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  1. Thank you, they are both one week. The one problem I have with the Meraviglia is is that I like to stay in YC but it seems that only YC1 suites are located in the YC and these can only hols 2 people, the other YC suites are locates outside the YC.
  2. We have a family cruise booked on the Seaside for August to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary which we are thinking of cancelling, the cruise not the anniversary, lol.. We noticed that the summer of 2021, the Seaside will be sailing in Europe. We now have a choice of the Meraviglia or the Divina. The ports of call are not important. I would to hear comments about both ships, especially the Yacht Club. Any info will be helpful
  3. We just got off the NCL Escape. We were able to go to Harvest Cay, but tendered only because another NCL ship hit the pier and it was out of commission. We missed Costa Maya due rough seas and wind, the port was closed. Last week the Caribbean was very rough. On Friday the waves were hitting balconies on deck 11.
  4. hbe30


    I agree, I would book using a different cruise line and then tell the driver your going to terminal F, which I believe is MSC. We were going to NCL and we had to tell her where to go, and I don't think they really care.
  5. Just got back from Miami about a half hour ago. What a fantastic experience. I wasn't sure how it worked so we got there early. The parking lot is across the street about a 2 minute walk, basically across the street almost no traffic in the area. We checked in and it was a breeze, no lines etc. Got our mimosa and waiting. Someone asked about steps boarding the train, there are none. When we arrived in Miami we collected our luggage and used the Lyft app to get a car, it arrived in 2 minutes. The return was just about as easy, it took a little longer for Lyft to arrive, about 8 minutes, lots of traffic at the port ,6 ships. I would recommend Brightline very highly.
  6. Leaving on the Escape Feb 1 and was wondering if there ant special benefits for Haven guests on Harvest Caye.
  7. Royal has a special parking fee at terminal A $25/day
  8. I'll check it out and will get back to you around Feb 8
  9. I'll let you know how it works. I'm taking it Feb. 1
  10. MSC is a little different. This service includes delivery right to your stateroom. Once you check in at the train station Brightline will arrange to have your luggage delivered, so need to schlep them anywhere.
  11. when you go to Brightline's web site there is a column on the top right train to port section. Fill in the info, cruise line, number of pax, cars and you should get a price for your cruise. I am looking at Feb. 1, prices might be different for different times of the year. Parking at the port is $22/day.
  12. We're using Brightline and paying $55.00 from Fort Lauderdale for the 2 of us return, including Lyft tickets and parking in a secure parking lot. The difference in the cost is more like C$135.00 for us when you consider the exchange rate. We also get a free mimosa, lol. Also won't have to fight traffic as we are coming from Deerfield Beach sailing Super Bowl weekend.
  13. Are you driving from Canada, if so we are using Brightline Train service, Fort Lauderdale station to Miami station and Lyft from there to the port. The cost is $55.00 for 2 and it includes parking Lyft tickets round trip. Visit their website gobrghtline.com
  14. I know Budget is near the port, I don't know how they are to drop off, but they are awful trying to pick up a car.
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