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  1. There are check boxes for each passenger on the booking. You can book either or both
  2. No TA and I would prefer to have their response in writing.
  3. Is Oceania usually prompt in replying to inquiries using their Contact Us form on their website? Submitted inquiry about a booked cruise almost a week ago. Nothing but crickets. Don't want to try again or call if this is normal. Used to a 2-3 hour response time from Viking.
  4. Wide range of juices available free... Orange, cranberry....
  5. Not to jump on this thread, but can the champagne be exchanged for a bottle of still wine?
  6. In another post as well as in this one, Flatbush Flyer had mentioned Total Wine in Miami as a good pre cruise source of "beverages". In looking into Total Wines, in many cities (Miami included), they will deliver to your hotel, assuming that you are arriving prior to departure. There is a delivery charge but it saves the hassle of getting to a liquor/wine store and they allow you to select a two hour delivery window. Haven't tried it yet, but it appears that you can build up your wish list on their website and pull the trigger when you arrive at your hotel (they have an app in addition to their website).
  7. Years ago had similar situation in Sau Paulo, Brazil (disembark 8:30am with a 11:30pm flight back to states). We arranged for a day rate at a nice airport area hotel (use of room and facilities for the day at a significantly reduced rate) and took the ship transfer to the airport and hotel shuttle from and back to the airport. Had nice lunch and dinner at hotel, caught a nap or two and used the hotel pool and amenities.
  8. You are more than welcome! One other thing I didn't mention. As I am sure you are aware from your research, Iceland is very expensive relative to what you are probably used to. Happy hour is very prevalent in Iceland with nearly every place having 2 for 1 or drastically reduced drink prices, but it typically ends at 6:00pm. If you are returning from your day's outings closing in on that time, you might consider stopping at the bar and taking some drinks to the room as you "freshen up" for the evening. We returned to the hotel around 5-5:30 each day. Also, keep in mind that it stays light very late there and the locals are lured out by the happy hour and things are still going strong well into the wee hours (at least on the weekends when we were there). Another note: my wife is a confessed chocoholic. The "Icelandic Chocolate" (brand name in 200 gram bars in very plain wrappers) for sale in the duty free when you leave Iceland has been given her thumbs up and quite reasonably priced. Additionally, she is a knitter and there is a "Handknitting Association of Iceland" store in the main business district (there is another location as well, www.handknitted.is ) that had a fabulous selection of high quality Icelandic wools at well below 50% what she pays for the same brand here in the US and yarn is light, compresses easily and easy to pack. If you are not a knitter, their store had a vast array of sweaters and apparel available for purchase, again at reasonable prices. Best wishes for a fabulous experience! Richard
  9. Hi, on Miami to San Francisco (Beaches to Bridges) cruise in Oct for 19 days. Question about duty free at port in Colon. I am sure that spirits are plentiful in duty free at port, but what about wines? Wondering whether to stock up in Miami or wait until Colon (6th day)? Anyone with knowledge of Colon port duty free? Any other wine opportunities on this itinerary? Thanks
  10. You can also call Oceania directly and an agent will place the cabin on hold for 72 hours with no deposit. You can transfer to your TA if you decide to book.
  11. I enjoy an occasional cigar and while cruising, I respect the rules and appreciate that they provide a somewhat, but not always sheltered spot. Those who choose to smoke and disregard the rules are not only creating a safety issue and disrespecting other cruisers, but are risking the removal of the ability to smoke at all on the ship. I have found that the smoker's area is generally not occupied by more than 3-4 people at a time and with the port intensive itineraries, time there is generally underway with the breeze dissipating the smoke rapidly. I encourage any smokers reading this that choose to disregard the rules to reconsider their actions or smoking may be banned entirely. As an aside, as stated previously, there are generally a small number there at any time, but in my several Viking Cruises I get to know most, if not all, of the smokers on the cruise (some of the best conversations and relationships) and the percentage based on 930 passengers has averaged about 3-4% of the passengers.
  12. $US and they were happy to take them. Never got any local currency for the Homelands Cruise or Iceland. Didn't need it. Plastic accepted everywhere, rest stops practically all free or taken care of by guide
  13. This is priceless. For several of the derogatory posters above, why in the world do you care one way or the other what someone else is drinking, or if their palate is to be called into question? Do you need to judge in matters that have absolutely no bearing on your life whatsoever to validate your decisions? If, as in the third post in this thread, the beverage is served in a carafe, thereby respecting the ambience of the venue (the original intent of my question, and no I would not take a box into the restaurants mentioned above, nor would I eat at some of the ones mentioned, I would probably buy a reasonably priced bottle from their selection as a one night event as opposed to a 21 day cruise where I would not choose to do so every night), why should you care? Personally, if the person at the next table prefers grape Kool-Aid with their foie gras, who am I to judge or "question their palate"? Are you the palate police? We are all different and not expected to conform to your personal standards as long as we do not disrupt others around us. Have a good evening.
  14. I have read in other threads that the $25 corkage fee applies to each "container" regardless of size brought into a public venue and that any remaining contents will be stored for you upon your return. Many of you may not agree, but that is not the point of this question, but there are many very good 3 Liter box wines available that meet our tastes. Does anyone have any experience or observations of anyone else bringing a box of wine to the GDR paying the $25 corkage, etc.? We will be traveling with my two sisters and spouses and this seems to present a simple solution for 6 people and minimizes the corkage fee.
  15. We were on the "wrong" side of the train, but there is a fairly large open area near the doors/passage to next car that you can get up and get good photo ops as the train generally is going slow enough to allow prep. The view is still good from either side, it only really matters for photos. Very good maps are provided also to assist you in knowing what is coming up. Again, our guide gave us very good notice via the quiet vox as to what was approaching. You take the initial train from Voss and change to the Flåm train in the mountains. The transfer is somewhat chaotic with only about a 5 minute window to get from one to the other. For us it was more a grab a seat that is available. If you do this excursion, a tip is that when you stop for the waterfall, if you go to the downhill side of the viewing platform, you will experience much less spray than the uphill side. Stay near the train until then and you will stay dry.
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