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  1. Following this post! We are doing the same on our 11/8/2019 departure from Venice on the Constellation. We are flying overnight 11/5 and staying 11/6 in Rome. Then flying to Venice first thing 11/7 - so will have a good 1/2 day there, plus the embarkation day 11/8 and 11/9. Love to hear what people suggest!
  2. As others have said, they use 3rd party tender at Grand Cayman. It was a good, efficient, fast experience. I little more comfortable ride, with more breeze. Definitely more passengers at a time.
  3. After researching Cruise Critic and TripAdvisor recommendations, we booked a night at the Hotel Olimpia before our Celebrity Cruise in November 2019.
  4. Have been on about 8 or 9 cruises, and no norovirus thankfully! But, did catch a cold on the end of a 10-night cruise a few years ago. No way to prevent that. I wash my hands often, use the sanitizers, and avoid the elevator buttons by using a knuckle instead of the end of my index finger. We love to use the stairs as often as possible, so I try to avoid the handrails (my sea balance is good). I also use my shoulder or hold a paper towel when exiting the restroom. Note - I also find myself avoiding holding escalator rails at malls, airports, etc. as well. One thing I really appreciated on the Silhouette last fall was the restroom attendants, and the buttons to open/close the bathroom doors!
  5. Good to hear! We will be on Connie in November 2019 on the 10-night from Venice to Rome. Glad to hear it is in great shape! We were on her sister, the Infinity, in 2017, and also found her to be very fine as well.
  6. Thank you all for the additional views and advice...especially Cruisemom42! We love leaving reviews, especially positive ones...
  7. Congratulations, and happy anniversary! We loved the sister-ship, Infinity, a couple years ago, and are looking forward to our November 2019 Constellation cruise. You will enjoy Celebrity! Have to agree with the comments about the T-Pool in the adult solarium! It is awesome!
  8. Fun post! On my bucket list (but not necessarily my wife's). Will have to see if I can convince her. On our last cruise, we had 4 sea days which she was dreading. But....she actually enjoyed them. Granted, they were scattered around the cruise and not all at once. But, there's hope! Our next cruise in November (Mediterranean) has just 1 sea day on a 10 night cruise - quite the opposite. 😁
  9. DENIE

    "Rome in a Day"

    Thanks all! Much to consider! We are first-timers going over the pond as well, so not too familiar with everything, although are confident with the private tours we booked at our port stops. Yes, we do have an early morning flight back to the USA, so that was a driving force to stay at the airport. Will look at these options! Thanks again! 🙂
  10. Again...thanks all who have chimed in! Appreciate the different perspectives. We will follow the customs on our November cruise and just round up a Euro or two. Many of our tours were booked through a private tour company, and we've seen how they vet the tour guides, so see that they are truly professionals.
  11. We are on a 10-day cruise on the Celebrity Constellation in November, ending in Civitavecchia in November 2019. We are a group of 2 couples, and decided that we would fly back to the USA the following day. We are looking at a ships excursion of 6.5 hours that we join at the port, see a bit of St. Peter's Basilica and the Colosseum, and then returns to the FCO airport (where we will be staying at the on-site Hilton and not boarding a flight). This all seems very easy and convenient, but wonder if anyone has any other suggestions for a tour that we can pick up at the port, see at least a couple of sites in Rome, and then take us back to our Airport Hilton? The ships tour is $154 per person, but eliminates a lot of headaches, like what to do with our luggage. We understand we are not giving Rome it's proper "due", but hopefully will whet our appetite to return for a longer time!
  12. I have forgotten to check back....appreciate all the answers. Another wrinkle...about half our cruise is in Italy, but the rest is in Croatia and Montenegro. Do those restaurant wait staff and tour guides make the same respectable salaries as in Italy?
  13. Breakfast buffet has just about anything you could want, and a lot of items that are made to order.
  14. We got Murano for $35 the first night in November 2018. This was obtained by stopping at one of the dining tables set up as you board the ship. The next to last night, we got either $10-$15 off to dine in the Lawn Club Grill. This was obtained near the end of the cruise as we were approached while just inside the entrance to the buffet. It was very worth it, to us, as the food was delicious. Just have to be open to those who approach you...
  15. Sailing the Constellation this fall, after sailing the Infinity in 2017. We thought the Infinity was quite nice, and had no complaints at all. They (M-Class) are a very nice option, and cheaper to sail than Edge-class for sure!
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