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  1. I have an hourly waged Disney friend who says they are not mandating all employees be vaccinated. The union is still in negotiations for their members whether it will be required or not. That was as of yesterday.
  2. I would lose confidence in Regent if they cancel cruises based upon the hype of number of cases without looking at the data detailing resulting hospitalizations and deaths. They should look at the number of "cases" of vaccinated vs. non vaccinated. After all, they are requiring all passengers to be vaccinated. If the "breakthrough" cases are non systematic or resulting effects are minor, then what's the big deal? If people test positive at the port, they won't be able to board.
  3. I received a call from my Regent rep this week because I saved a cruise on their web site. I asked him when 2023 would be released and he also told me August 18.
  4. But some people really like that bag of laundry.
  5. We have our Global Entry interview in a couple of weeks. GE also includes TSA Pre Check
  6. When I booked a concierge cabin once, I was underwhelmed with the embarkation lunch. The only benefit was the quiet vs. the buffet. With the other normal restaurants on the sea day, I don't see the advantage. I never saw the benefit of concierge and went back to Aqua for my one free bottle of water on embarkation. Do they still have that?
  7. Couldn't they see the size of your arm?
  8. As long as it's not a see through mesh dress please!
  9. I'm trying to figure out what type you are. Would you say you're full sour, half sour or dill? I would never guess sweet. 😆
  10. We have a friend who has a daughter in Montreal he visits frequently. He suggested Hotel Nelligan in downtown. Anyone familiar with that property?
  11. The cruise is out of Miami to Montreal. I fly back to Orlando. How could I find out which Montreal dock the Navigator will use?
  12. Thankx to the suggestions on this board, I decided to take the air credit for Orlando to Miami and Montreal to Orlando. I'm sure both sets of economy would have included at least two legs resulting about 7 or more hours travel times each direction. In it's place, I'm renting a car for $75 for the 3.5 hr drive to Miami, thus I don't have to park at any airport for 17 days. When I fly back, I found a direct 3.25 hr flight from Montreal to Orlando and upgraded to business class. Much better than the lengthy economy itinerary. I never would have thought of that had it n
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