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  1. I've never been to Roatan, and I have an RCC port of call in March 2020. I've read so much about sand flies that I'm wishing that I was not taking my elderly mother in law on this cruise. I'm worried about her. Yes, I have read all about how to protect ourselves. BUT, in all the reading that I've done, I haven't found any recent posts or articles on the subject. Everything I read was posted 3 or more years ago. So I'm wondering if it's still a problem. Is it?
  2. We took the public bus. No biggie. Frequent Busses. No stress.
  3. I keep seeing photos people holding sloths, and monkeys on top of people's heads. Is there any place where I can both hold a sloth and HOLD a monkey? I'm not really interested in a monkey on top of my head. I'd rather look at him while he's in my arms. Thanks for any info!
  4. Thank you. This is very helpful information!!
  5. Hi, Liberty Of The Seas arrives in Belize City at 8am. I am trying to figure out how long I should allow to stand in line on the ship to take my turn on hopping on a tender boat, riding to shore, and then grabbing a taxi to go to the small municipal airport in Belize City. (Not the larger international airport). I have no idea how many tender boats are used, the frequency, or anything about he efficiency of the process. I would really, really, appreciate a best case and worse case scenario. I am anxiously awaiting your answers! Thank you!!!!!!
  6. Liberty Of The Seas arrives at Belize City at 8:00am. I would like to charter a helicopter out of Belize Municipal Airport. This is the small city airport that is in town and not far away from the port. It is not the international airport. I am trying to figure out what would be a safe time for me to schedule the flight, without wasting the day by choosing a flight that leaves unnecessarily late in the morning. In other words, I want to get off the ship, take the sight-seeing flight, and then go do other things in Belize before I get back on the ship. How much time should I allow to stand in line on the ship, to tender, and make it to the airport? I have no idea how many tender boats there are, or if the process is efficient, or if I could be stuck on the ship for an hour and a half. Any help would be appreciated, as I don't want to schedule the flight and then find that I cannot meet the flight... Thank you so much for providing a best and worst case scenario!
  7. Which cruise line private island in the Caribbean is your favorite, and why?
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