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  1. You'll find that there are more similarities then differences from Carnival. You're sailing on Enchantment, so they don't differ much as the larger ships have reservation systems for certain shows. Enchantment is small enough that they schedule the shows around early and late seating dining. Early seating is 5:15 - 5:30 and Late seating is 8:15-8:30. They vary sometimes, but the shows are centered around those two dining times. For example, most shows will have two seatings. 8:00 showing for the Early dining and vary between 7:00 or 10:00 for late seating. If the show has only one showing like the welcome aboard show or the farewell show, they may just have it at 10:00pm to accommodate everyone. If i remember, Carnival does that as well. The main thing you might be disappointed in is that there is no dedicated comedy show. They do have comedy shows and some late night ones, but not many. It is usually held in the main theater (which is a lot better in my opinion than the tiny venues they have on Carnival for comedy). No Guys Burgers, sorry. Johnny Rockets (which i don't believe Enchantment has, but not 100%) has a fee, but can't hold a candle to Guys. Otherwise, I can't think of any major differences between the two that you need to be aware of.
  2. This was a great review. My cruise on the Allure is in December and it will be our first time on an Oasis class ship. I've been a little intimidated with Oasis class because of the size and limited (imo) ports it can go to. I'm still excited though. I've also found that 10 nights is the exact sweet spot. We went on a 15 night panama canal crossing and on or about day 10 or 11, we were starting to get antsy and feeling like we were wasting away. Another reason it took me so long to book on an Oasis is because they usually ONLY do 7 night cruises. We usually do 9 or 10 nights to hit that sweet spot, but Oasis class usually don't offer those.
  3. I always thought the upgrade fairy was a myth/conman. Why? I never depended on the upgrade fairy to upgrade me. If i had, I wouldn't have gotten the more or less free upgrades I've received in the past. Once on Anthem, I noticed the balcony rooms dropped to the point where the price difference from an interior was $46.00. But by upgrading, I was given an additional $100 OBC, which made my net gain of upgrading by them giving me $54 bucks!. My current Allure cruise, i found a sale made the central park Balcony $100.00 less than my interior. I only lost $25.00 OBC, which gave me a net positive result again. Neither time, did some mythical upgrade fairy contacted me on these upgrades. If one does call, great, but you're depending on both the luck of prices dropping, and the fact that YOU will be the one called regarding those availability.
  4. Its showing at $56/day on my 7 night Allure cruise in December. I saw it at $46.00 last week.
  5. The best I saw was $39/person/day on Grandeur last year in April/May. I didn't get it because I don't drink, but it was the lowest I"ve ever seen.
  6. I've done this off a cruise ship. Here's my question to you. Are you willing to spend a lot of money on this? If i remember correctly, a two park costs like 170 bucks per person for one day. To get the best bang for your buck you should rent a car. Depending on when your cruise is, you may be there during peak times. I did this twice. Once, in December in 2012 and there were no lines...there was also no harry potter in Universal Studios at the time. I only had a 1 park pass then. The second time, I went in 2015 off of a cruise ship in September. We got the serious hookup because I had a friend who worked at the park, who got us (6 of us) 2 park tickets at 105/person with fast passes. There was way more people and if i didn't have the fast pass, we would not have been able to do what we wanted in the time available. Personally, I do not think its worth the aggravation and cost. You will be rushing through everything and everything will take a long time because of the lines. For us, we started early at opening, but you will be right in the middle of the busiest part of the day. If you don't mind the expense and are willing to miss some things, then go for it, otherwise, I'd choose something else.
  7. For my Allure trip this December, its being offered for $61.99 for full day. I'm personally not going to use it because I do not believe this is a very good value. Someone above mentioned Water County and I suspect Water Country, USA in Williamsburg is probably a better water park than this one. At one point in my life, I used to love water parks, and now, Im a bit indifferent to it now. I still got more than 3 months to go to make up my mind.
  8. I had it on the Navigator last November prior to its most current drydock. It last went in for major refit in 2014. It was more annoying than useful.
  9. I never noticed it before I hit Diamond. Granted, I kind of jumped from Emerald to in one cruise so I didn't really see that tier for long. Does it scale? Higher discount for higher levels?
