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  1. I'm only going on a 5 night in May, but it is now being offered to me at 8.99/day for unlimited internet.
  2. This is amazing speed for cruise ship. It appears that the Ruby is outfitted with the new O3B networks. On ships that are not equipped with 03B, Pings were 600ms with download speeds of barely at 5 mbps on a good day. I averaged more at 2 - 3 mbps. The fact that its hovering around 200, means they are comparable with Royal Caribbean's vaunted voom internet, but only on ships that have upgraded to the O3B system. Only about 1/3 of the fleet is upgraded and there is no timeline or possibly even intent to upgrade the remaining ships. Still, this means I will get the internet package. Thank you for this.
  3. I use an app, but you can do it through your browser if you do a google search for speedtest. Google has one you can find.
  4. Are you able to do a speed test and post the results?
  5. I'm glad i ran into this. I'm usually don't follow the Princess thread much, but I found myself booked on the Ruby in May for the quick 5 night up to Vancouver. I debated whether or not to do a live thread, as i've done 2 previous ones but on Royal Caribbean. As you said that this is a live thread, can I assume you're getting the wifi package onboard? I'm not seeing that offered, so i have no idea how much it costs. Also, if you are getting it, can you post a image of the speed test here when you board? Thanks
  6. Yes they do. However, it does depend on the passenger base. On Royal Caribbean, the music is more...modern, whereas my panama canal crossing had more of a classic theme to it. I felt this was cool because they do try to cater to the passenger base and this worked well. That being said, there was a core group on my Celebrity cruise that pretty much outpartied us easily...They were in the 70s. I kind of felt humbled there.
  7. At one point in time, i would say Celebrity's food was a huge step above. But two years ago, I did a Panama Canal Crossing on the Infinity. I found the MDR food to have lost a bit of its flair, and is only an edge better than Royal, but not the huge step it once was. Specialty restaurant were good, but a bit pricey for what you get. Qsine was a disappointment for me both times. It was novel and ingenious in their presentation, but flavorwise, it was mediocre. (Wonderland is way better). Entertainment is more...mature, if that is a better word for it. My wife loved it because there was a wine tasting event pretty much every day (its a lot for 15 nights). The shows leaned more towards cultural enrichment than entertaining so to speak. More music, recitals, dances, vs. production shows or comedy. Service was amazing. Also in addition to your main and assistant waitstaff, tables got sommeliers as well. Not a bar service personnel peddling drinks, no, a guy who's job is to recommend wines that went with the night's dinner. Again, wife loved that too. Of course, the pace is a little more slow and relaxing but personally, at 15 nights, i started seeing a pattern and thought "omg, I'm in a nursing home at sea!!!!" because I started seeing the same "breakfast" "morning seminar", "lunch time" "afternoon presentation" "nap time" (when there is a lack of activity between like 2:30 - 4:30 oddly). "early lounge pre-dinner entertainment", "dinner time" "showtime" "after hour entertainment" close...next morning..repeat. Would i do Celebrity again. In a heartbeat. Though I would not go for more than 12 nights as it was about then I was starting to yearn for. Celebrity has the ability to totally detach you from life. However, after a certain point, you feel adrift. As someone else mentioned Princess. I went on one princess (2nd one in 2nd one will be in 2 months). That Princess cruise had the best service on all my cruises easily. Not sure if it was a fluke, but it is what it is. I found the food to be better than Royal, but not quite Celebrity standard, but i was using old celebrity because this was before my panama canal cruise. Now, I feel that Celebrity and Princess will probably be even. I will find that out in 2 months.
  8. That was the main issue for me. The wifi access point kept booting me and would not reconnect. it would also kick me off when my phone went to sleep, meaning I would miss any text notifications. I had to turn off my auto-sleep function, if i was expecting any texts, because it would not kick me, if my phone did not sleep. Of course, it pretty much drained my battery fairly quickly. On Navigator, I DID get text notifications from my sleeping phone, which was cool, because i was told (at least on Grandeur) that it was suppose to kick you off if it went to sleep, per the IT manager there, though I should have taken that piece of info with a grain of salt as he was clueless about other things network related.
  9. I would just settle for it to work right. The last time I used it last April, it was infuriatingly unreliable, unlike the year before. When I was on Navigator last December, that was not O3B either, but it worked right which was probably the only reason I survived quarantine and being sick.
  10. Upgrade to the internet?!?!? Woot!!
  11. The only time I ever really wear shorts is on a cruise, so it was easy to forget, but if my wife was with me, she would have pointed that out to me
  12. I've actually been turned away from the MDR for wearing shorts on a non-formal night. This was on the Grandeur maybe 2 years ago. It was one of my solo cruises so I came back from port and went straight to the MDR for dinner. I had forgotten i was still wearing shorts during the day. You could say I didn't have my wife dress me because she wasn't with me on that particular cruise. It is very hit or miss. I've seen people with shorts in the MDR for dinner before, but at the same time, I've been turned away for wearing shorts.
  13. My first Royal Caribbean cruise was a 10 night Caribbean trip on the Jewel of the Seas in 2009. If i was a snob for other lines and not level headed, I probably would not ever have sailed Royal Caribbean again, as it still stands today, it was the Worst cruise of my now 20 cruises. For unknown reasons, THIS particular cruise had below average food all across the board, specialty restaurants and MDR. The service was lackluster. Everything on this cruise was just meh. I had come from Carnival, Celebrity and NCL and this was my 8th cruise in total. To this day, I could not understand how this cruise missed so many marks. Of course, Royal Caribbean has redeemed itself and has the unique position of holding the WORST cruise ever, and the best cruise (aside from my wedding cruise which is exempt from comparison).
  14. I think Hair straightener's and curling irons were allowed on the exempt list due to huge push back. Kettles, not so much. Most ships that i've been on, had a place to get hot water from 24/7. Whether or not its hot enough to brew coffee varies. However, on my last 4 cruises, I've started to bring a French Press, or someone else on here called it a coffee plunger. I did it because the coffee on the ship in my opinion, is horrendous. I also buy preground coffee (which i never do except for cruises), ground coarsely. I also bring a small thing of dish soap as well to wash it with as well.
  15. I was going to ask how you found Voom and posting. I was on the Navigator in November doing a live thread too and I found it to be a bit frustrating at times. It was only my second time doing a live thread, but the first one, using the app, it was waaaay easier than the constant reload of the page on Safari and mobile Chrome, which made posting difficult.
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