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  1. My sincere apologies to anyone that misinterpreted my original comment or was embarrassed/offended by my response
  2. You are kidding aren't you?? My statement was obviously sarcasm and no emojis were necessary to indicate so.
  3. Just Google the city name followed by "port" and you will find a half dozen or so to choose from along with other info. Usually the first 4 or 5 results all have the info you want
  4. If its a private tour that requires prepayment, you have a couple options: You pay for all six and they reimburse you They can go to a bank and buy a prepaid Visa Card loaded with the proper amount and consider it a one time use card (They can do this if it is a pay in Russia arrangement as well)
  5. Just to entertain your perspective, yes it would if the tee shirt factory was a stop on an excursion from a cruise ship or a popular stop that is highly reviewed on Trip Advisor. The flightseeing tours are standard fare for cruise visitors to ports and therefore there is a direct correlation. Additionally, a much stronger correlation than some of the other dribble that makes it onto the various CC forums.
  6. Another caveat is the fine print of the "medical evacuation" terms and conditions. While a policy may state $250,000-$500,000 coverage for evacuation, the fine print may state that they are only responsible to evacuate you to the "nearest licensed facility" which may only be a few miles away from your med emergency and a less than desirable place for recovery. The repatriation clause may only apply to remains or cremains in the event of death. Medjet and Global Rescue provide evacuation service (not insurance) that guarantees to get you back to where you want to be and can be used to supplement your basic trip insurance. They are available for an individual trip or unlimited travel for a year at a fairly reasonable price. Main message here is to read and understand the fine print before you leave home, not at some foreign medical facility.
  7. I believe it was stated as May 26 in original post.
  8. Exactly, if they didn't return your passport, no one would get off the ship, including ship organized tours, and there would be a lot of VERY unhappy people. Passport required to enter Russia, bottom line.
  9. This makes absolutely no sense. Demand for bandwidth will be confined to one ship. As others in this thread have stated, we have not experienced issues. Any issues are more likely related to pax demand for bandwidth at any given time.
  10. You have a great idea, can we collaborate? Maybe we could call it something like weather.com? I think we could make a fortune. Don't know about the "free wifi" idea though. Seriously though, yes I agree that is something they should have a firm control over, keep questioning since its probably something controlled by someone just clicking the right button.
  11. A saying my Dad reminded me of many times and I remember to this day "Locks only keep the honest people honest". Given that, trust in the honest people and pray for everyone else.
  12. I totally empathize with the situation that the departing pax. To provide a brighter note, with regard to your concern with US immigration, possibly the immigration process will begin before your 5pm boarding time with a staging/waiting area available dockside awaiting ship availability. I would imagine that this would happen since most cruise ports have waiting areas for pax waiting to board. Since Viking has a max of 930 pax I don't think it would be a massive wait in any case and unless you have been placed on "no fly lists" etc. you shouldn't experience significant delays. Just trying to help put a "glass half full" spin on it. You will love Alaska!! Be positive. Welcome to the USA. Additionally, I would also assume that the shipboard staff will have had additional opportunity to prepare the ship for your arrival and it will be immaculate and possibly some additional welcoming perks!
  13. Personal opinion. Some feel the stemless glassware forces you to hold the glass by the globe and transfers body temp to wine and creating an issue vs. holding by stem and not imparting body heat. Personally, I don't think that any wine that Viking pours will be affected by either.
  14. Actually, the per day cost is $20, a bargain if you deviate from the free offerings and have a few cocktails a day.
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