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  1. Thank you all....good to know! But, sounds like we need to monitor this. 🙂
  2. Thank you for a very balanced review. We have had 1 HAL cruise and 2 X cruises (3rd coming this fall). Frankly, loved all of them. But, Celebrity gets a "nudge" for feeling a tad more in our age range ("mid-50's"), the beverage package, and overall decor. Would certainly sail HAL again if the right cruise presented itself. We appreciate BOTH lines for the ability to relax and not be over-stimulated with water parks, climbing walls, skating rinks, etc. Not knocking them for those who like that sort of thing - just not our style. 🙂
  3. So sad! Had the privilege of seeing Notre Dame in 1985 with my college choir from Kenosha, WI. We were invited up to the steps by the altar to sing several songs from our repertoire. It was not a "concert", but just an opportunity to experience the wonderful acoustics. It was wonderful to see the tourists all take a seat as we started to sing. It was a dreary, gray January day, however when we reached the most beautiful part of one of the songs, the sun broke through and filled one of the rose windows with a terrific light and warmth....goosebumps! I see that there is already talks of rebuilding. This reminds me of St. John the Divine in New York City in 2001, only worse. Again, a sad day 😞
  4. I have been seeing some things noted in threads about the Value Added Tax (?) - VAT. We are on the Constellation in November from Venice to Rome, with ports in Croatia, Montenegro, and Malta (in addition to Italy). We already have booked tours in most places, and paid for them. We have the Classic Beverage package, but were thinking of upgrading to the premium while on board. We have some OBC, which we were thinking about using for specialty dining. What kinds of extra charges do we need to be aware of?
  5. Love that pool on the M-class ships. Looking forward to the Connie's pool in November 2019!
  6. We've only sailed once each on the M class (Infinity, 2017) and S class (Silhouette, 2018). Loved both ships! Although it would have been nice to have an additional restaurant choice (not suite related), the experience on Infinity was terrific. We loved the Solarium especially. We did not feel that the ship was "run down" or "old" at all, though it was obvious it didn't have some of the new things introduced in recent years - it did not detract. It is a great size, and never felt too crowded.We will be on the Connie shortly in November 2019, and looking forward to enjoying it. As long as they aren't allowed to be "run down", we would certainly consider sailing them.
  7. Thank you for sharing, and I hope that your friend is doing well. This is certainly the kind of information that needs to be passed along, and is very comforting to know about the level of care he received.
  8. Thank you for your review and comparison! We have been on both the M-Class (Infinity) and S-Class (Silhouette), but must try the Edge sometime (though we did see it in dock when we exited the Silhouette in Ft. Lauderdale). I agree there is a lot to like, still, about the M-Class ships. We will be on the Constellation in the Mediterranean in 11/2019, and anxious to see how it has held up.
  9. Loved Sue Denning on our December 2018 cruise. She was just hilarious, and a bundle of energy!!
  10. They have them on the M-Class ships. It was free and adult-only on the Infinity in the fall 2017.
  11. I had a nice pair of slacks and Tommy Bahama or similar-style button down shirt most nights in the MDR. For chic nights, I had a couple of fun long-sleeved patterned dress shirts. These all fit in nicely. We did see blazers, suits, and tuxes as well. Just no shorts. Enjoy your cruise! 🙂
  12. We enjoy seeing those who decorate their doors on Celebrity. You will fit right in!
  13. We noticed the flood of "complaints" before our Infinity cruise in 2017. However, once on board, they were all unfounded. I think in the reviews section, you will find more people who have a specific beef. Those who have a great cruise don't necessarily feel the need to write a review. Consequently, skewed towards more "bad" reviews. We are "glass half full" folks, and have not had a bad cruise. That said, we do love both the M- and S-Class ships of Celebrity, and have two more cruises booked!
  14. Out of the ships we sailed, none were the "mega ships", though MSC Divina is a "large" ship. NCL was the "Star", which is an average size ship by today's standards. Carnival was the ancient Paradise. RC just does not appeal to us. We don't want rock climbing walls, flow riders, ice rinks, more kids, etc. I'm sure we would enjoy RC, just not all those kinds of things. I do understand why they are the preferred line for some...
  15. Fun post! Thanks for sharing! After trying a few lines - NCL, HAL, Carnival, MSC, and Celebrity, we think we found a home on Celebrity. Of course, there were lots of things to love on all our cruises, but Celebrity fits us "just right" at the moment. Going on our first Mediterranean (3rd X cruise overall) this fall.
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