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  1. On our first Princess cruise, a 28 night trip, the auto-gratuities still applied on Australian-based cruises. On the first night, our waiter introduced himself with the comment "I'll look after you and you'll look after me. You know what I mean" and gave us a knowing nod. We did not remove the auto-tip, but we certainly did not give the waiter anything extra. If he hadn't asked, we might have.
  2. At your 21st cruise (or your first cruise after 20 cruise credits) you get US$25. If you are on an Australian-based cruise, this is converted to Aussie $ at a reasonable exchange rate.
  3. ... but if people want to 'double-tip' they can. 🙂 The trouble is that some of the crew have or will come to expect it. I like the 'gratuities included in the fare and no tips are expected' system. 😊
  4. I think it is a good idea to get confirmation (in writing if possible) on the charges for the tours. A few comments on your tours in case you decide to cancel and take your chances on re-booked on board. Dunedin - It would be hard to replicate the Princess tour privately Akaroa - similar answer Wellington - it would be very easy to do the cable car and Te Papa independently Napier - easy to do independently. The shuttle bus drops everyone at the tourist info centre where there will bed a lot of tours available Tauranga - a lot of tours available in the tourist info tent on the dock Auckland - I haven't been to Waiheke Island, but the ferries leave from just beside where the ship will be docked in the middle of town. I don't know how easy it is to get to the wineries Bay of Islands - sounds like an independent tour. Lifou - the locals offer some tours Port Vila - nothing offered on the dock. Probably go with Princess Dravuni - just a beach day Suva - a lot of tours offered by tour operators on the dock Savusavu - check out a company called Rock 'n Downunder operated by an Aussie couple. If they are still operating I can highly recommend them. They go to Split Rock and the Lighthouse. Fantastic. Lautoka - Orchid Garden and the villages. You could do these independently by taxi very cheaply. Noumea - the only way to do the Amedee tour is with the ship's shore ex. Otherwise the timing doesn't work. Let us know what Princess say about the currency conversion.
  5. I would be concerned about this also. I agree that you need to know what you will be charged. You have the option of cancelling the tours you have booked, then re-book them after you board when the prices will certainly be in AUD. However, you run the risk that some of the tours might be sold out. What tours have you booked?
  6. I found the non-stop London-Perth flight good, so good that I have booked the reverse trip for next year.
  7. We do that also. Usually the steward will offer to clean your 'new' cabin first so you can put your things in. As someone else said, the items on hangars will be moved to your new cabin on a clothes rack. We usually put everything else including our toiletries into our suitcases and zip them up to make it easier for the stewards. They move everything to the new cabin. We put the contents of the safe in our new cabin before we go ashore.
  8. Our loyalty credit has always been converted from US$ to AUD and several people who cruise from Australia have confirmed that their loyalty credit was converted, but the other OBCs were not. If your loyalty credit wasn't converted from US to AUD, I don't know why.
  9. Sorry, but you are not correct. The original question was about the loyalty OBC of US$25, $50, $75 and $100. On Australian-based cruises these amounts are converted to AUD at a reasonable rate. Other OBC (future cruise deposit, shareholder and military) are paid in AUD at 1 to 1.
  10. I would find this easier than the current flights. I have been on the Dreamliner from Heathrow to Perth, then on to Brisbane. This was easier than previous flights we have done.
  11. Majestic's late arrival will upset some people's plans to catch an early flight home.
  12. I haven't specifically noticed when it 'clicked over' previously. I will be watching for my next milestone.
  13. Thank you, but it doesn't answer my question. In addition to what you posted, the Princess board also has a list that shows "21st to 30th; 31st to 40th; 41st to 50th; 51st and onwards". This second version seems more logical but that doesn't mean it is correct. 😊 I will see on my next Princess cruise.
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