the OBC credit added and it would be nice to have paperwork that actually showed the actual price of the cruise and the 2 payment methods - the FCC for the most part and the balance of £41.39 paid by card. Rather than a cruise costing £41.39 Spoke to an agent today who said the OBC would show up - one of these days! Ah well.....
  12. I spent half an hour on the phone to MSC, mainly on hold while the guy spoke to someone else. By the end of the call I'm no further forward and been told that the OBC will be added and I will get new paperwork (one of these days). I also asked if I would actually get a confirmation showing the actual price of the cruise not just the £41 .39 that I had paid just in case anything happened and it was cancelled so they wouldn't think that was all I should be refunded. His response to that was that it would be fine they have a paper trail showing the full amount - ha ha can see that working well
  13. I waited over 3 weeks and many emails. I did initially get a booking confirmation but it showed the amount outstanding as the amount of the FCC. I had to pay a small price difference and this was all that showed as paid. Eventually got the confirmation through that showed all paid - but now it shows that total cost of the cruise is only the shortfall amount. Oh if only we could cruise for £41 or thereabouts. No mention on the booking of voyagers 5+5% or the OBC though. More chasing up to do.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. Guess what - the website isn't working now and I cannot get back into my booking! I'll try again later, but when I looked before I changed a phone number which generated a new email with all the paperwork again, and still no mention of it on that one either. The cruise is not until August 2021, so plenty time to get it sorted out. One thing though I used my FCC to pay for this one and when they eventually added it to the booking it now shows the total cost of the cruise is £41.39 which was the difference is cost that I had to pay. No mention of the original
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