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  1. Fuhgeddabbuttitt!!!!! You tawkin to me? Ya wannapieceofme?? 😵🤗
  2. Carnival has its distinct Havana cabins, NCL has the Haven area, and MSC has the Yacht club. I've sailed all 3 in regular balconies and never once felt like a 2nd class cruiser. It may be possible that cruisers in those distict areas may themselves feel special, but their feeling doesn't affect my enjoyment of the cruise since I'm hardly interacting with any of them. And if someone from one of those areas would be snobbish enough to go out of their way to attempt to prove their importance to me, I'd have a few choice NY words for them.
  3. Some Carnival ships have the entry point for the water slides on the same deck as Serenity, so the kids were always running up the stairs and yelling as they waited their turn. We found we needed to go further away bow wise to be unaffected by that clamor. The only time Camp Ocean ever briefly bothered us was when they were leaving their space for a trek around the ship or returning to it afterwards. And I get yelled at by a Serenity cruiser who thought I was speaking too loudly with my brash NY voice in the hot tub, even though her screaming at me to shut up was even
  4. I'm Diamond on Carnival and enjoy some of the perks like priority boarding (wish they would re-instate that in ports!) and free unlimited laundry. The casino sometimes sends me 10% off fares (never free) along with casino games/drawings participation. I am grateful for whatever I get, and if an item they leave for me in my cabin is something I don't need or already have, I'll pass it along to a red or blue card cruiser. However, some other lines also offer some great perks, like NCL's free specialty restaurant dinner for 2 every cruise, and I'm nowhere near their top level. Cele
  5. Pre COVID, I would book an inside cabin if I was solo. Even did the mini NCL studio cabins. I realize the virtual cabins offer value, but post COVID, I'm always booking a balcony or better cabin, JIC of a lockdown or some other itinerary delay or diversion. I'll need the outside space for my sanity then.
  6. Anyone in a 12 step program would agree with you. When I operated recovery homes, I would tell the residents that an "attitude of gratitude" would help them maintain their recovery. "Progress. not perfection" was the goal, and those seeking a perfect recovery would be doomed to failure.
  7. We're in a new development, and our internet cables are underground. But I'll readily admit that the state of tech in Florida is not at the forefront of innovative techniques.
  8. My favorite Carnival CD is anyone one of them with laryngitis. When I started sailing other lines I realized Carnival's CD give the longest and most frequent announcements amongst the mass cruise lines. On other lines, sometimes we would hear just 2 short announcements all day, as compared to the 6 or 8 on Carnival. Even if the other lines announcements were repeated in different languages, they were usually shorter than Carnival's lengthier ones.
  9. Google may not be helpful. It depends on the requirements of the alarm company and how they have set up their customer contact conduits. We were told by the security company to keep our landline as the more reliable way for them to receive fire, smoke, CO and theft reports from our address.
  10. I moved to the Gulf Coast (Ft Myers area) 37 months ago. I couldn't go to the beaches or fish for 24 of those months because of red tide toxic issues. There are some beautiful beaches down here, Barefoot, Dog and Lovers Key are some of my favorites, but breathing toxins is not fun. The only beach I really don't like, since it reminds me of Orchard Beach in the Bronx, is Ft Myers beach itself. The water at Ft Myers is typically brownish due to the mix of fresh water from Lake O coming down the Caloosahachie River and mixing with the saline Gulf water. And it you go to
  11. From the NYS DMV Drivers' license web page: Fee The additional fee for an enhanced driver licensed (EDL) or enhanced non-driver ID card (ENDID) is $30.00 . The fee is added to the other fees for the driver license or non-driver ID transaction. To determine the fee for converting from a regular driver license or ID card to an enhanced document, see Early renewal with conversion to an enhanced document.
  12. Why does it have to be either a 100% positive (perfect) or negative (hated)? There aren't many things in normal life, including cruises, that are at these extremes. I can like 80% of a cruise, dislike 20% of it, and still say it was fun and enjoyable. Most of life is spent living in the area between perfect and imperfect.
  13. Wooden nickels, postcards, partyline phones, slide rules, abaci - all victims of technological progress.
  14. That depends on the first qualifying statement I used: " where the ocean is warm enough for swimming". When I lived in NY, I could swim in the Hamptons, Jones Beach or at Fire Island, or further south along the Jersey shore. Now that I live in SWFL or red tide central, my ideal ocean temperature is closer to 90 degrees. But the jellies are all over, expanding their territory every year. And fuhgeddabut about sargasso....beaches are wracked with its https://www.popsci.com/environment/article/2008-06/jellyfish-invasion/ http://ocean71.com/chapters/strange-invasion
  15. And where the ocean is warm enough to swim, it's also warm enough for jellyfish swarms and seaweed invasions, not to mention red tide and other toxic blooms..
  16. Perfect cruise? No, not at all. I've never had a real bad cruise,. I've had a few so so or mediocre sailings, But I would rank the majority of my 50+ cruises as enjoyable or memorable, some even great. But none from start to finish were ever "100% perfect".
  17. Other possibilities: The "extra" passenger boards, then when the casino comped person becomes a no-show, the person sailing gets charged at the going rate for the cabin and loses any casino perks. Or, since we know how Carnival adjusts their rules according to circumstances, it's becomes a let it stand situation and nothing is done to the rate except for the refund of the no show taxes/port fees, but casino perks are gone. Probably all mental calisthenics since the sailing isn't going to take place anyway.
  18. I would write "No Sales Talk" on any pre appt. paperwork at the spa. Usually worked.
  19. I tried saying "no thanks to the CD announcement, but it kept on going, like it didn't hear me. HMMMMM........😄🙃😁
  20. IMO, and no offense, Altun Ha is one of the least significant, most badly patched up and possibly the smallest Mayan ruin I've been to. I do agree that the river cruise was pretty neat. I have a nice photo of a croc laying on the little rock island just as the river meets the ocean. Lamanai and Xanantunich are much more expansive and significant, although not as close as Altun Ha. A simple google search can show you the vast differences in structures and layout. One can return via river cruise on the Lamanai excursion. When I did Xanantunich it was a bus ride both wa
  21. Yes and yes. Depending on the ship, there may also be an excursion to San Pedro Isle (Isla Bonita of the Madonna song) to the original Shark Ray Alley that leaves directly from the ship which leaves out the unnecessary tender to the port. I did that on my very 1st cruise back in 2003 on the smoke free Paradise, and was so pleased with that isle we went back for a week's long land vacay when flights opened up from NY. This tour was then dropped from the rotation but had resurfaced sporadically again in the last 5 years before COVID.
  22. And UK vax rates surpass what we are doing here in the US, so majority of Pax may be vaxxed anyway. Much less resistance to vax there than here.
  23. When I was in my teens in da Bronx, I wouldn't want my parents around me when I was drinking or smoking, I wanted my own vibe and counter culture.
  24. Rubio and Scott in Florida will voice support for a cruising resumption from Florida homeports, as long as Cuba isn't on the itinerary!
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