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  1. Following along! Are you feeling spoiled yet? I think I have gained 10 lbs just looking at your food photos 😁 Would love to see more photos of your Royal Suite please!!! Will you be going down the slides with the kids? Have a wonderful cruise...tell your DW hello.
  2. Same on the Joy...deck 17 has the larger balconies. The extra 5 feet is not covered, so we could look up to see our neighbors on deck 18 😊
  3. Thanks for that info. Switched from forward 15009 to deck 16 today...still have to change cabins on this B2B, but that's ok, as you said, we are in the YC!!!!
  4. Leah, I see that you are looking at a 5 day cruise. Just so you know, the Cruise Next Certificates can only be used on 6 days or longer cruises. 😥 From NCL: Cruise Reward, CruiseNext, and CruiseNext Haven are valid for sailings 6 nights or longer sailings. FWIW, my TA has been able to add 2 certs each for 2 of our last minute cruises. One was booked 6 days before sailing and the other was 11 days before sailing ☺️
  5. We had a 12 noon flight last week. We got off the ship at 9am...customs line was pretty long and took about 20 minutes...walked across the street to the Marriott and ordered an Uber ($33.00 total) who showed up in 2 minutes...at the airport by 10:10! Found the Alaska Airlines lounge and boarded the airplane at 11:30 😊 A few tips: *If you have checked luggage use the onboard Port Valet service. You will put your luggage out the last night of the cruise and will not see it again until you land at your home airport. Worked great! https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free *If you do not want to use that or have only carry on luggage, the customs line has a seperate "Porter" line if you choose to use a porter for your luggage at the port. It seemed to move faster.
  6. Bon Voyage and have a wonderful cruise with your family! Since we have already done 5 cruises THIS year, October is the only other cruise booked for 2019 😊
  7. Yes! You are on the Seaside soon, right?
  8. We are booked on a B2B...22 days on the Meraviglia! Leg one we are on deck 16 and leg 2 we have to move to the forward suites on deck 15. I remember from the Seaside that deck 16 has locked YC doors where you need to swipe your card to gain entrance. Is that true on the Meraviglia for both decks 16 and 15? Any pros and cons of each deck that you have experienced would be greatly appreciated!
  9. We are planning to use Uber next week, but this sounds interesting. So these huge pool of drivers were not taxis or Uber/Lyft? Who are they and how did you know they were waiting to drive folks to the airport?
  10. I do not believe it is targeted. The $100 OBC offer only shows up when I search on my phone. When I login on my home computer it does not show the offer. So it is there for all. I tried to add it to my reservation, however as posted earlier by another, it is not combineable with the "ELVIS" $100 OBC offer that I already have added to my booking.
  11. Not the OP, but we have been to ISP twice and we will be there again in a few weeks. The first time we just walked into town (Hoonah), It's a long haul, but interesting none the less. A small little town...the highlight was to go into "City Hall" and get free Hoonah pins. We also saw many Eagles along the way. The port dock is fun to walk around and lots to see. The second time we did the whale watch and bear viewing NCL tour. This time we are doing only the bear watch...it was fantastic last time, so we are hoping for a repeat. Oh...and crab legs on the pier are on the "to do" list this time too!
  12. Do you remember when the earliest disembarking time in Seattle was for the Haven guests? Trying to decide on flight times. Thanks!
  13. Thank you for that review and glad you were able to upgrade for no additional costs! Can you tell me who your Concierge was? We keep going back and forth from Concierge Class to Haven....this info helps alot!
  14. Sounds lovely...thanks for the review! Who was your Concierge?
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