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  1. We went last week. My plan was to take a taxi to Cable, and just check out the free area. I figured if the free area has no services, I could go buy a day pass at Sandals right there. But when we got to the port, I asked a worker at the info desk there at the port. He said Cable beach is a private beach. That scared me off from going there. I didn't want to take the 20-25min taxi ride there and there really not be any free/public areas. So we ended up walking to the public/free beach area (about 4 or 5 blocks from the port). It was ok - not stellar, but some food vendors and drink stands, etc along there.
  2. Thanks, Biker19! The filter was defaulted to "recommended". I set it to "all" and hit refresh which brought many more things into view. Still no theme-night mention, but I think this is where it would/will show up. Appreciate it!
  3. Hmm, I do have the new app installed, but I couldn't find it anywhere on my cruise info in the app. Do you know specifically where that might be listed? Thanks!
  4. Hello. We've been on a few RCI cruises that have some theme night - ie 70's/disco, western, black & white, etc. How do we find this information ahead of time so we know what to pack? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  5. Does anyone know what theme nights are on Majesty of the Seas leaving from New Orleans this Saturday the 15th? IE, we've been on a few that had disco/70's nights, etc. Needing to know what to bring. Thanks!
  6. Hello. My wife and I will be in Nassau for the day in Feb. We're looking for some safe setting that has at least access to good food/drinks and a good beach. We're certainly fine with paying for a resort day-pass, but, I don't want to spend the whole day in a man-made environment. I at least want access to an actual beach, salt water and maybe local shops. We just don't want to spend all the time inside the walls of a resort's manufactured setting. I understand that Nassau doesn't really have any beach clubs, but are there any resorts with their own pool(s), swim-up bar, etc that are also on one of the good public beaches with easy access back and forth? Or should we just forego the resort day-pass and head to one of the public beaches? If so, suggestions on best ones? ie good beach/swimming/chair rental/drinks-bars/plenty of food options?
  7. Thanks. Does anyone know of any all inclusive places that are also centered around the actual beach? Or maybe I'm looking at the wrong thing by thinking all-inclusive resorts. We're mainly looking for a safe, clean place to enjoy the beach & salt water with chairs/tables/etc and at least food & drinks very near by.
  8. Thanks for the info. Does RIU have tables/chairs/umbrellas on the beach? From what I can tell from pics/video, most of it's amenities are contained inside the RIU complex, which doesn't really seem to be part of the actual beach.
  9. Hello. My wife and I are wanting to do some beach all inclusive when in Nassau in a few weeks. We've done a couple in Cozumel that are perfect (Mr Sanchos being one). Hoping to find something like this in Nassau with included food/buffet on the beach, drinks, umbrellas, etc and maybe close-by shopping. I've read that crime here can be bad, so not wanting to wonder all over. Thanks!
  10. Hi. My wife and I will be docking in Falmouth in a couple of weeks. Looking for a near-ish-by resort to get a day pass at. Hoping for good beach, food and drinks. Not necessarily into the spa/fitness thing. Any suggestions?
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