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  1. I travel solo, so I'm not sure about that. Mine was just like a letter and started Dear Mrs ........, Please find enclosed your voucher (but this was the voucher) you will be able to redeem it for any cruise until 31st December 2021, except World cruises. Reservation number ...... Value £.......
  2. It's just a letter with the reference number, which is the same as your original booking reference. With the amount of money it is worth. The small print at the bottom tells you when it has to be used by. Well that's the UK version anyway.
  3. On another post it says that there will be an announcement on the 13th July. So who knows? I phoned them today and was told that Magnifica cruises next Autumn (which I was trying to book) are on hold and not available to book but should be released in the next few days. More patience needed......
  4. A further update! I emailed on 21st May saying it was now 70 days since cruise cancellation. Got a reply on the 1st June apologising and saying it had been passed on to customer services. I emailed them on the 24th June saying it was now over 100 days. I replied a reply back that same day telling me the amount I was due and if I would agree to the extra £47 I had paid for an excursion being added to the FCC amount. I replied back saying yes that would be fine and received the email with the FCC attached a short time later. Great I thought! I had already seen a cruise for next year that I would use the FCC for which used up the whole amount and left me with a small balance of £43.71 to pay. Last Thursday I phoned the number as required to use the FCC gave all the booking details and told that would all be fine - but, I now needed to email the FCC (that they had emailed me remember) to the booking department with the reference number I was given for the new booking and asking for the FCC to be applied to it! I did this and heard nothing back until the next day when I got an email saying that this would be fine but as that reference number had now expired they would give me another one and did I want to go ahead with it???? I replied back within 3 minutes of receiving the email and heard nothing back from them, this was Friday, so had to wait out the weekend till they opened back up today. I phoned the number on the email that came with the FCC only to get told by the answering machine to phone an other number which turned out to be the booking line. Did that and spoke to a guy who said he could see my booking request and he would imagine I would hear from them shortly (not his department, nothing he could do) So, a couple of hours later I got another email, this time asking for my phone number so they could phone me to get the payment for the £43.71 balance as this needed to be used as a deposit! Again I replied within 3 minutes of receiving the email and awaited the phone call, and here I am still waiting! Maybe tomorrow? How hard can it be to make a booking using the FCC? Has anyone else had the same issues? Apologies for all the !!!!! but the frustration has got to me!!!!
  5. Glad you finally got your refund. We got our FCC for the same cruise at the end of last week. It's been a struggle, but at least we got there eventually!
  6. I understood that Voyagers Selection cruises were for people who had cruised with MSC before and were therefore Voyagers members and this was a perk for them!
  7. I fully appreciate the charging double for the cabin and I'm used to paying it. It's my choice to prefer an outside or balcony cabin rather than a solo inside or similar so I have to go with it. But, I think when they are also charging double for the 'experience' is just a bit too much. I've probably been paying double for that all along and just not realised it until this time when I selected Aurea and saw how much more it was. I would have paid the extra £510 as a treat but there is no way I'm going to pay £1020. I have had the Aurea experience before and enjoyed it, so I'm thinking I must have got a great deal then - maybe sometime in the future I might get another one. (sorry realised I spelled it wrongly in the original post)
  8. Got my FCC through, so looking at cruises next year. I travel as a solo but with another couple, so I generally pay about the same as them! I've just seen a cruise next October from Southampton and the price is fine although similar to 2 people sharing. But when I get to the experience it wants to charge me exactly the same as for 2 people sharing. How can they justify that. I had thought that as I was using my FCC and had a bit left over after the basic price I would splurge and book Auria. But for 2 people sharing it's £510 each for 1 in a cabin it's £1020. Will I get twice as many drinks? 2 Massages? 2 sunbeds? I think not!!! I mean really how can they do that??? Rant over.
  9. Got my FCC today for the 12th March Grandiosa non event! Finally 😊
  10. Thanks for all your replies. I'm still undecided, but leaning towards booking. I travel solo but with friends and a always have to pay nearly as much for myself as they do for 2 of them, so the price is never that great. We were supposed to be sailing on the Epic trans Atlantic in November but have cancelled that as we don't really see the Epic crossing the Atlantic anytime soon, just so it can sail back again, and based on the list of sail dates that was published in earlier posts it is due to start sailing on December 6th which is the date we were due to arrive in San Juan. We had booked through a travel agent and called them to cancel under NCL's Peace of Mind option and were shocked and delighted when we got word from them just a few days later to say that our deposit had been refunded as a FCC. Been afraid to mention this as I know refunds are a touchy subject just now. So apologies to those still waiting! I'm going to look again at the prices and if they seem reasonable I think we will just go for it!
  11. Oh, I don't want to be in England right now - I want to be on a cruise....... Thank you......
  12. Not sure it works like that in the UK., We don't have refundable deposits. If you cancel you lose the deposit. I've never tried changing a booking like this but I'm pretty sure it can't be done in the UK - unfortunately!
  13. Well, I'm a glass half full kind of person, so I think I'll take the chance 😊
  14. It's a special birthday so I'm forward planning! But, I'm hoping to be cruising long before that.
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