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  1. For our first "real" cruise, we flew from Phoenix to San Diego for our HAL cruise, but did take the first flight in the morning. However, we HAVE had delays to San Diego vacations already due to being fogged in (depending on the time of year). We made this just fine, but no longer fly in the day of embarkation for all the reason previously mentioned. Since our last cruise was a Mediterranean/Dalmatian Coast cruise, we flew 2 days ahead to be safe, and to also catch up a bit on jet lag. We plan to do the same for our 2022 Oceania cruise from Rome.
  2. espmass.....same here! Past Celebrity cruiser, and just booked our first Oceania cruise for June 2022. I think we may not look back after that! The people on this forum have been very helpful and kind!
  3. I have also noticed this. I was on a VERY active Roll Call for the 8/23/2021 Reflection Baltic Cruise. This was started, I believe, shortly after the cruise was able to be booked. The person starting the thread was VERY active in terms of collecting names for a M&M, etc. As of this week, over 900 entries have been logged. He, and others, kept this fun and interesting, and made you want to check in now and then. On prior roll calls we have met some very interesting people and joined shore excursions (still friends to this day!). Sadly, we cancelled this as we did not see
  4. Agree with iamaqt2..... You can find something to take back and put in the fridge. If I recall, the buffet is open the latest, but closes around 10:00 p.m., although only a few options are available at that time.
  5. Have had cabins close to the elevators, but not directly next to. Never had a problem as something has always buffered any noise. But, I probably would have changed as you did. Not that much difference being closer to the bow...
  6. Don't forget that the Classic package also includes the coffees in Cafe al Bacio (no need to upgrade to the Premium). We do end up upgrading to the Premium package as we like to better selection of wines (and not worrying about the cost), and my wife loves that San Pellegrino is included with the Premium. She drinks several of those per day.
  7. We were on the 8/23/2021 Baltic cruise sailing from Amsterdam, and decided to cancel in February and get a refund. We just did not see that cruise sailing as scheduled, especially St. Petersburg. If that (and possibly other ports) were cancelled, it was going to be a "no go" for us.
  8. Always watched and enjoyed The Love Boat.....of course I was a kid at the time and had no idea cruising would be something we enjoy so much!
  9. blueskadoo - I would also agree with wrk2cruise about the beverage package. Our first Celebrity cruise we booked the Classic package (now it is included), and it was pretty good. The last 2 cruises we did upgrade once we were on board. We enjoyed the selection of additional wines that were available by the glass (Classic was good, but limited to 2 or 3 whites and 2 or 3 reds). We also enjoy the Martini Bar. Keep in mind, though, that you can always pay the difference if you want something nicer. My recollection of beers was that they had a decent selection. We just felt the additional c
  10. Good to know. We also are used to being on Celebrity, where any bar service staff can do the transaction. In fact, it was our understanding that they get the gratuity that is built in, so are very eager when someone purchases. We always purchased from a server in the area we thought we would frequent, and they always gave great service. But, I like the idea of getting the new card instead of having a sticker put on the existing card. Will be happy to take care of it in Guest Relations. 🙂
  11. Just booked our first O cruise recently (Rome-Barcelona) in June 2022. I have also been collecting advice. Looking forward to our first O cruise! As others have said, the advice in this forum is great! 🙂
  12. I've sailed on her "sister", the Silhouette. These are beautiful ships! Although our next cruise is a splurge on a smaller line, we have loved each of the 3 Celebrity cruises we have been on. It feels like "home". We don't need/want all the water parks, roller coasters, flow riders, etc. The amenities on Celebrity suit of just fine. Be sure to book at least one dinner in Murano!!
  13. Fun post....thanks! We had 1 Reflection cruise cancelled (America's - November 2020), and we cancelled another (Baltic - August 2021 - did not see it sailing as planned). Decided to splurge and booked a cruise on a smaller, and bit more upscale line for 2022. But, will continue to sail Celebrity as it has been our favorite line to date. Agree with the "ding dong" sound upon embarking. The first drinks, the first dinners, exploring the ship. Will not take for granted again!
  14. sunsetme.....WOW! We are also in Scottsdale, AZ. Phoenix to Ft. Lauderdale, on American - $23 one-way? Incredible....I've never seen that kind of deal before. What a score!
  15. Depending on the Carnival and NCL ships you have sailed on previously, the Millenium may be smaller than what you are used to. However, this class ship is very well laid out and doesn't feel very crowded. We have sailed her sister-ships Constellation and Infinity. HAL ships are similar in size. We really enjoyed both of these cruises. Welcome to Celebrity! 🙂
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