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  1. Texas weather is hit or miss in January. It could be 70+ degrees with clear skies or it can be 40 degrees. Depends on a cold front coming through. Galveston is a great town but January is NOT beach weather even in Texas.
  2. "fake base price" Exactly. That is my point. Be up front and be honest. I don't like lying or playing manipulation games.
  3. I am looking at a RC cruise for May 2019. The quoted price is 1500.00 for a balcony per person. There are 3 of us. One would be 50% off. At the final itemization, the first person goes up to 2500.00, the 2nd is 50% off of the 2500.00 and then our son is around 800.00 I was not the greatest math student, but I do know basic math. Who can explain this to me? If the price is 2500.00, then be up front about this price. I don't get this playing with numbers.
  4. My son is 18 now and heading to college. My vote is to take your child out of school. In the big picture, as you look back over your child's life, that one week will blend in and you get quality time with your child. The school and the teacher will be upset (and very jealous) Even if your child's grade plumets downward, I think it is worth it. Prices are down also
  5. We took my son's class on a short "C" cruise (port close to home and cheap) the kids told me about some behavior issues that happened with some other teens at the Ball Sports court. I couldn't believe what they were telling me! bulling. Our students were ok in the big pic and they are 18, but we didn't have any issues on RC like that. There are kids in the summer, so I would go during the school year if you can. My son just graduated, so finally hubby and I can travel during the school year. We are so excited!
  6. You are welcome! I heard from Jim Zimmerlin on youtube. Look up his channel. He does cruise videos and he is the one that announced OOS doing Alaska in 19'..
  7. What a blessing to be a in a Grand Suite! We are looking at July 19' also. Most likely at the end of the month. That is usually our vacate week.
  8. I feel the same way about Carnival and RCCL. We took my son's senior class on The Carnival Valor out of Galveston this past May 18' because it was cheap and short. The kids had a blast, but for me? I didn't like it at all. The pool deck was so loud and crazy. I saw really fat people (very obese) wearing bikinis, even a thong. The decor was, IMO tacky. The food in the dining room was good and that is all I will say that is positive. Oh, and our cabin steward was fine. I feel that there is a better class of people on RCCL. I am just a Royal Fan. I hope to do Alaska on Ovation next summer. We have a kid in college, so I have to work extra this year to save for the cruise.
  9. I would give yourself a few hours after disembarking to get to the airport. Best to fly out later in the day. Houston traffic can get bad. I would not want you to be stressed out.
  10. Question about Galveston Port? I sailed this past May on Carnival out of Galveston with my son and his senior class. I thought the Porters were terrible. We walked our own luggage into the warehouse. Porters were just standing around and did nothing to offer.(of course we tip and tip to bless) I was very surprised by this. In Port Canaveral (RCC) it was totally different. Porters were willing to take our luggage with no problem. Is the RCC Port separate from Carnival and a totally different area? I have not done RCC out of Galveston, but really want to. I am in San Antonio, so getting there is easy. My son has graduated and our school year calendar is now free for the most part. I will never ever do Carnival Valor again. It was fine for the students because they don't know better. My son knew though, because he has been of Freedom of the Seas.
  11. My friend is on a Greece Princess Cruise right now (July 12) They left out of Rome. I will ask her when she gets back in a day or two. I do know that they flew in a couple of days before the cruise and spent some time in Rome and got adjusted to time change and all.
  12. I am looking at booking Ovation of the Seas for July 2019 in Alaska. Is there anyone looking to book or already is book for Ovation in Alaska? Just curious because it is a new itinerary for The Ovation. Also wondering if a balcony is just too cold for Alaskan cruise or is it just amazing to sit out on your own balcony and enjoy the sights as you go by. The Ovation has some very large forward windows. Is it better to save the $$$ and leave the cabin and sit in a covered area?
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