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  1. We had our first doses of the AZ vaccine yesterday. I had mild symptoms overnight - slightly elevated temp and a few aches and pains. This morning I feel a bit 'off' but that probably won't last longer than a day. My husband says he hasn't had any side effects.
  2. That is what we have done - half world cruises in 2014, 2016 and 2018. My 2020 booking was cancelled ☹️. I am now booked for 2022, Aust to New York, then fly home. I hope that cruise goes ahead.
  3. I would like to go on the Antarctic trip again (Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands) and also the South American trip (Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco via Cape Horn). However, I don't think I will do these again. I would also like to go on another World Cruise (booked for 2022) and the Tahiti/Hawaii cruise. Other than those, any cruise will do.
  4. The Weather Bureau has forecast that the cyclone will make landfall on Sunday in the Kalbarri-Geraldton region - much further south than usual.
  5. Taking a long-haul flight also causes more risk of blood clots than the AZ vaccine.
  6. Thanks for posting the link to this very interesting article.
  7. Last year, it was reported that for a death in the US to be recorded as a death caused by COVID, the person had to die in hospital after being diagnosed. With their expensive health system, many poorer people can't afford to go to hospital.
  8. A few weeks ago a security officer at a quarantine hotel was infected very shortly after her had his COVID shot. The important point is that (like a flu shot) it takes a few weeks for the vaccination to become effective.
  9. I am sorry to hear your father's story. My mother always said that, when a Union called a strike, the Union officials should go without pay as well as the members of the Union. 🙂
  10. It is interesting to hear a positive review from someone who isn't American. 🙂 Obviously the show is geared towards an American audience. I haven't seen a live production, only a video of a stage production. It wasn't my cup of tea. I didn't like the rap music and didn't feel there was even one memorable 'song' in the show. To make a point, all the actors (male and female) are black with the exception of the actor playing King George III who is made out to be a figure of fun. I am glad the version I saw had captions, otherwise I would have found it very difficult to fol
  11. I feel the reason is that the Antarctic Peninsula (as well as South Georgia -fantastic - and Falkland Is) is easily reached from South America. I don't see the areas that can be reached from Australia as so appealing to tourists.
  12. If you read Lyall's post, I think you will see that his cruise is planned to go around the southern end of the South Island. Otherwise I don't think they would plan to go into Milford.
  13. P&O has just notified us that New Caledonia is continuing its ban on cruise ships until the end of October. They are offering full refund, or FCC + bonus. They will advise us of other options. Maybe they mean the possibility of a domestic cruise in the same time frame.
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