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  1. My wife used to pre tan. Living in the northeast getting a jump on the glow. I used to buy size 35, 36” waist pants! Filled them out too from normal 34” waist, got home and back to work and gym! Sadly size 36” waist year round now. You get older. Wife no longer pre tans!
  2. Too bad a deal couldn’t be worked out on just going to that little beach near boat docking. I believe it was called snorkel park beach. With vaccinations cards and pre board testing. Many of us on the east coast just want a cruise. Avoiding flights, driving to New York area for a cruise. Close off going to other areas of Bermuda unless you jump through all those other hoops. Same for cruises out of Florida I’m sure many cruisers would be happy with just going to private islands owned by cruise companies, especially if you got the drinks package.
  3. Age 66 here, love to cruise, but wife has compromised immune system. Cancer survivor. We’re both vaccinated and careful. Our daughter working in health field is quite concerned with variants. New one in South America coming this way. Waiting for better days. Patiently waiting. But if I were younger I’d definitely be going now. Masking up and booster shots might be the new normal.
  4. Great information, enjoy reading about your cruise! Are the activities well attended and is there live music. I’ve read the activities scheduled and seems great but are people actually doing things in groups? We’re looking forward to cruising again this fall. Thanks again for your wonderful information and pictures too!
  5. Best wishes. My wife went through very similar chemo, surgery and then radiation back in 2008. Drinking cool aid with ice through a straw, saltine crackers, baby soft toothbrush and extremely mild toothpaste all help. Landsend for specific bathing suits. Big help was free Livestrong program at local ymca, still going several times a week. Eat right exercise and strive and survive. Getting on a cruise ship after all that stuff took a few to feel normal, now the big C word never gets mentioned. She’s always dancing, Zumba, line dancing, etc. Probably 25 cruises since the C thing! Enjoy your cruise, you deserve it. We also booked one for the end of the rainbow something to look forward to, in fall of 2009, loved it.
  6. Pfizer vaccinations is supposed to be good against India covid19 variant. Having been vaccinated in February and March 2021 we are waiting for further information before cruising again. Booster vaccinations etc. Wife is stage 3 cancer survivor with compromised immune system. I can’t wait to cruise again but very cautious as we lost several people to covid19. Looking forward to reading about start up cruises and reviews. If I was 40 again and vaccinated I’d be there. 66 and different problems we’ve been advised to wait. Stinks having to listen to reason, adult kids telling us stuff! On the plus side during covid19 pandemic- we repainted inside of house, renovated kitchen, floors, mostly our free labor and our cruise money went there! Those who are cruising cannot wait to hear from you!
  7. 1918 Spanish flu epidemic was 18 plus months. Even in this modern world and free society the response to covid19 is not even close to any end in sight. I just can’t see cruises returning until 2021 and it might be later in the year. If you can’t fight it on land how can you manage an enclosed ship in the ocean. History is repeating itself. Stay safe and carry on. It’s not worth the risk.
  8. Recent news articles are reporting airlines planes that are idle are experiencing problems with engines on restarting. Like cruise ships designed for constant use and maintenance sitting idle is creating problems. Many planes are parked in dry areas of the country to lower exposure to harmful environment but still having problems on restart. Same thing is likely for cruise ships in the ocean being idle. Plumbing is design for daily use. No way to maintain as usual. Point is on restarting problems will pop up with mechanical issues. Covid19 has many factors to restarting.
  9. This is the first wave of covid19 going through USA and each state is doing their own thing. Northeast was a mess and hunkered down and better now but so many deaths. Now flashpoint is Arizona California Texas and Florida still the first wave. If and when it calms down the schools are reopening and second wave will shut down the dense population states again. Unfortunately it’s inevitable. Supposed to be a clinical trials vaccine in Russia now. We might be writing off 2020 and into 2021. Wearing a mask and gloves and hunkered down. Covid19 is no joke and has taken 5 friends and relatives to date.
  10. Not flying anywhere. Thanks for making my point. Stay safe and carry on!
  11. Norwegian Cruise Line warned of a potential bankruptcy, saying that there’s “substantial doubt” about its ability to keep operating amid coronavirus. NCL is borrowing money to stay afloat and just issued statements about potential bankruptcy. Ships are built for running daily now shut down the mold /plumbing Failing. Effects of salt water and salt air are a recipe for disaster. Each month of lack of use accelerates the rust. Skeleton crew are only capable of so much maintenance. Where do cruise lines borrow money in another 4 to 6 months. Vaccines not possible until February not to mention trials.
  12. We’re social distancing wearing masks and just surviving. Age 65 high blood pressure and compromised immune system from stage 3 cancer were not going on a cruise ship anytime soon. We’re looking forward to Bermuda this fall and Europe too. Plus transatlantic and Caribbean February. Now not even sure about just going to Florida this winter. Survival is key
  13. I agree on trinity reservations and the hotel is best western plus on Dorsey rd recently renovated and the stain glass pub next door is excellent. $139 included shuttle bus ride to and from cruise plus parking and breakfast. Used it twice now. Bruce at trinity is excellent
  14. We enjoyed our land based Europe experience in October 2018 a couple of weeks in Portugal and Poland Italy then transatlantic from Barcelona to Florida. Wonderful way to recover from our experience on land. Bonus is you gaining a hour extra sleep every other day on way back. Flying out to Lisbon was first thing in the morning and we enjoyed our sleep and recover nicely there. We can’t wait to return. But for covid19 we’d be going back soon!
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