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  1. I feel that a worrying aspect for the world, is the fair number of people who survive the virus, but are left with debilitating symptoms for the rest of their lives.
  2. The UK hasn't handled the pandemic well. I agree, it is a worry.
  3. I have been there but I can't remember the name so I won't submit an answer.
  4. I prefer sailing out of Sydney Harbour, rather than sailing in. Coming in it is usually virtually dark, but for sailing out, it is light, or if it is evening, the city is fully lit including the Opera House. I agree with the comment that Princess ships usually dock at the Overseas Passenger Terminal with their bow facing in.🙂
  5. Correct. Ormiston Gorge in the Western MacDonnell Range near Alice Springs. Over to you.
  6. Here is my next photo. Nothing too difficult, otherwise it slows the game down too much.
  7. Am I right with Lisbon? I can remember seeing that scene somewhere.
  8. Lisbon? Sorry, I can't remember the name of the tile maker!
  9. Correct. Point Moore lighthouse at Geraldton.
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