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  1. This gives new meaning to the term "poop deck" 🙄
  2. We got off of Regatta in San Francisco on Nov 5th and Paul Baya was the CD. Cannot speak to CD in December. He was good in that he kept PA announcements to a minimum and relevant topics. His morning show on TV was ok. The events we attended that he hosted were well run and we had no complaints.
  3. Just off of Regatta, had discussion at destinations desk regarding the Your World discount as the excursion we were purchasing would bring us to the "5" level, but was told if the first 4 were O-life we still only had 1 credited towards Your World discount.
  4. On Regatta now, not defending the issues of the first cruise, but several possible factors may be (presentation yesterday about the refurbishment in the theater) that: at the last minute, the drydock had to be moved from Seattle to North Vancouver due to over half of the contractors were unable to secure US visas; and the weather during the overhaul was horrendous with only a couple days without torrential downpours.
  5. On Regatta now and no issues. Cabins are clean and in good shape, everything brand new. Only thing we have noticed from the refurb is that they need to do more vacuuming in Horizons to address the new carpet fuzz that is normal for any new carpet.
  6. No way!!! slapped directly on the table to be consumed with hands.
  7. Is this for a private tour or a group tour? For a private tour, most companies generally require a deposit. For our group tour earlier this year, no CC was required, don't know if there is a new policy in place.
  8. Also be aware that the $15 limit does not apply to for example a double Jack Daniels (2 x $8 = $16). You can order doubles, triples, etc. and still be ok on the SSBP. To avoid trips back out of the cabin in the evening, I would simply ask for a glass with ice and almost fill the glass with JD and add a splash of water, no problem.
  9. Our experience in SPB was with a private tour (Alla, highly recommend). Some observations: The private tour gained us early admission to the Hermitage and timed entrance through alternate entrances to others. When leaving we witnessed a half dozen or so groups standing in a massive line behind Viking lollipops (the signs the guides hold up so you know who to follow). We never stood in a line that had more than 20-30 people in front of us In discussing our itinerary with other pax that did Viking tours, our private tour was much more comprehensive and seemed to include visits that to see on a Viking tour, you would have had to take several Viking tours simultaneously (an obvious impossibility). The cost was less than half of those offered by Viking Our group was limited to a max of 16 people where Viking uses 40ft coaches. Our vehicle was a Mercedes Sprinter van and due to its size, our driver always dropped us at the door and with coordination with our guide was always waiting at the door when we emerged. This also resulted in less waiting time for loading and unloading vehicle and at "nature breaks". The smaller group allowed for actual conversation and questions with the guide and the group over the two days seemed like family when we were done. If you organize a group on your Roll Call, companies like Alla will offer a discount for each CC member that signs up for that group. Alla as example offers everyone a discount and if 16 people sign up, the 16th seat is free and that savings can then be either passed back to all participants or the organizer of the group. I'm sure there are more I could think of, but I'm sure others will chime in here
  10. Not necessarily, I just received an alumni cruise offer on O. They promoted the cruise with the standard list of cabins and prices, etc. There was a booking deadline well before the cruise date. I would imagine there is the possibility for a group such as this to hold a block of each category until the "book by" date, at which point the unbooked cabins would be released. The alumni rates were not competitive with the O published fare and there is probably incentive for both the group and O to sell these cabins at the group rate. So, in effect, the group is "buying" up the capacity and then releasing the unsold portion after the "book by" date.
  11. Visas are not required for tours taken with licensed Russian tour companies. Russian law states that no visa is required for tourists arriving by water and staying less than 72 hours if accompanied by a licensed operator. The law provides for a visa waiver. The continued use of Visa for private tours in Russia is incorrect since the requirement for the visa is "waived".
  12. Our upcoming cruise on Regatta 10/14/19 as of today, less than a week out, has every category waitlisted except D - Oceanview and F - Inside which are shown as available.
  13. ropomo


    Star Princess June 1992, Juneau, Alaska
  14. It is SOP on most cruise lines that the Security team will enter the cabin and check safe/cabin for passport and if found it will be left with the port agent if a passenger does not return to the ship in time for sail away.
  15. I was watching the Port of Miami webcam yesterday evening. Insignia was docked and ended up leaving about an hour late and required a tug to pull her away from pier and turn her 180 degrees. The tug was definitely doing the maneuvering as the line remained taught and there was no wash from Insignia forward or aft. Tug remained tethered to the stern of Insignia until out of sight moving toward the main channel on the north side of the port island. Surprised me as most ships pulling out of Terminal J just pull forward a few hundred yards to the turning basin and do a 180 on their own. Is this normal for Insignia or R ships in general? Possibly a mechanical issue with thrusters?
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