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  1. I noticed there’s a headliner event tribute for Elton John on the app. Its not on the Cruise Compass. Interesting. At the end of the ice show marcelo the CD said it was a welcome aboard show so i’m confused because thats not mentioned either. I’m at a dinner now. So fun fact. I’ve never done My time dining. I’ve always liked having the same table at the same time. So imagine my surprise when i thought I had late seating and my sea pass card said my time. I go to the dining room to fix and found out that because of low capacity. There is no late seating dining and every one in late dining was relegated to my time with 8:00 reservations premade. So essentially, we have my time dining.
  2. I noted in your thread that there was outages with the wifi. So far, it feels consistent. But only time will tell. I’ve had a cruise where the wi-fi was intermittently kicking me and sometimes not reconnecting me. Hopefully they fixed it since last week for you 😜
  3. I have always used the Speedtest app from Ookla. Never had an issue. Fast is supposed to be a more accurate test because from what i hear and Im not an IT professional at all, many isps give ookla packets priority to artificially increase the speed reading to make it appear like they are faster than they really are. Fast is supposedly a more accurate. Maybe unloaded is the artificial ping with “priorirty” whereas the loaded one is for real. For some reason, Ookla will not measure and gives me an error even though it finds the source. Just guessing here.
  4. I thought O3B got about 200 ms. I ignored the 303 ms number and just went with the 627 number, which is average for non O3B. I usually defer to you on these matters in the past. If you don’t know what unloaded means, I’m useless then.
  5. FYI Record is under 11 minutes in Baltimore. My 1st live thread.
  6. Lunch is done. Next activity, our fb group meet up at Sky Bar.
  7. Oddly enough, my normal internet speed test keeps timing out and not working. I found a work around. Photos seem to upload ok. Not O3B standard, but i knew this ship wasn’t outfitted. Windjammer on embarkation day is my nightmare. On the best of cruises, I do not like coming here. Its down right roomy. Granted, some of these tables were unavailable due to social distancing, but it was easy finding a table. This is the only time I will probably eat here on this cruise. Usually i skip it totally. But thats just me and your miles may vary.
  8. Well, I’m onboard now. We got here exactly at noon but there was a line. The line wasn’t bad. It was mostly because of multiple checks for negative test results and vaccination status. I think we had to show our negative status and vaccination a total of four times. So door to door time not great but with covid protocols, its fine
  9. Oh wow. The safety briefing is really simple. Play a quick video and listen to the alert. Last step can be completed once i board and check in at the muster station. I just got a notification on my phone and completed it.
  10. Good morning from Orlando. My feet were done last night. I was pretty much out by 12:30. So me getting up at 8am is a good night sleep. This room unfortunately does not keep light. I have an interior in Mariner so it should be different. I’m packed and ready to go already. I already got my coffee. I remembered that i had points on my starbucks app but no dice, they don’t accept that here. Lame. I’m debating if i want to get breakfast. my choice is to leave the resort, spend money on transportation as my friend is not here now or pay the upcharge for mediocre breakfast here. The choices here are pretty slim.
  11. Another thing about Halloween Haunted Nights. They offer some outlandish food. Candied Pork Belly, Fried PBJ uncrustables and donut sliders to name a few. I can do the houses and attraction or I can do food. If i tried to do both, I would not make it. This is the fried PBJ uncrustables. Here a few more pics from HHN
  12. The testing at CVS was easy. I was in and out in 5 minutes. Too bad the closest CVS with an appointment was 20 minutes away. Its official. I’m negative. I’m feeling less stressed now. Its a go!!! If I could do the test at home (meaning near me), i would do the CVS and not the home test. Its was very much painless and hassle free. Next time (in December), i will make an appointment near me and do it before i fly down. Yes, expect a live thread for the first Brilliance from Tampa in December.
  13. I’m definitely reeling from over exertion from yesterday. Fortunately today is just a gravy day. I’ve made it to the park and rode a couple rides. I’m taking it easy at Mel’s Diner before i have walk all the way back to the parking lot to catch my ride to CVS.
  14. This is what a 20 dollar breakfast at Universal looks like. It should get me through most of the day.
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