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  1. Even if you survive this covid19 your body is not going to be the same. Heart lung and mental issues will be with you for the rest of your life. We all go through things in life but it’s risk versus reward. More news footage of folks suffering on a ventilator need to be viewed. Our doctor was adamant about you don’t want to go through that. Suffering. You’ll never be the same. 40 plus cruises. Most recent February 2020. I can wait. Hopefully the cruise industry survive.
  2. Some companies are being very pro active with covid19 cleaning and planning. United airlines and Clorox have teamed up. Why can’t NCL and other cruise lines start announcing their plans. It would calm stockholders and loyal cruisers. United cleanplus program is a positive step. The CleanPlus program goes beyond cleaning and distancing practices, and personal protective equipment (PPE). United says it will use experts at both Clorox and Cleveland Clinic to "enhance the airline's cleaning program, redefine disinfection procedures and equip customers with amenities at select locations that help support a healthier and safer environment." I usually fly southwest for the 2 free bags but I’m looking forward to cruising again soon. Never ever go to the buffet anyway. But most concerning is cruise lines being pro active for peace of mind. Age 65 and high blood pressure and other health issues have my kids in the medical field telling me I might not cruise for a couple more years. I just hope that NCL can survive the covid19. How long can a company tread water with no income?
  3. Wonderful information. Very similar to on land shopping in our area. Aldi was first to limit store to 50 people and cleaning carts and social distances of 6 feet in stores. Likewise cruises are in for real change. No buffet. 6 ft lines for drinks. Masks and gloves mandatory. But where are ships going to port. Caribbean islands can’t handle epidemic. Italy is closed. Canada has closed the ports maybe reopening. If inside cabins not sold what’s new pricing. We were on the bliss February when CNN news broke about quarantine of 14 days in room. My wife and I looked at each other and said we couldn’t make it in our inside cabin for 14 days. We love cruising. Done over 40 honestly can’t see it again. Not soon anyway. Sadly my Ncl stock purchase from years ago now in jeopardy.
  4. In Massachusetts the covid19 cases are third highest of states in USA behind New York and New Jersey. Fourth highest deaths. Many nursing home and veterans hospitals cases. Practically each town have multiple cases. Boston area very high amount of cases. Masks are mandatory just recently. Grocery shopping is a line of waiting outside. Many shortages of tp meat and sky rocketing prices on hand sanitizers. $11 for 10 ounces bottles. Take out only restaurants. Many parks are closed. Missing our ymca. Cold rainy spring. My wife is a caregiver and close to retirement. 3 months to go. I pray that she stays healthy. It could be worse. Stage 3 cancer survivor and compromised immune system. Some are ignoring social distances and masks. Elderly lady friend of mom 90’s passed away from covid19 a couple days ago in nursing home. Elderly male friend is in similar place with many covid19 cases nearby. Making sure my elderly parents stay home safe and feeding them from a distance. Dropping off food on porch same for groceries. Better days ahead but worried that cruise lines will not survive.
  5. I realistically think the cruise lines are going to go through extremely hard times. It’s questionable that they can survive this epidemic. Keeping the ships in shape is expensive. Think about every stateroom and functioning plumbing alone. Leaving your house alone for months and a multitude of thing need fixing. Even though some crew is still onboard how long will it last. Second wave of covid19 expected this fall. Cruise lines are bleeding money now. Government bailout package is unlikely as other USA companies have precedent. 2021 spring might be next cruise opportunities. Staying healthy is our only concern.
  6. Peaks and valleys of the Coronavirus will happen. The virus is going to circulate through Africa and South America while other countries battling for social distances. It might reappear time and again. 1918 flu called Spanish Flu caused 50 million or more deaths worldwide. It had peaks and valleys. We might not have cruises for 12 to 18 months. Unless they have a government bailout it’s doubtful that the big 3 and virgin cruises are going to survive.
  7. Those who could afford to, what about buying NCL stock at its all time low with the government issues checks. Stock could go back up in time. This would help NCL stay afloat. Might make you money.
  8. Government bailout. Florida politicians have already suggested and others have pushed back. Alternative use of cruise ships as floating Hospital to free up land hospitals for Coronavirus as in NYC hotels are being looked at for similar. Reading about the wide spread Spanish flu and this virus is going to take a while. Not booking any cruise anytime soon. Once a stock gets down to $4.00 what’s it going to take to bounce back other than a miracle.
  9. What’s the bottom? Seems like NCL is getting hit the worst. At what price is bankruptcy a possibility. Risk factors. Will cruise resume this fall next year? Canada not allowing cruise ships will effect Alaskan and New England cruise. Don’t USA cruises have to visit international port each trip except Hawaii around island. Many factors including other countries reaction.
  10. We enjoyed our first transatlantic on the Visions of the sea October 2018 from Barcelona to Miami included Halloween. Excellent staff and activities. This followed our land Europe trip including Portugal Italy Poland and Spain. Very relaxing and bonus of gaining a Extra hour sleep every other day heading west across the Atlantic. We were supposed to be there again this fall but not now.
  11. Interior painting of our home. Yoga at home. Walking and exercising at home. Avoiding people. Staying healthy and active while watching the wordometer.com daily updates. We weresupposed to do Bermuda in May and Europe this fall. Not now. Supposed to visit our adult kids out West. Not now. Trying to convince 93 years old parents who are still in Florida to fly home to New England so we can help them. We’re age 65 and higher risk factors. Adjust and stay home. You can never get your health back!
  12. Buy! Especially in your retirement fund. Reinventing stock dividend. I’m hoping to buy some more after the corona virus passes. But keep in mind the bottom line is can you afford it. Bankruptcy is a remote possibility and government bailout package is also.
  13. $$$$$$$........Denial.....Wait for criminal charges and Lawsuits from stricken passengers families.....
  14. Some politicians are already pushing forward on a bailout. Many jobs in Florida might be affected. Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) said she expects that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which she serves on, will put together some sort of bailout package for the cruise lines and other parts of the travel industry. “They’re losing money hand over fist,” Wilson told POLITICO. “So we’ll be trying to find out how we can help. I’m sure they have tons of suggestions.“. A government bailout is a possibility however many other politicians are against it.
  15. Wait! Wait! Wait! RCL is a dividend stock. Might be a better purchase. RCL has a very loyal customer base! I own Costco stock because of their customer loyalty but I’m a member of BJ’s wholesale club. I’m hoping that NCL rebounds as stock owner. Please don’t go bankrupt.
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