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  1. Yep, it is as others have said. No problems. Our last cruise, though, we did upgrade upon boarding, and loved the Premium package. My wife especially loves the San Peligrino bottled water that comes with the Premium - paid for itself!
  2. floatel_lbr - glad you enjoyed your first Celebrity cruise. We could say the same for our Silhouette cruise last November. We will be on our 3rd Celebrity cruise in one month (Mediterranean, on the Constellation) and 4th next year (America's, on the Reflection). Love what Celebrity offers for us! We agree completely that any vacation is what you make of it. Consequently, we consider most of our vacations "Magical". Way too many positives (and fun!) that outweigh the negative.
  3. Ha....at 30 days today, I went in and there was "CALL" in the lower right! Yeah!
  4. We did exactly that on our 2 cruises with Celebrity, and plan to again in 1 month. Works well for us. We have Anytime Dining, so easy to just go right after the show is over and be seated for dinner.
  5. So sorry for your loss😥 Thank you for sharing. Yes, it is such a kind and graceful gesture....and glad to hear that they did this.
  6. Was just getting ready to say the same thing. Wife and I are wine/martini people. I do agree that paper straws are not my favorite when I've had to use them. This reinforces our choice of beverages. 🤣
  7. We do a bit of both, but depends on the location and how far away we want to go. The farther and/or longer time away from port, the more we lean towards ship tours. A local island tour when you are in port a long time, probably will go with a private excursion. If traveling with just one or two other people, we prefer "just us 3 or 4" so no one "hijacks" the tour. Have booked a number of tours based on great TripAdvisor ratings, and our next cruise we have a number of Tours by Locals. However, on this trip we do have two very extensive trips that we opted for Celebrity-sponsored tours due to the time and distance.
  8. Hi shink113... Yes, I am on the roll call for our cruise. We are traveling with another couple, and doing private tours, so I haven't been active. I found the AVTO buss information by looking up the Venice Airport (Marco Polo) on google. It seemed to be the best option for us (although we have a hotel stay, but selected one very close to the drop off point).
  9. Interesting, we are at 40 days today from our Mediterranean cruise, and we have the Classic package as a perk. I will check at around 30 days. Not too worried, as the paperwork showing everything paid off shows the Classic Package as a perk, and we will have that with us.
  10. Welcome to Cruise Critic shink113! Might be on the same cruise? - 11/8/2019 Venice to Rome. We are flying in 2 days in advance, and will arrive in Venice the day before embarkation. As others have mentioned, we plan to take the AVTO bus from the Venice airport to the Piazzale Roma (parking lot area). From there, you can catch the people mover which takes you directly to the port. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. On our past cruises we first, and foremost, leave the standard gratuities "as is", and make no adjustments. We tip our cabin steward about $20 on the first full day at sea, and then a bit more in the middle and a bit more at the end. We know how hard they work, and love how wonderful they keep our stateroom We also tipped the server in the Martini Bar on our last cruise in similar fashion. My wife and I upgraded Classic to Premium with him, and my SIL bought the Premium package outright. Considering we were there every night (sometimes 2x), he always seemed to find us before we even saw him. Made excellent suggestions, and of course, if something wasn't made right, he immediately tried to figure out why (even found out that one night the olive juice was bad!). Amazing service!! We also gave our favorite server in the Rendezvous Lounge a few dollars along the way. Again...we NEVER waited for service. In addition - if they are not super busy, we like to ask questions about where they are from, etc. We find they love to chat, and we really enjoy getting to know them! We do not feel we go "overboard", and this kind of money means a lot to them. Grateful to all of them for making our experience wonderful!
  12. trishtoro - I know what you mean about the main pool. With Mediterranean temps in November, we probably won't use it. We loved the adult pool in the solarium, so imagine we will use it on the Connie as well. We loved that pool!
  13. Sailing on the Connie this November 2019 - Italy/Dalmation Coast. Glad to hear you are enjoying. We were on the sister-ship Infinity in 2017, so am sure we will enjoy what Connie has to offer.
  14. We knew we wanted to try Murano, and waited until we boarded. They usually have dining package tables, so we just inquired about a discount for Murano if we dined there the first night....we got 30% off!
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