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  1. Good morning all. Definitely good days to celebrate. I will have to pass on the menu and drink. @StLouis Cruiserthose stockings are amazing and I hope they will be treasured. I made felt stockings for DH and I when we were first married, nothing in comparison to yours but I can't throw them out! Off to the hair stylist and then home to finish addressing cards. My best to those n Roy's lists and thanks again to the contributors to our thread.
  2. Good morning, yesterday’s snow will melt today! Interesting group of days, love the quote and the drink of the day, any way, but frozen is my fav. Finally finishing making my cards, now for the addressing and mailing and cleaning up. We have one cruise on the reservation book, maybe it's time to look ahead to 2022. My best to those on Roy's care list and a shout out to those celebrating. Have a great Wednesday my cc friends.
  3. Good morning all on a snowy day in Southern Ontario. DH is shovelling for the second time already and it's still snowing. Love the quote and the meal suggestion. I would order the drink, not make it as it has too many ingredients. My thoughts are with all those on Roy’s list and a shout out to those on the celebration list. As always, thanks to Rich. A memory popped up on FB this morning. Quite the opposite of today, we took our family on a Disney cruise. I am sharing a beautiful Caribbean sunset.
  4. @cat shepardHave a wonderful get away in Key West. Take some photos and post them so we can all dream of better days ahead. A bit of jealousy here!😢
  5. Good Afternoon on a sunny day in Southern Ontario, I do like the meal suggestion, we are having a relative of that - roasted pork loin with Lima beans. The drink sounds interesting but too potent for me. I would be schnapped if I drank one of those. Is it a relative of Wang Wang? What sad news durangoscots has shared with us. No family should have to go through this. My condolences to your family. A sad day here on the thread.
  6. Good morning all and happy Saturday. It's nice to see the sun and blue sky. I freak that this coming week we will see our first significant snowfall so I am inhaling as much of the nice weather as I can. The menu for today sounds yummy, the drink does too, I have never had a hot toddy. Thanks to Rich for the information he imparts to us each day. I don't think I have ever tried the French toast on board, but hopefully I can next October. By the time we set sail we will have had a 2 year hiatus from the high seas. Thanks to all who contribute to making this a “place” that we want to v
  7. Good morning all. Good group of days, Black Friday is alive and well frequented in Ontario. I suspect the shoppers from locked down Toronto will spread east and west of the city. We have decided to sit tight. The menu and tge drink are worth looking into. I suspect that most will be having their second round of turkey today. Thanks to all who contribute to and frequent this friendly post. The Covid numbers for today just announced - our province - 1600+, highest one day total so far. We are going in the wrong direction😢
  8. We are on the V from October 5 - 29 and we went from a verandah on the Z to a Vista on the V - so far no extra $$ (and there really shouldn't be).
  9. I guess I don't live in the right country. I too deleted the email.
  10. Good afternoon and happy Thanksgiving. I really think the meal of the day should include turkey or stuffing or sweet potato pie, not spaghetti squash, yikes! The drink might be something I would try. Love the saying and the days to celebrate are interesting. I am sending my thanks to Rich, Roy and the wine and drink ladies, this certainly is one interesting thread and I hope it continues on. My best to all, please take time to stop and think of all the things we have to be thankful for. My list is long.
  11. Good morning all. Great days to celebrate! Love the quote and the drink of the day, best one ever on one of HALs ships. Even DH loved the drink as well. It was never repeated. We were out this morning buying baking supplies so DH could make Irish fruit bread. The fruits soaks overnight in whiskey. Chicken is on todays menu but in a stir fry. My best to all, stay safe. A very happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating tomorrow. We have a lot to be thankful for!
  12. Good morning all. An interesting assortment of days for sure. I’m sure we all have unique talents so let’s celebrate us! I just can't picture squash and spinach together in a lasagna. I’ve switched from using pasta to strips of zucchini, it has become a favourite. I think I would like the drink suggestion made with vodka and not gin. @rafinmdlooks like we bought real estate the same year! My thoughts are with those on Roy’s care list and a shout out to those celebrating. Have a great Tuesday everyone. A year ago we were waiting impatiently to disembark the K as we had an 11:00 am f
  13. @VintageGeo - wasn't that just the best experience. We had our daughter and grandson with us, made it even more special!
  14. Good afternoon all. I have had to sign in to CC more often then ever before and today I got refused for 15 minutes so I went and started something else and am now just taking a break. Love the quote, never a fan of Dr. who (DH was), don't like espresso and am glad that someone explained about the numbers, saved me from Dr Google! I like scallops, but today’s dinner will not be decided on until after DH returns from his 2 hour dental appointment. This is just the start, the finishing will happen in the early. The drink recipe has too many ingredients in it, so I will pass on this one. My
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