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  1. Carnival which included Princess and other brands hauled 42% of the global cruise passengers last year and I assume this year too. This puts them at more risk than other cruise lines. I would assume that the US and UK passengers and probably the Asian passenges on the Princess SE Asia and Japan itineraries are older than the general population. All of the data related to COVID 19 deaths show that over age 60 patients have a much higher death rate than under age 60. Princess has been dealt a bad hand of cards in this situation.
  2. I can speak with authority on this subject because I just returned home from a wonderful cruise on the Diamond, followed by 12 days of quarantine on the Diamond (and an additional 14 at Lackland AFB) getting daily updates from our Captain Arma. A captain has a duty to his/her passengers to care for their health and safety regardless of a disaster whether that disaster affects the ship (as in sinking) or its passengers health (as in the Corona virus situation). Schettino failed miserably. Caprtain Arma's integrity, fortitude, levity, calming voice and leadership kept passengers and crew fr
  3. Amen. I was on the ship. He performed incredibly. He is a true leader. Without his soothing announcements the Japanese would have experienced another Iwo Jima.
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