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  1. Ok, if Papa John's becomes the official Pizza of Carnival...then they will DEFINITELY be charging all customers a fee for gaining weight during the cruise !! Except for me, I hate Papa Johns bring me Domino's 😃
  2. Usually you get the same amenities as they have the same perks available from ocean view up to mini - suite. They most likely moved them up on the category w/out changing any rate codes.
  3. Hmmm.....traveler spends thousands of dollars to get to cruise ship in Mediterranean, gets to authentic, exotic Greek Island and wants a box lunch.... I don't want a boxed lunch from the ship-I would want the local cuisine! Hope this link helps: https://www.tripadvisor.com/RestaurantsNear-g202339-d4297568-Archaeological_Site_of_Delos-Delos_Cyclades_South_Aegean.html
  4. Yes. If YOU send via email to the other party's text, YOU can be on wifi, THEY have to be on their phone carrier. If they reply to sender, it will go to your email.
  5. OP: Ignore all the other posts...follow this person's instructions. Works like a charm and you can email to text if you know the other person's carrier. Be sure to only send TEXT in the email or it could format incorrectly
  6. Drop hints and your booking # to family and friends so they buy you gifts for your cabin?
  7. Anyone else getting a "5th Element" kind of vibe from the outer hull design? I like it!
  8. OP: since they won't move you because you are in a 2 passenger cabin, and you are more than 90 days out, you will only lose the deposit for your wife, however it will cause the cruise line to reprice your cabin for a single traveler. If you can get another person to take her place you may lose her deposit + pay a 50.00 change fee, but each person can then pay their own. Upshot: CALL Carnival and give them the scenario, so they can advise you the price for one person in the cabin vs changing one name. You want to do this sooner rather then later because the longer you wait, the greater the penalty is financially. Good luck!
  9. It could be that the cabins can only be sold as double occupancy for this cruise going forward, if the capacity for the life boats for this section of the ship has been reached.
  10. Thanks for almost making me splash my Monster energy drink on the screen! However, OP, that is an "IR" blaster receiver, ie Infrared receiver for a TV remote control.
  11. Disney Animation - OMG a ship dedicated to the rich history of all the movies and cartoons! Disney Star - dedicated to all things Star Wars ~conversely~ Disney Skywalker - They own the Star Wars franchise - dare they go for it? Disney Marvel - All things Marvel comics and the MCU!
  12. If it was on their chair, and they were in the hottub, how were they supposed to keep the person from taking the towel? Were they to keep their head on a 360 degree swivel, eagle eyes riveted at all times on that deckchair? How fast would YOU be able to leap out of a Jacuzzi to get the towel back? "Stop thief! THEY'RE TAKING MY TOWEL!!!!!"
  13. It looks like primary colors having a party and dancing to the music. It looks happy to me!
  14. Sounds like a glitch from Carnival, if both are 21 and over, there should be no problem. Contact Carnival and verify your booking is not going to be affected.
  15. Go to the source, with pictures and bullet pointed information: https://www.ncl.com/group-cruises
  16. Go for the cheapest one, or choose Princess Cays, private paradise.
  17. Hmmm...if you are trying to do something else to feed the cruise critter w/out spending more...how about compulsively watching all the videos on YouTube that have to do with Bermuda on the NCL Dawn? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ncl+dawn+bermuda
  18. The naked truth about Carnival cove balconies - photographic proof below Horrifying: Just awful: The WURST:
  19. Sometimes, it's just NOT KNOWING what you are getting into. I was leery of a Cove balcony, but I saw a page with over 100 pictures from zydecocruiser and his site made me WANT to be in a cove balcony! Especially the last few pictures :) http://www.zydecocruiser.net/carnivaldream/coveDummies.htm
  20. Show them Youtube videos of people having fun on a cruise ship, but take them on the later cruise. Make sure they get a "mid-ship" cabin and include a drink package. That should make them happy and eager to go :)
  21. By the way, when you have the Drink package promotion, the first and second passengers get the drink package, subsequent passengers get the soda package completely free. So they still get something good :)
  22. I battle food fatigue, but the food wins (it celebrates by landing in my mouth) LOL
  23. 1) OP scheduled to sail out of San Juan, PR. Unless they live in San Juan, they have probably purchased airfare on non-refundable tickets. It's not like they can drive to another port w/in 1-200 miles 2) Alternatively, the NCL Dawn is sailing on the SAME DAY. A cursory glance at April 2019 out of San Juan, PR shows the lowest price on the same ships on the same dates through out April are close enough. 3) OP states they would be "paying approximately $2,000 more for similar rooms". Can you be more specific as to the kind of cabin on the Freedom of the Seas vs the NCL Dawn? Perhaps someone can give you some suggestions on how to bring that cost down, or change cabin class to make it still worth your while. Sorry you had this happen, but it does happen.
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