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  1. Today, I saw a refund in my bank account for my cruise that was cancelled. It was for November on the Diadema from Abu Dhabi. I had requested the refund on September 21st for the full payment. They had indicated it could take over three months so this was a nice surprise.
  2. I might have as well but I don't see any that interest me in the next 18 months at a date we could go. I have already moved 3 other cancelled trips to fill much of 2021 as Costa did not let us know in a timely fashion and still have one more to fit in. Maybe they will get cancelled too - who knows? I hope you are able to find some great cruises.
  3. I think the words "due to the cancellation of your cruise" is specific enough to mean the cruise is cancelled. I agree it does not include what they might offer but I have already asked for a refund so don't really care what they might offer.
  4. Well, this is the first message I have received from Costa about my Abu Dhabi cruise. We write to inform you that due to the cancellation of your cruise, all related optional bookings made on MyCosta have also been cancelled. That was all they said. They never told me it was cancelled or offered any kind of regret. I feel this is very poor PR on their part.
  5. Considering my cruise was in December - that does not give us 18 months. I think a refund is a better option.
  6. How long into the future are bookings allowed? They have cancelled all the S. American cruises in 2021 and non residents of the EU are not being allowed on this year and passenger numbers are being reduced. How will everyone get to use up their credits before they expire?
  7. Yes, same for us - it now show us in Italy and even in the same cabin. I had booked some tours in the UAE which are still showing so now we visit the Great Mosque at Night while in Tenerife. Do you think they are going to contact us or do we have do something? We certainly won't be on that ship.
  8. My booking still shows as well. I think you would have forfeited your deposit under the original conditions of booking. I had a land tour booked and they clearly stated that even if you think your tour will be cancelled you needed to pay the balance or lose the deposit. I think this is what to expect now. http://www.cruisetotravel.com/2020/09/10/costa-cruises-reveals-new-2020-2021-winter-schedule/ But if Covid cases continue to rise in the EU, who knows.
  9. Thank you for the information Jean. It would be nice if Costa informed the rest of us who are booked for cruises in the UAE. We have not been told our cruises are cancelled, that is why we continue to discuss it.
  10. It is supposed to leave Rome on September 27th for Abu Dhabi. They are still accepting bookings. hard to believe if they plan to cancel it. I was in touch with a tour company in Dubai and he said ' "As per the current situation you need only a negative test result to move to Abu Dhabi from Dubai and we are expecting that in November things will back to normal." I wish I was as optimistic.
  11. Thanks for the current details, Anne, it would be very surprising for cruiselines to leave Europe for the Middle East if they have no way of boarding passengers there. They must have been given some hope of things opening up to make the trip. What happens to all the folk who are due to leave the ships in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on arrival from Italy?
  12. This was posted by Anne who lives in Dubai on the Africa Middle East thread on Wednesday 2nd. "That may be the plan but I can assure you that at the present time nobody can move freely between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and nobody other than UAE Nationals or UAE residence visa holders can fly into Abu Dhabi.. I live in Dubai and haven't been able to travel to Abu Dhabi since Covid-19 travel restrictions were put in place... As of today's date there has been no announcement as to when those restrictions will be lifted... I don't know what other ports are on those itineraries but Oman (Mus
  13. “Starting Saturday, September 5th, residents and visitors can enter the emirate of Abu Dhabi within 48 hours of receiving a negative PCR or DPI test result. DPI test results no longer require a prior PCR test,” the Abu Dhabi government media office tweeted. Not sure about Qatar and Oman or what happens at the end of the cruise as the test will be out of date to re enter Abu Dhabi. Anyone know?
  14. One issue will be if you are allowed to enter Argentina. Right now, only nationals and permanent residents are allowed. It is the same in Uruguay. There are reports that they hope to open things to EU residents "In the near future" but no actual date when that might be and if infections increase then the date will be postponed. You will see flights for sale but only residents are allowed and most must quarantine for 14 days on arrival right now.
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