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  1. Lots of people experience swollen ankles. Some attribute this to the water or salt content of food. Someday they’ll study this. Bottled water should be allowed. RCL has allowed it.
  2. Right next to the pier across the street outside gate is the cheapest place. Great deals on cigarettes too. Can’t remember the name but it’s right there.
  3. Forgot about the gelato. Conan O’Brien went to some espresso cafe in Naples and we enjoyed it also. Very easy to walk around the area. Can’t wait to return.
  4. We enjoyed a wonderful family reunion cruise on the Epic a few years ago. Lots of fun. Turkey on the big day. Bbq by pool. For some reason a German band by pool for an October feast type day. 19 of us. Not much else was specific to thanksgiving. Love the pizza in Naples Di Matteo excellent. Galleria Umberto is tons of food. Caffe Mexico for expresso. Great cannolis. Easy to walk around. Good shoes for the cobblestones.
  5. Cab ride to sea Aquarium and you can walk to the north End. Cash is king there. Galleria Umberto excellent food and modern pastry nearby on Hanover st. Original Regina pizza is excellent. No name Restaurant for great seafood chowder. J Hooks lobster rolls. Harpoon Brewery beer hall fun. Good walking shoes for the cobblestones. Paul Revere house and first church nearby. Boston Island harbor tours out to old civil war fort/prison. TripAdvisor yelp for specific information. Enjoy your day in Boston.
  6. We’re pretty loyal to RCL but do cruise on Ncl occasionally. Doing the Gem for 14 nights soon. We loved Ncl second city comedy but it’s now gone. The pub has hot wings and comfort food many hours. The entertainment is similar. Sometimes many fellow passengers are very happy with their so called free drink package and watching them is free entertainment. We’re elite on Celebrity and diamond on RCL. RCL activities and perks for loyalty are very nice. In the past the singers and comedy and shows were quite nice. MDR can be excellent as it was on Spirit a few years ago. Food was decent on the Dawn and Epic. White hot party at back of ship on Epic was fantastic.
  7. Buy good snorkeling gear and research snorkeling from shore spots through TripAdvisor. We’ve been using our snorkeling gear for 25 years. Often snorkeling from shore is great and same place minus pricey cruise ship charge. Check out cruise port tt for info on how many ships are in port with you. Get off early when a crowd. Battery tea lights for inside cabin. Buy new undies and socks- leaving at home bring your old undies and socks and throw away as used on cruise- go home to new undies and socks! With space saved in suitcase bring home duty free booze! Smile from day one onboard until you get off. Let loose and enjoy your never gonna see these people again!
  8. We’ve enjoyed our cab ride to the Boatyard beach bar. For a fee you get chairs and umbrellas and one drink and boat ride to snorkeling with sea turtles and ship wreck. Great place. Crew from ship usually go there. Happy hour. We’ve enjoyed our own snorkeling gear for 25 years. Great place.
  9. Many thanks for your wonderful information. We’ve been on the Dawn 4 times and enjoyed the second city comedy that’s no longer available. We’ve been doing RCL a lot lately and enjoy their activities. Giving the Gem a try as our cruise credit vouchers were expiring. 14 nights to Caribbean should be fun. Especially with the list you gave. Thanks again.
  10. Many thanks for your posting. We’ve enjoyed Alaska and Europe transatlantic just a little concerned about activities for my wife. She loves dancing and Zumba. We chose the Gem because Luz was the cruise director but recently transferred to the Sky I believe. She was fantastic and tons of activities. Hopefully new CD has a great activities staff. Enjoy your cruise. Try Moosehead beer in the Canadian maritime and the poutine French fries. They’re great together.
  11. Any information about Zumba the Quest theme night time parties etc. on the Ncl Gem? We’re cruising on the Gem for 14 nights and are used to lots of activities and have not seen recent activities schedule for the Gem. If anyone has one could you please post. Most I’ve found are from a few years ago. Thanks.
  12. Did they have Zumba or similar dancing activities? My wife and I are cruising on the Gem later this month and she can’t go 2 weeks without Zumba. Are the activities fun? Any theme parties? Thanks.
  13. Any information about snorkeling from shore at Myrtis/Pusser?
  14. How was the snorkeling? We’ve enjoyed snorkeling from shore before in Tortola but it’s been years and I can’t remember the beach. We might give Brewers beach a try based on info in cc.
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