  10. Diamond and higher get Balcony discounts. I had an interior for my Allure trip in December, but found that with my Balcony Discount plus the current Maryland price, the price for a Central Park Balcony was 1497 for 2., though for some reason that didn't make sense to my TA, I was stuck paying the same port fees and taxes which apparently was 35 bucks more than they were currently charging, so i had to pay a little more, but it was less than my interior that I had, plus $150.00 OBC
  11. You could make it if nothing goes wrong, but if one thing goes wrong, you're stuck. If Customs wants to hold up the ship, or if weather causes the ship to come in an hour late. If your ride is not ready at the time you get off. If there's an accident on the freeway or just plain traffic. It takes a good 40 minutes at the minimum with no traffic. And once you get to the airport, if there's a delay through security, or bag check? You should be at the airport at least an hour before hand, which means at the very minimum, you should arrive at the airport no later than 9:10 to catch your flight, but the safer bet is to get there by 8:40am. (an hour and a half). So by that calculation, you need to be IN your transport traveling to the airport by 8am to make it to the airport with time to spare..providing there's no traffic. Otherwise, the leave time should be 7:50am.
  12. Much of this depends on crew and fellow passengers which can change from cruise to cruise. I love the Pride as that's the ship I got married on. I intentionally chose Carnival for the more upbeat atmosphere. Carnival in general, I believe have better cruise directors overall than Royal Caribbean. They do a better job stirring and connecting the passengers together. If you like group fun with your fellow passengers, Carnival is the line to do it on. I also LOVE the decor on Pride because I like Renaissance art. I was actually on it before the refit and after, and surprisingly, they toned it down. I was not as happy with the new layout because well, it was too bright. One of my favorite lounges was destroyed. Before, the lounge was kind of like a medieval castle with faux candle lights. They destroyed it and put in the Alchemy Bar and white furniture. Totally not the same anymore. Food is good on both, but I found Royal Caribbean edges out slightly here. Maybe the escargot every night on Royal won it over, but its close. Service, i have to give it to Carnival here. Grandeur is great, don't get me wrong. However, Carnival is consistent across the board, but Royal can be up and down. I've gotten better service from some on Grandeur but at the same time, I've gotten worse. The crew on the Pride seems to genuinely engage the passengers a little better, but that's my experience, crew can vary. Shows, I would give a slight edge to Grandeur, but both are good. Pride has a dedicated comedy venue, which is awesome, but then it depends on the skill of the comedian. Some are great, and others, are okay. Grandeur stands out with their itinerary. Pride will only consistently do Grand Turks/Bahamas, Bahamas/Florida or Bermuda. The Grand Turk stop is always short which i hate. Once or twice a year, Pride has a 14 night voyage cruise. Grandeur varies between Canada, Caribbean, Southern US and Bermuda and also varies between 5 nights and 12 nights. I like that variety. I think they are more similar than they are different.
  13. I did 2 live threads, but they're a couple years old now. There are two links to more recent ones already posted, which I read and enjoyed, because I love the Grandeur. I still believe Baltimore is the best port, administratively. They still hold the record of door to ship in 11 minutes for me (but in part, I was Emerald status). Pros of the ship is that its intimately small and you get to know people easily. Its much easier to feel connected with your fellow cruisers and staff when you see. The activities on board are more geared to connecting you with each other than "the wow factor" that is on the bigger ships. Cons, (for some), Grandeur is an older ship. It doesn't have the same bells and whistles as some of the newer and larger ships. Personally, I like the traditional cruise experience this ship offers, but for many, some may find this kind of cruise boring.
  14. I'm not sure when you were cruising, but 100/pp/night is my benchmark of for an interior cabin with 100 being ok. Did this number account for port fees and taxes? I recently got, in my opinion, a great deal on a Central Park Interior at 110/pp/night for a 7 night on Allure this December, but that was combining both my state discount and diamond discount (I did have the discount when i booked last year). I'm including port fees and taxes in this number too.
  15. The one thing that I love in January. It may or may not be *hot*, but there is a lack of humidity during those months on the islands. I found the air to be very comfortable during that time. In the evenings, it may get a little cool where you might need a jacket, but i personally find that wonderful.
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