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  1. I forgot to mention in my previous response.... What is SO helpful now is that most photographers will ask to scan your room card before taking photos, so that you can later go to a kiosk in the photo shop and look up all your photos digitally based on your room card. In previous days, you just had to find your photos printed out an mounted on an endless wall mixed in with everyone's photos. The walls of photos are still there, but not every photo is there. When looking at your photos online, you can indicate which ones you want, and pick them up in just a few hours. We were also talked into a photo session on our Constellation cruise last November. This was their "black and white" studio. We thought it sounded fun since it was out of the way, in a closed off room, and you had about 15 minutes or so with the photographer. We went back the next day (booked appointment), thinking we would find a few to purchase. What we didn't understand is that they only sell those by the "package", and the minimum was still about $500. We had no plan to spend that much on photos, even if they were really good! There is no option to just buy "just a few", which is what we were looking for. Apparently people routinely purchase 30-40 photos and spend $1,000's. We do not even have that kind of wall space, and certainly don't want to see that much of ourselves in our home. Guess that was our "bad" for not asking ahead of time. We just politely excused ourselves. Wish that was a bit more explained...
  2. We've seen photographers in nearly any public space aboard. They will also be at every port stop waiting for you to disembark. The annoying ones, to us, are the ones in the dining room - we never care for these, something just never looks right. We often try the various backdrops on chic nights, and some have turned out quite well. Others, not so much. A couple times we were tired of the "traditional" poses, so started doing are own...and like those a lot!
  3. Too bad. Sue Denning was AMAZING on our November 2018 Silhouette sailing.
  4. Also echo no "class" differences. We've been on 3 Celebrity cruises...Infinity, Silhouette, and Constellation. Two more booked on Reflection. At no time did we ever feel there was a "class" system on Celebrity. Sure, there are a couple restaurants (Blue, Luminae) that are for those in sites, it had no effect on our enjoyment of the cruise. Enjoy!
  5. We ate at Murano 2x on our November 2018 cruise. It was amazing! After getting a first night discount, we immediately booked the last night as a special treat to end the cruise. My wife had the lobster both nights, and it was amazing! It was prepared table side, over an open flame. My sister-in-law had the veal, and I had Chateaubriand (but understand you don't eat beef). What impressed us is that our waiter felt that the lobster portions being served were too small, so he put in an order for 2, even thought it was just my wife who ordered it. How thoughtful! The portion size was just right!! The cheese platter was excellent. I can't remember the deserts, but they were delicious as well. You will not go wrong. I have no reason to the think the duck or venison would be anything but amazing. Going on the Reflection 2x in the next year and a half, so cannot wait to eat here again!
  6. Thanks! We always wonder what some of these smaller, more "inclusive" lines are like. May try sometime, but will stick with Celebrity for now.
  7. Agree! Call me paranoid, I always use a knuckle (not fingertip) on elevator buttons. Unless the seas are rough, I typically do not touch the handrails when taking the stairs. And yes, wash, wash, wash and use the sanitizer.
  8. As others have said...a heated topic of discussion for some. We give extra to those who we encounter on a regular basis and who go above and beyond. This usually involves our cabin steward and our favorite bartenders and wait staff. We usually dole out throughout the cruise, rather than just at the end. The extra $$ means a lot to them. Oh, we ALWAYS leave the standard gratuities in place.
  9. Booked on 11/2020 America's cruise (Central America) and 8/2021 Baltic cruise. No plans to cancel or change...
  10. Nope! Booked on America's Cruise in November 2020 and Baltic cruise in 2021. Of course we will monitor, but at this time we don't feel there is a need to change our plans.
  11. If you have a TA, they should be able to monitor for you. Ours passes along info, but is aware of what perks we currently have. If there is a price decrease, but loss of prior perks, they should let you know.
  12. Interesting topic! I am a part-time musician myself (church musician). I love a good acoustic guitar as much as anyone else. But choice of style, etc. is highly subjective. Beauty for one is agony for another. I would concur that playing quietly inside a stateroom should not be an issue for anyone, though. As for public spaces, I tend to gravitate to the bars/lounges that cater to the types of music I enjoy listening to, including jazz, pop, or classical. We've been happy with the entertainers that Celebrity has provided in the spaces we enjoy. Sigh, my instrument, the pipe organ, is not conducive to bringing on a cruise ship. 😞 (kidding!!!)
  13. Good info! Coincidentally, all of our private tours on our last cruise were with Tours by Locals. While we had not yet departed Dubrovnik, they were already calling me as they received word from our Montenegro guide that the port had been cancelled. When we arrived home, our refund had already been processed... 🙂
  14. It was open on our 11/2019 Constellation cruise for lunch on embarkation day.
  15. Echo what Jelayne said. We have been on both classes, and lots to like about each. We were just off the Constellation in November 2019, which had not yet gone through the Revolution, and found it was still very nice. True, maybe an update is due, but I would not describe it is being "ragged" as I have seen some people indicate. Perfectly acceptable to us! On the M-class ships, we especially love the Rendezvous lounge. The Cellar Masters wine bar is amazing too....nice place to catch a solo/duo music group of an evening. To us, they have never felt over-crowded.
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